Terry Pratchett.

Sir Terry Pratchett has lived 66 years.He left us on March 12 this year.Already at the age of thirteen he was published his first story.During his life, the writer managed to write more than 70 books, including novels, forty of its most popular series - "The World is Flat."

brief biography

writer's birthday on April 28.He was born in 1948.In 1965, Terry left the school with parental consent and began working as a journalist.Through this work he met with Peter van Darren - publisher.Pratchett told him about his first novel.And in 1971 his book "People of the carpet" from afar.Thus began a real career as a writer Terry Pratchett.

probably be a writer Terry Pratchett has been destined by fate.His parents are out of town Hay-on-Wye, which is called the "city of books."This city - a dream for all book lovers, many second-hand bookshops, how much of it is probably unlikely where you can still find it.And, as they say, love of books is simply passed to the writer on genes, he had no choice - he was do

omed to write.Although at first Terry loved to read, but the parents themselves who loved books, the child slipped tale Graham "Wind in the Willows", which started the boy's love for literature.Second love Terry was astronomy.And, perhaps, he would have become an astronomer, but poorly taught in school mathematics, and this profession was not available to him.

In 2007, the writer overcame disease - Alzheimer's disease.And the author was preparing to voluntary euthanasia, but in March 2015, ahead of his illness.He worked as a writer almost to his last days.When he could not write, I dictated the text.

Home "Discworld»

«Flat World" appeared in 1983.The first novel was "The Colour of Magic."In 1986 and 1987 came out the following two novel cycle "The Light Fantastic" and "Equal Rites".

Since 1987, the writer throws a job and since then engaged in writing activities only.His books are gaining in popularity and become bestsellers.

Terry Pratchett: "The World is Flat" - the order of reading books

cycle is too complex and unusual.Until now, the writer's fans argue about how I would like to read his book, Terry Pratchett himself.The order read constantly evolving.Fans of the author make graphs and tables.The easiest way - to read books on history.That is, in the order in which the book is written by Terry Pratchett.Reading order in this case should not cause a debate.

However, experts say that you need to read in a different order.The only thing they agree with the adherents of history - it is that you need to start with "The Colour of Magic."

catch is in the fact that, apart from fiction, the author also wrote short stories, novels and scientific, also included in the cycle.And some readers prefer to skip them, but others recommend a mandatory reading.Yes, I managed to puzzle the readers of Terry Pratchett.The order of reading the first book is divided mainly in two variants.The first, "The Colour of Magic", then "The Light Fantastic", then "Staff and hat" and then "interesting times."The second option: the first book remains unchanged, then it should also be "The Light Fantastic", after her story "Troll Bridge", followed by "Interesting Times" and the novel "The Last Continent."Perhaps one of the most frequent questions from readers: "Terry Pratchett, the reading order?" In 2014 culminated in the last completed book of this writer and now until 2017 the publishing house "Eksmo" plans to release all the books Pratchett.This is certainly a joy for fans of his creativity.Many left behind a legacy of this writer - fiction, with an excellent sense of humor.His many love.In Russia, there's probably people who have not heard the name of Terry Pratchett.The order of reading the book is not so important, if you like his work.They are all equally interesting.And every book deserves to be first.

Where to begin acquaintance with the writer

Another major dilemma is the question of how the books start to get acquainted with the work of the author, if the reader with him are not familiar.Opinions in this case are separated.Every fan of the writer's own subjective point of view.Some advise to read something that is not part of the series, such as "Cat unvarnished" comic book, which was written by Terry Pratchett.Reading order in this case does not matter.You can read books that are not included in a series, in any order.Others are advised to start with a "flat world", but absolutely any book, not necessarily the first.After all, despite the fact that the books were written in series, Terry Pratchett anyone reading order did not impose any and all novels are autonomous.And they can be read in any order.