Summary "Basil Shibanov" Tolstoy

At the heart of the work of AK Tolstoy "Vasily Shibanov" based on real historical events that took place in the XVI century.Prince Kurbsky, fearing persecution by the enemies of Ivan the Terrible, flees to Lithuania, where he asks protection and patronage of the ruler Sigismund Augustus.From there he wrote an angry message to the king, full of accusations.In this article you will find the ballad "Vasily Shibanov" (summary).


work begins with a description of the escape of Prince Kurbsky.Faithful servant, Basil Shibanov, follows him everywhere.The prince killed the horse could not stand long and intense way, and aspiring master gives his horse, he himself left with nothing, pursued by troops of Ivan the Terrible.Did he survive, learn, read the summary.Basil Shibanov you do not meet again in the pages of the work.


successfully reached Lithuania, Kurbsky wrote a letter to the king, which accuses him of needless deaths subjects.All night he brings hate every word and even recalls his f

aithful vassals, who risked his life to save his.But after a while Basil appears exhausted but alive.Miraculously, he managed to get away from the chase and get to Lithuania.From the threshold groom prince offers his help.Kurbsky, on reflection, decided that the best runner he did not find the drive and sends a letter to the king of Basil.As a reward, the prince promises aspiring much silver, but he says that nothing like it does not need.He takes the letter and hit the road.Episode meeting with the king (summary) Basil Shibanov show a man of great endurance with a perfect heart.


On arrival in Russia groom immediately sends a letter Grozny.In his message Kurbsky wrote about the cruelty and injustice of the king, that the day will come - and he will be rewarded for sins committed.It describes the word Kurbsky (their summary) Tolstoy AN Vasily Shibanov worth waiting for further reaction of Grozny, on its face not a single sign of fear.And he heard of who wrote this epistle, indignation stick pierces through the stirrup leg.The farther Terrible reads the letter, the more serious it becomes darker and his eyes.From Shibanov legs bleeding, but he was silent and did not show any emotion.When you have read the message, Terrible surprise says stirrup not only a faithful servant of the prince, but also a true friend.King says that does not value life Kurbski Basil, because it was he who sent him to a painful death.All the details of this important episode can not be opened only through the summary.Basil Shibanov expect many trials in the future, he will stand with dignity.


Terrible ordered to withdraw Shibanov in prison and tortured for as long as it will not give all the accomplices Kurbsky.The torture lasted day and night, but in response to all questions Vasily only praises his master.Persistence and courage not to give up and allow the hero to betray Prince.The guardsmen were surprised to tell the king that the prisoner does not give any name, despite the fact that his strength is running out.

last two paragraphs written on behalf of the Shibanov.He asks God for forgiveness for Kurbsky.Even torture, suffering and death can not shake his loyalty to Mr.On the eve of the death of Basil I do not think that can alleviate their suffering and to stay alive, for that he need only tell the Terrible, who helped runaway Kurbsky.Shibanov prefers to remain faithful to the prince.

analysis.The ballad "Vasily Shibanov" (summary)

I would like to emphasize veiled assessment of each character creator.Drinking Kurbsky clear from the first row.He is a traitor, traitor.Kurbski sells to other faiths.Prince did not notice and did not appreciate the devotion of Basil, sent him to certain death for the sake of self-affirmation and satisfy their own ambitions.

image of the protagonist

ambivalent relationship with Vassily.On the one hand, the author admires his loyalty, dedication and willingness to help his master.Shibanov - a very brave, because not afraid to be alone and without a horse, pursued by troops of Grozny.He is not inherent meanness and treachery.Basil is doing his duty, no matter what.On the other hand, lack of understanding of the protagonist of consumer attitudes to themselves outraged writer.He sacrifices his own life for the sake of a man who does not appreciate it.In the stirrups can be traced features of this servant his master.This completes the image analysis (summary) Basil Shibanov.

King of All Russia

image of Ivan the Terrible in the ballad is also quite controversial.On the one hand, the author draws his cruel and bloodthirsty ruler who does not write any laws.During his reign, he executed a large number of people, including entirely innocent.On the other hand, it was Ivan the Terrible, not Kurbsky notice a faithful friend and colleague Vasily Shibanov.Summary more characteristics of the ruler of Russia can be found below.

Ivan the Terrible - a significant figure of the history of our state.He became the first Russian tsar and expanded the borders of the country, during his reign the Urals and Siberia were attached to Russia.Terrible also showed high erudition, he corresponded with many people, including those with Prince Kurbsky.During his reign, there have been many reforms.Judging by the surviving contemporaries, for some, the Terrible was a cruel and violent man, but for others - just and wise ruler.


thoughts that I wanted to convey to the reader the author describes in detail the article (summary "Vasily Shibanov").Tolstoy wanted to tell his ballad about true love and devotion to his country, which, however, should not be enclosed in blind obedience and sacrifice.Defending civil position, her head held high and self-esteem - these are the qualities that should be inherent in every member of the great Russian people.It is such people hold true and strong power.