Artem Markelov (driver): biography and personal life

edition of "Sport-Express" talks about who among Russian drivers will be able to sit behind the wheel of a racing car, "Formula 1".Correspondents bring to the fore the names of Mikhail Aleshin, Daniel Kvyat, Daniil Move, Yegor Orujov, Sergei Sirotkin and Artem Markelov.

remarkable fact that all the designated drivers are party to support programs for young drivers (although, to be honest, Mikhail Aleshin, in his 26 years of age is too much for such a title).But we are not talking about it.And the young promising, but still little-known in the Russian pilot, whose name is Artem Markelov (racer).

biography.Parents.Early career

Artem Markelov was born September 10, 1994.Its weight - about 73 kilograms during the growth of 182 centimeters.

Artem Markelov - the driver, whose personal life became public only from 2011.Previous years are shrouded in mystery.Few details are known only from an interview with him.

in professional motorsports Artem Markelov came from karting.He first sat behind the whee

l card in 9 years.Two years rolled, where the team trains "Silver rain".Perhaps the leader of the group said that Artem Markelov - racer, whose biography is in the future can be replenished in the championship, "Formula 1".Therefore, I received him with his team.

Parents helped hobby son, helping financially: pocket money given to the Sunday training (rental karting).Now father and mother actively support it.However, do not stop to worry about the outcome of each race.Artem's mother accompanies every event and serves as a private psychologist.

little-known but promising Russian athlete

Artem Markelov (driver) biography which already includes multiple wins and enchanting accident on the road, has a better chance to perform at the "Formula 1".

On his first championship of Russia Artem took 9th place, then got a taste and made it to the 2nd.For the Russian championship was followed by Europe: Challenge Europe, the Grand finals in Egypt.That access to the European level will allow to realize.

Artem Markelov (driver) already known to the Russian public, it places great hopes on him.He not only is a racing team Lotus (aka Russian Time, last Motorpark), but also actively participates in public life.For example, in 2014, 20 September, he, along with Vitaly Petrov (the first Russian pilot of "Formula-1") participated in a demonstration race car at the opening ceremony of the Sochi race track.

Twenty champion with wins and prospects

Artem Markelov announced himself back in the age of seventeen.In 2011, he took the 4th place (on account of his victory and 1 251 points) in the championship ADAC Formula Masters.In 2012 - 7th place (2 wins and 155 points) in the German Formula 3 Championship (German championship, "Formula 3"), and in 2013 here they won 2nd place (on account of his two fastest laps, 21 podium2 wins and 339 points).In 2014 he made his debut with 24 seats in the GP2.

main advantage Artem ˗ stability results (winning regular) and the prospect of further growth.Therefore, with dignity lost in the racing Marvin Kirhgoferu (the rising star of German motorsport) easily beat Emil Bernstorffa.Victory at the end of the racing season in 2013 has earned him the title of vice-champion of the German "Formula 3".In addition, Artem Markelov spent three days on the tests GP3, representing the team Russian Time, and participated in AutoGP, representing the Austrian team Zele Racing.

racing season 2015.Start-dan!

After the death of the manager of the pilot and team leader Igor Mazepa took command of the Strelnikov Svetlana.Together with her Artem Markelov set myself tasks that are directly related to the preparation for the new racing season: accumulate points in the championship standings and climb on the podium.

Artem began to implement them in the first weeks of 2015: from 15 January to 15 February, he traveled to New Zealand for the championship of Toyota Racing Series.Here, the pilot twice crashed.

If he had not knocked off the track Callum Ilott, Artem Markelov could get one of the best indicators of the championship.He was second, but due to this trouble finishing 15th.The second race ended less successfully: car overturned due to a collision with James Munro and Tom went off the track.

new victory - a big step towards the "Formula 1»

However, not all races have ended without results.

Artem Markelov, racer Russian Time, on the track Teretonga Park took second place.Palm went to Jamie Conroy, the New Zealand pilot.

