Bunin, "The Village": a summary of the analysis and reviews

for thoughtful readers seeking to understand and appreciate the profound nature of traditional Russian village will definitely be recommended reading for this story.Infinitely true and deep meaning of a work written by Ivan Bunin."In the village" - a conceptual book, addressed to ordinary readers, and the best minds of the Fatherland.This work was for the contemporary classic and revelation and warning.

story "The Village" - shock therapy

At the core of his statement, this story is like a novel.She first showed the failure of the official view of the peasantry, presented clearly and visibly broad masses of readers the truth about what vulgarity and hopelessness lives most of Russia.

bestial life defines consciousness wretched villagers.Rural Koshel lumpen can not even talk about their impressions of the Caucasus Mountains.All he manages to mumble - is "a mountain on the mountain."In the village the way to science for kids is closed.Their teaching in an elementary school is a former soldier, illit

erate and inarticulate.He, rather than to teach, drill children.

peasant life is illogical, irrational.The top shows the idiocy of a man named Gray.He builds the house, but not on the eve of the cold wood harvests.In winter, otaplivaya house burns Grey roof, and then sells the house itself.Moreover, with most of the earth, he manages to be the poorest man in the village.Is this episode an allegory of the existing rural way of life across Russia?

Pen Wizard safely, thoroughly and vividly shows the panorama archaic, "cave", a poverty-stricken county life.

tragic painting people vegetating in front of the readers reveals Bunin."In the village," illuminates the essence of this decline, which lasts from serfdom, rolling down from generation to generation.People suffer from the lack of spirituality in a whirlpool.Because of the surrounding lies, jealousy, meanness, hatred, stealing even the brightest of them lose their vitality, dreams, aspirations.Trying to build a happy life are powerless to accomplish this.

not embellish, does not idealize the life of the peasant, he does not bring it artificial and unnatural harmony Bunin."In the village" - a work of honor.This volume and panoramic.Author sometimes bitter lyrics, but more often with ruthless truth sets us the story of the lives of two brothers Krasovo: Tikhon Kuzma yes, living in the village with the characteristic name - Durnovka.

product of regression Russia

This work after its publication in November 1910 caused considerable controversy unprecedented in Russian society.Even accused of hatred of Russia was Bunin.The story of "The Village" - the product of a grotesque, really show godless Russian life.But truthfully I wrote Bunin!Loyal liars, so-called populists have failed to implement his plan of furious persecution against Ivan.For the future winner of Maxim Gorky interceded.

As the author of the novel is deeply felt the nuances of people's soul!"Strange, we the people! Motley soul! That dog is a pure man, then ... at himself crying."

Summary story.Two brothers

As a young protagonists of the story, the brothers Kuzma and Tikhon, together engaged in trade.But not for long.Very much different they were.Between them there was a quarrel, and each went his own way in life.

Both brothers are shrewd people.They are the lead story is not just actors, extras in the surrounding reality, but also give them a deeper appreciation.

Tikhon - peasant household.He has a strong will and is able to carry out his plan: removing the inn, friendly shop there and opened a tavern.Cleverly leading economy, earn money.The resulting income Tikhon served as initial capital to acquire a higher social status.He starts to buy up land and bread on the top of the landlords who do not have business acumen.As a result of its reasonable and purposeful management Tikhon buys a manor in the village Durnovka where even his grandfather was a serf.

Kuzma - talent, crushed by poverty and indifference

two relatives antagonists depicted in his novel Bunin ("The Village").Summary of the works concerning the pursuit of life Kuzma can be expressed as a result of a single word - crisis.

From childhood he was obsessed with the desire to learn.A neighbor, sympathy, taught him to read and write.Familiar old accordion-instilled in him a love of literature.Kuzma wanted to be a writer, then tried to compose verses, to be honest to tell the people about the ugliness of life around ... sympathetically tells about the character in his work Bunin ("The Village").Analysis of spiritual quest that naive anarchist novice poet "nadsonovskogo" type in Russian engaged in spiritual self-flagellation, can not leave indifferent.Kuzma is a tragic figure, he is trying to become spiritual in soulless society.He initially condemns itself to become lambs to the slaughter, from the talent "wings broken off," tortured "the fate and needs."

is simple literary career

write to them the story turned out to be unclaimed.Then Kuzma managed to publish a collection of his poems.

However, he knew that his efforts are weak in terms of the level of writing.In addition, the writer-loser forced to spend more mental energy to obtaining their daily bread than to literature.His desire for creativity has found no support and assistance.Kuzma has washed down, realizing the invincibility of human indifference.For myself, this lonely man lost faith identified two perspectives: a monastery or a suicide.

It was at this critical moment for him to reconciliation brother Tikhon addressed by offering to become a clerk in the acquired estate.Approaching the half-century age, older brother decided to come to terms with Kuzma.He forgave him and another character, and other aspirations.

Kuzma was inspired.Finally he had the chance to receive real earnings.By day he led the accounting books, but at night guarding the property.However, it soon realized that his efforts do not lead to profits.

