Elements of the book.

In today's world there are so many gadgets.Paper books have replaced home pages on the monitors.However, the book, smelling the new paper, are still popular.Moreover, prices are never reduced.This is due to the cost of energy it takes to manufacture books.

What is in the book?

Books created by the conventional model.Structural elements of the book are the same, but most of them are visible only to people having knowledge of graphic.

So, if you take a book in hand, I immediately felt cover - outer shell.Sometimes it is covered superobolozhkoy - out of construction paper.This element protects the book from contamination.

On the left side is the root.He holds the sheets of the book block.Damage to the spine lead to the loss of book pages.

Some publishers decorate book an additional element - Ribbon (this ribbon or rope, which acts as a bookmark).

function performs headband ornaments - colored thickened edge of the tape glued on the spine.

Flyleaf Books

This is a special element of the book.It

connects two important components - the book block of sheets directly binding.Flyleaf in book two.One - first, the second - in the end.

Flyleaf of the book - it is the most important part, which performs many important functions for the readers:

1. gives the product an aesthetically elegant look.Most of the books sewn but readers do not need to see the line of the spine and from the inside.

2. Personal signature.Some famous authors arrange autograph sessions and meetings with readers.Book your favorite author be nice, but even nicer if it is signed or a wish.

3. Reference data.This is typical of bookend books.Basic background information in the summary Marked on the flyleaf, helps you quickly find the required permissions or word.There is no need to leaf through a few dozen pages.

Thus, the flyleaf of the book - it is one of the most important components.It is worth noting that the word "bookend" the accent on the first syllable.It is still so pronunciations can not be.

book inside

So, the book is open, cover, spine and bookend studied.What is the structure of the book's inside?

The first leaf is called a title.It contains the basic information.At the top of the title page, you can find information about the author of the book itself (title and subtitle, which specifies the genre, book number, if it is a series, and so on. D.).The following contains information about the publishing house - the name, the year and the city.

Then you can see the output of the book.If it is used for an abstract or scientific work, the data in the literature list it in the form in which they are written in the book.Output data contain information on the title page.To it is added the total number of sheets.

Under the output data usually is abstract.This is a brief overview of the genre, author, story, and so on. D. Abstract needed in order to help the reader decide, it will be interesting book or not.

These are the main elements.They are in every book.Some books have additional components.It may be half title (sheet, located in front of the title), the frontispiece (illustration of a portrait of the author, a brief biographical data) and others.

Technology of books.The initial stages of

The best way to learn how to make a book - with a trip to visit the printing house.However, before the book gets published, it goes through the following stages:

1. Writing.The first thing a writer or author delivers a manuscript to a publisher.However, this does not mean that the book will go on sale.Editor carefully examining the manuscript.If he liked it, it starts to manufacture publishing this book.

2. Processing.The publisher is working on a book the whole team of editors, proofreaders, DTP.Prepared mock-up: page numbering, abstract, bookend books.It's quite hard work.

3. Print.After processing, the book is sent to the printer.It should be noted that it is not printed page by page (imagine how much time it took), and whole blocks.The result is a whole pack of paper to be collected in a book.

manufacturing techniques.The final stage of

main page printed.Now consider, as do books, that each sheet was well fixed:

1. Build.Of course, this process had not done manually.This involved the folding machine.The machine folds the sheets so that they are arranged in order.

2. Binding.This is the final stage of production of the book.The book block is connected to the binding, and the book is ready.

Standard Classification

most famous types of binding - it is soft, and solid leather.Let us consider them in more detail:

1. Paperback.This type of binding includes a gluing of the book block to the cover by means of an ordinary adhesive.This method is suitable for small thicknesses of books.To use flexible cardboard cover.

2. hardcover books.Used for classic titles, which are stored for a long time and not lose their popularity.For the cover used hardboard, sometimes finished with cloth.The spine of the book carefully stitched.

3. leather binding.This cover is suitable for expensive gift editions.It is considered unique.

Making Books - consuming, laborious, but interesting process.