Roger Zelazny.

If we consider the series "The Chronicles of Amber", all the books in order, the first was written back in the distant 1970, after which Roger Zelazny successfully continued to write on, up to the last book, published in 1991.There were created 10 books, which are united by 5 pieces in two volumes.The first volume of the adventures of Corwin, Prince of Amber, and the second - his son Merlin.After that, by Zelazny and other authors have created still many smaller stories about events that took place in the same world, and after the death of the founder of a series of five more books have been written prequel John Betancourt, allegedly on drafts of the Zelazny.

little about Amber

whole world - parallel reality is a reflection of the one and only true world - Amber.Between them they can travel only those people whose blood is present in the royal family of the world.And not just travel, but also to choose the right place where they want to go, just imagine it.That's imagine Roger Zelazny, "The Chroni

cles of Amber".Books are arranged in order, so that the reader learns all this as the opening scene.

history of Corwyn

first book called "Nine Princes in Amber", tells the story of how the main character, Corwin, one of the Crown Princes of Amber, lost his memory, again found her, tried to grab the throne of Amber from hisbrother, Eric, was captured, blinded and thrown into prison.Thanks to the fantastic regeneration inherent to all members of the royal family, after a while Corwin recovers sight and manages to escape from captivity.Thus ends the first part of which is included in "The Chronicles of Amber".

Books in order to continue to monitor the product of "The Guns of Avalon."In this part of the protagonist in the process of escape is a powder that can play a role in Amber powder (the original powder was not working, because the laws of physics and chemistry in different worlds differ).Create an army with guns and sent to the assault of the original world.Reaching the point of destination, Corwin finds out that Amber is now a brutal war with some demons.Making hard choices, he still helps the army to destroy the threat of Amber.During the Battle of the main enemy of Corwin, his brother Eric, currently occupying the throne, dies.In fact, this is the end product of the second part of "The Chronicles of Amber".In order

next book is called "Sign of the Unicorn."In this part of the whole family comes together to confront the terrible enemy, but the old divisions are not forgotten and only slightly pushed by priority.

fourth book called "The Hand of Oberon."This part explained many previously obscure things, reveal secrets and mysteries.At the end of the book Corwin decided on their own to restore the Maze Amber damaged in the previous section, using Random blood son.

last book of the first volume called "Courts of Chaos."It returned to the throne of the father Oberon, previously unknown to disappear where the war begins with the Courts of Chaos and attempt to repair the Labyrinth.At the end of the book he becomes king Random and Corwin goes to other worlds to think about everything that had happened to him.

history of Merlin

Next is also five books related to the cycle of "The Chronicles of Amber".Books in order to begin work "Cards of Destiny".Here the story has been going on behalf of the son of Corwin - Merlin.The Amber, finally, the world is quiet, the protagonist ends up teaching at the university and tries to find his father, simultaneously experiencing its own new invention.The second book, which is called the "Blood of Amber," begins with the fact that Merlin imprisoned in a special cave where his magic is not valid.Nevertheless, he manages to escape from there.Immediately he faces a new enemy, which is very much in the series "The Chronicles of Amber".Order books continuing work of the third "Mark of Chaos."It Merlin comes to life in a surreal world, which is the product of the imagination of his brother Luke, under the influence of LSD.Successfully escaped from there, it captures the magic stronghold of "Guardian of the Four Worlds."In the fourth book "The Knight of the Shadows" reveals a lot of mysteries and secrets that were not previously understood by the reader.In addition, Merlin is facing a choice - Logrus or Labyrinth.The last book of the second volume called "Prince of Chaos" is the end of the cycle, although it involves the possibility of continuing.

Other works

addition to the above, other members of the series "The Chronicles of Amber", the order book is actually available.Some of them - allegedly the background, tells everything that happened to Amber previously others - all individual stories do not have a main loop and telling nothing about the various events taking place in the same universe.


In general it can only be considered a cycle of 10 works written by Roger Zelazny.The rest - or the work of other authors, who liked the general idea, in fact, allows to write anything you like, as the number of worlds and their species are not limited by anything, or the product of the Zelazny co, again not directly related to the events described.The most controversial moment can be considered as the five books of Betancourt, since, despite his own statements that they are written on drafts of Roger, who simply do not have time to cause a readable variant and publish, Zelazny's widow claims the opposite.