Meanwhile, the economy went so-so in a poverty-stricken village Manor Durnovka.

cause problems with Farmland

theme village in Bunin's work is realistic and philosophically true: you can not build happiness on the misfortune of others.

rural communities in the early XX century, has lost its solidity, stability, anciently fastening the entire Russian statehood.About this alarming trend, he wrote in his novel Bunin ("The Village").Reviews of thoughtful readers to note that as a result of material and ideological stratification of villagers were apocalyptic, hating everyone and everything lumpen-type Deniska.

itself rustic nouveau riche Tikhon Krasov was a product of the disintegration and decay.After all, in fact, he built his wealth in a period of general impoverishment, buying land and acquired the estate in the same way.Its prosperity is short-lived.He feels it is suffering: even getting their hands on wealth, he is powerless to stop this fatal, apocalyptic decadence throughout Russia, giving rise uncontrollably, and it and the poorest peasants Durnovka to the collapse of the entire state apparatus.

Tikhon has not been able to establish in his estate a normal agricultural production, although he made a lot of effort trying to organize it.In his failures he blamed the intransigence of local men and malice.Obviously, he had to sell the estate at an unfavorable price.

Sin Timothy Krasova

real, modern social processes he describes his novel Bunin ("The Village").Summary of this work is to ensure that the economic Tikhon feels deeply unhappy for personal reasons.
He dreamed of a big family, but his wife conceive a girl, and they were born dead.In essence, the new owner of the manor, before the age of fifty years, suffered from loneliness.He even started drinking."Without children people - not people. So, obsevok of some kind."

Then Tikhon got himself a mistress of the young peasant, Avdotya cook, working in the estate.He sinned with her for the sole purpose - wanting to find the child.However, this did not happen.About Avdotia connection with Tikhon soon learned Durnovka peasants, and she became an outcast.So went his passion: in the ceremonial scarf inside.

This is not the only episode where the arbitrariness in the rural community of mentions in his novel Bunin ("The Village").The analysis produced a classic, raised the urgency of education, education of peasants.The author calls for the best minds of Russian foster a spirituality of charity from ordinary people.

Awareness Timothy guilt

cruel and selfish rich man entered the village is beautiful in relation to the young woman Avdotya, breaking her life because of the desire to have children.He did not like it.Perhaps that is why, when his brother Kuzma, working as a clerk, seriously ill, from Avdotya he received no help nor sympathy.On the contrary, the woman left the estate, leaving him alone to fend for themselves without power.

Later Tikhon, feeling his personal guilt before the woman decides after all to arrange her life to marry.However, his desire to make a good end to another disaster Avdotia.The only guy seduced with money Tikhon and agreed to marry, found himself cursed Denis.He is quite capable to score before his wife's death.She is afraid of this fanatic.

main issue story

This work, despite its seeming locality (events take place in the village Durnovka), makes one wonder about the fate of the entire country.Deeply aware of the challenges ahead of time with a ruthless honesty Bunin wrote.

in the country (the reviews of the intelligentsia were unanimous) USSIAN best forces of society to prevent social disaster should begin urgently reform.The fact is that before the "Village" Bunin no one in Russia is not seriously studied the problems of the peasantry.Perhaps that is why the writer and elected an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

most insightful review of the novel gave Maxim Gorky.He realized Bunin wrote his essay is not about specific peasants or village, he is in the power of his talent, asked on the eve of the impending social catastrophe: "To be or not to be Russian?".

Artistic expression means composition

amazing holistically created Bunin work "in the village."Its composition includes a plurality of plug-in scenes with a variety of minor characters, grotesque characterize the general decline of morals and the emergence of the destructive focus in the national character.Landscapes by the author of the story, give completeness, perfection the social aspects of the story, "the church of the wild flowers," "small clay pond", "manure dam", "thick yellow water."And sometimes in the landscape images even Bunin joins elements of mysticism, as, for example, in the scene of the rain, "opened the black darkness," spilled "deathly blue light."

apocalyptic motif pervades the novel "The Village."Bunin maximizes it in the final scene.Terribly wedding rush sled pulling his wife - an outcast village so the bride-fanatic - in the midst of a terrible blizzard.Guests invited to the wedding, publish mad screams, creepy while dancing.

creative method of the author

Quite expectedly the question: "Why so much classic narrowed the subject of his description?".Indeed, why intellectual life in Russia is deeply understands the beginning of the XX century, not picked up is akin to epic "War and Peace"?

whole thing - a creative method, which was used by Bunin."In the village," he answers our question clearly and concisely.The answer is contained in the story itself.One of her heroes and collectively exhaustive talks about throughout the vast Russian: "Yes, it's all - a village ...".

book about Russia

That's about all Russian Bunin wrote!The story of "The Village" - a story about the whole country, Krasova brothers - it is the best man - workers, its salt of the earth, capable of its potential, business acumen, natural talent to change life around.They really can not do it.But not in a country where everyone - everyone for himself and - against all!Anatomy destruction, deactivation of their original creative positive potential "cave life" shows Bunin.Ideals Krasova brothers gradually fade, they are beginning to follow the compromises with his conscience ...


Ivan Bunin was truly a man kolenonepreklonnym.It is, as it should be a classic, with all your soul feel the suffering of the people, the threats and challenges facing them.Realizing the apocalyptic tendencies in Russian society, he is like a man safely, regardless of rank and opinions loudly warned compatriots.

Such systematically before him nobody wrote about the destruction of one of the main foundations of statehood at the beginning of the XX century.Peasant country at the turn of the century was indeed a beggar who lost his face, which had lost the principle of continuity.

Russian village image Bunin appears to us deeply and vividly.For example, the village Durnovka brothers Krasovo writer was able to show the general crisis of the entire infrastructure of the village: the social, spiritual and moral.Classic foresaw the threat coming collapse of the Russian state.