April 18 launched the first stage of the championship GP2-2015.It's been two runs (as of May 16): at the Bahrain International Circuit (Sakhir, Bahrain) and Circuit de Catalunya (Spain, Barcelona).Bahrain Grand Prix has not brought the desired results: Artem Markelov took 12 and 13 seats.But participating in the Spanish Grand Prix he was in the top five in the second race.Unfortunately, 2015 has not yet brought the young representative of the Russian motor racing great victories.

in the press and on the pages of the global network it is mentioned in the title of vice-champion 2013 German "Formula 3" and the new groom the former member of the "Dom-2" Alena farmacia.

«Formula 1".As soon as the dream come true?

Many believe that Artem Markelov made the right choice by going from the German Formula 3 Championship (German championship, "Formula 3") in GP2.GP2 is often equated to the last preparatory step before the championship, "Formula 1".

pilot is making all efforts to the championship, "Formula 1" in 2016 sounded the name of Artem Markelov.Biography, or rather, its racing successes suggest that this dream will come true, if not next season, then later.Artem began to better understand the specifics of the new machines is faster to analyze and store the racetrack.

This was facilitated by small changes in the Russian Time.Since last season, the team coached by Rob Wilson, a foreign coach.He has extensive experience in training drivers, "Formula 1".He is now working with some of them.

Russian Time also changed the technical partner: Virtuosi replaces the iSport.As he said Artyom, new engineers are working better than the old.

In life, friends, rivals on the track

In an interview with Artem admitted that even friends on the road turn into rivals.Such a statement he made after the great breakthrough in the championship GP2.

It concerned autopilot Mitch Evans, who because of problems in electronics left the race track.After graduating arrival Mitch approached and congratulated friend and colleague to success.

similar situation Artem and Sergei Sirotkin.We can not say that they are friends, but it is the only driver representing Russia in the championship this season.

Both pilots are scheduled to participate in all 24 races GP2.And since both do not intend to take the position because of the generosity, it planned a cruel but interesting fight between young and promising drivers.

But Artem does not consider Sergey among its main rivals.Mitch Evans, Pierre went out and Alex Lynn - that of who will follow closely the young racer.

together to build love: Alain Vodonaeva and Artem Markelov

Racer, whose biography is enriched by love affairs, builds relationships with Alena farmacia.

public people is difficult to maintain a secret life: someone from friends or acquaintances necessarily sboltnet secret.But Artem Markelov and Alain Vodonaeva long concealed his connection.

friend Alena, Isa Dolmatova, without even knowing the name of the man declassified in Instagram.

way information leaks to Alena is not surprising.The matter is familiar.So, her mother likes to reveal secrets related to his personal life of his daughter.For example, in one of his master classes Larisa Valentinovna indirectly referred to the new boyfriend of Alena.

And just a few weeks ago love Artem Markelov and Alain Vodonaeva were seen in one of the supermarkets in common: they embraced cute, cooing and even stole a kiss.

Do you plan to completion?

now boils a new online news: Alain Vodonaeva expecting a baby from the twenty pilot.Is Artem Markelov, the driver, whose biography is not yet replenished participation in the coveted "Formula 1", soon to be a father?And the mother of his child will be a woman, his senior good twelve years?

We are glad to inform you: at the moment Allen is not pregnant.Interesting position of ex-participant of the TV project "Dom-2" and the appearance of the child from Artem predicted star Vyacheslav Denichenko numerologist.According to his calculations, Artem Markelov and replenish Vodonaeva can wait for next summer.

Postponement pleases fans of the pilot, as he has just started as a race driver and in front of him waiting for a lot of victories.

interesting fact in the subject

the Internet actively discussed topic of increasing age differences between the two lovers.There is a tendency: the higher the star marks the years, the younger of her new companion.

Alain Vodonaeva confirms this opinion, choosing beloved men younger than themselves.Last summer she had a relationship with the twenty-three party-goer St. Petersburg Yuri Andre.Now Allen plays in love with a very young rider still Artem Markelov, who is only twenty years old.Who knows, maybe this way it tries to spur the waning sostorony the interest of the public.