Hunting for beaver spring with a gun to perform?

opening of the spring hunting season expect many outdoor enthusiasts with great impatience.Spring is interesting not only for its magnificent nature awakens from its winter sleep, but also a wealth of potential hunting trophies.Among the many animals and game, which is available for capture in the spring is the most popular hunting beaver with a gun.This type of holiday lets to fully implement every hunter their knowledge and abilities.

ban on hunting

During the Soviet era hunting for beaver was a categorical ban.Thanks to its fur, the animal has long been considered a desirable prey hunter.Beaver fur has always been a sign of wealth and prosperity.Popularity valuable fur has led to mass destruction of fur-bearing animals, which subsequently caused the strictest ban.Even if the hunter-poacher managed to shoot a trophy, tanning skin becomes a real problem.Fearing punishment, furriers wanted nothing to do with a beaver fur, willing to work to find a wizard was not possible.

Officially hunting for

the owner of the manor fur was banned in 1928.Using the legal immunity, beaver settlements gradually began to pervade all the possible places of settlements.The network built by beaver dams contributed to flooding of vast areas, which led to significant losses in agriculture.By popular demand suffering from flooding foresters, farmers, tenants hunting for beaver spring with a gun, it was resolved.

However, getting permission to shoot hunters noticed that the fur of the animal is not so popular, and its price is quite low.Hunt beaver industrial scale has been discontinued.Rare hunters went out to catch the beaver, for fun and tasty meat, decorating every table.

How to spot a beaver?

new surge of gambling hunting for valuable animal came with the arrival date.Now lovers of outdoor activities compete among themselves in the knowledge of the habits, habitats, methods of catching a builder of dams.The fascinating process of finding and tracking beavers every year attracts new hunters.

Hunting beaver with a gun in the spring is especially interesting.Beaver - the beast is very cunning and cautious with a subtle sense of smell and excellent hearing.A favorite animal habitats are small rivers, lakes with abundant vegetation on the shoreline.Discover the numerous beaver can be chewed fresh trees, the remains of a hearty meal beast felled bushes and young trees, forming a dam.

beaver lives in a small house hunters call them huts.In view of the small building, in fact, may have a plurality of outputs on land and under water.When will spring beaver hunting with a gun, the hunter must first, to discover and track down the place of settlement of the animal.On the trail, leaves hairy beast, an experienced hunter easily finds a beaver hut.

Hunting beaver by ambush

discovering residential settlement beaver in the area would be good to find a small hole for arranging an ambush.If no such place, you need to find a dense shrub or a fallen tree with lush foliage, which can lurk and hunter.It is particularly important, being in the ambush, behave as quietly as possible.The cunning beast, sensing danger, leaves the habitat for the long term, along with his family.Further hunt at this point has no effect.

If the purpose of hunting is not worth mining of valuable fur, suitable to catch a fraction of diameter not less than 9 mm, the newcomers in the hunting business buckshot is better to use a diameter of 6.5 mm.According to experienced hunters, beaver always appears suddenly, because the gun must be in a ready state for a shot.Waiting trophy can last more than one hour, but the hunt for beaver spring will allow the hunter to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet awakening of nature.

Hunting beaver with melkashki

Spring catch beaver with small-bore rifle - a process that requires excellent hit from the hunter.A feature of this method is the difficulty of getting accurate.The animal has a very strong skull, which is not always possible to shoot, even when there is a hunt for a beaver with a gun in the spring.For easy production of the trophy by the melkashki need to know the exact place hit that will easily topple a valuable animal.

If the detected beaver, not noticing the hunter sitting sideways to him, the sniper you must aim and shoot in the head between the eye and the ear.When a sight was the beast turned back, and you need to shoot immediately, you need to aim at the place of the skull and vertebrae.Juveniles remain in contact with the bullet in place, older agony may try to escape.Here the main task of the hunter - do not miss a wounded animal.

benefits of beaver hunting in spring with small-caliber weapons, is the integrity of the extracted fur.As mentioned above, the fraction can significantly damage the fur of the animal, devalued its fine quality.

Hunting beaver at night with boats

One of the easiest and exciting ways to capture beaver can be called a night hunt from a boat with a large spotlight.Interestingly, floating in the dark beaver is not afraid of noise motorboat.It can allow to approach the hunter close enough, not diving into the depths of the water.Experienced hunters talk about how to conduct the hunt for a beaver with a gun, relying on his own experience in an exciting process.

One method of hunting with motor boats is quite simple: seeing in the spotlight swimming beaver, add gas at full capacity.Experts say that the turnover generated by the vortex of the screw significantly impedes the movement of the animal, rather than letting it escape under the cover of the water.Sitting on the bow shooter must make a quick and accurate shots of the outgoing beast.

After the shot, wait a little while to come down the animal could emerge, to the delight of the hunters.If not, the hunting should be inspected at dawn, even a strong current will not interfere killed beaver nailed to the shore near the site of the shot.

night hunting for beaver

talked about how to conduct the hunt for a beaver in the spring, with a gun equipped with a night vision device can be experienced hunters know.Escaping to catch the animal with a valuable fur without prior intelligence, should be carefully chosen and carefully to the places of possible settlements of animals.On close beaver prompt finding fresh tracks left by animals on a growing body of water along the trees.Trodden paths help easily track down the hut builder of dams.

Hunting beaver spring with a gun requires special attention and knowledge of the surrounding area.To select a suitable place for an ambush places with a good view of the territory and the free zone for marksmanship.Additional camouflage for the hunter is not required, in the dusk the beast will not be able to see the lurking shooter.But the presence of sharp, foreign odors can greatly reduce the chances of a successful hunt.Has an excellent sense of smell animal at a considerable distance uchuet smell of cigarette smoke or perfume.

detected dam made skilful beaver, can greatly increase the ability to catch the cunning animal.If you break the structure and hiding nearby in a place with good visibility, wait furry builder is not difficult.Beaver is sure to come to the place of the damaged rowing to repair.A further outcome of the hunt depends on the dexterity and skill of the hunter.

chance meeting

Amateur hunting beaver can give a pleasant surprise in the form of a chance encounter with an animal hunter.Animals in a quiet pleasant weather can give a light splash of water, which is spread over large distances.Passing near water, you can hear the distinctive sound that produces the animal, floating on the water surface.

At such moments, it is important not to give himself.Calm animal, focusing on their concerns, can come at a very close distance to the hunter.Not a loss, marksman will receive the coveted trophy without a long and tedious wait.It is important to flush out prey, trying to get closer.It is better to wait until he would be a beaver for a shot at the right distance.

terms of spring hunting

usually dusk - the best time in which there is a hunting beaver spring.Dates of the hunting period ends in mid-May.Because fans of sport fishing and hunting should not be a long delay with access to the hunting trail.Season extraction fleeting, because even experienced hunters in the winter begin active preparations for the capture of a beaver.

With the onset of the first thaw can go exploring, noticing animal habitats.A detailed study of the habits of Trapper helps outline a plan the upcoming hunt.It should be remembered that animals killed near their homes, beavers and scare the rest of the hunt in this place do not bring the desired output.Hunting down as the owner of his life holds valuable fur, can take the place away from the beaver lodges where to arrange an ambush with the opening of the hunting season.

In conclusion

Hunting beaver spring with a gun turns into a fascinating and unforgettable process that allows to spend time in harmony with nature.Long-term tracking of the animal raise the veil of everyday life family of otters, giving special pride owner of a valuable trophy.