An analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian ores".

ASPushkin tried to convey to his large reading public all of its excitement for the future of the people and their country.It does not go by his mind and his pen trace.That revolt of the Decembrists in Petersburg on the Senate Square in 1925 to the pain in his heart shocked.He took their defeat as a personal tragedy.Poet at the time was out of favor with the king and could not then support their friends Decembrists, as has already been in exile in the family estate of the Mikhailovsky.But when later Tsar Nicholas I asked Pushkin about where he was, if you were on December 14 in St. Petersburg, Pushkin said that the Senate Square, because there were his friends who were in the secret society, but not dedicated to theircase already disgraced poet.

analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian oresĀ»

And here it is - the first reaction to a shock (his famous poem) - just drawn to the theme of the tragic events.An analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian ores" shows that it was dedicat

ed to the anniversary of the events and it was just written in the end of 1826.When the poet's life, it was never published.Create it, Pushkin strongly risked, he tried to persuade his wife of Decembrist Muravyov deliver this product to his exiled friends.After all, they are humiliated and disgraced, as ever, waiting for support and understanding.And his creativity, he raised their morale and gave hope for a speedy release.And it was not only his poem that he gave his friends the Decembrists.

analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian ores".Summary

Turning to his comrades in the first stanza, Pushkin wrote the words, which assures his friends that their heroism is not in vain and will be remembered by descendants of at least a hundred years.That being in a dark cave, they are still able to see the "desired time" without the autocracy and serfdom.Sooner or later, their fate, finally, will be favorable to them, and they will be freed from the shackles, thanks to their same fellow freethinkers.

If detailed analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian ores", it becomes clear that none of this will happen, and Pushkin's predictions have not come true.Just a quarter of a century, only a few will get amnesty Decembrists and survive.Many of them did not survive this ordeal, and those who will come back to that moment had to be frail elderly, deprived of all high ranks and titles.

theme, genre and building

Here's what's important to say, based on a deep analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian ores".Pushkin makes his main focus on the man with the internal stand rod, which, despite the difficulties, will be invincible and able to walk to his goal until the end.

This work is written chetyrehstopnym pentameter.For vibrant artistic expression of the poet uses different means: epithets, metaphors, a detailed comparison, alliteration and assonance.It is both in its expression, and the perception of a very strong and worth in the context of freedom-loving lyrics of Pushkin, which includes an ode to "Liberty", the poem "Anchar", "To Chaadaev", "village", "Arion" andmany, many other famous works.

In his message is Pushkin received a reply from a friend exiled poet Odoevskogo and also in verse - "strings prophetic fiery sounds ...".Although Pushkin was against any riots and rebellions, but he could not help but to support in this difficult moment of his friends turned away from them even their relatives.Pushkin was not involved in these events, but in the securities of each Decembrists were arrested his poems.

Conclusion In concluding the analysis of the poem "In the depths of the Siberian ores", I want to mention the fact that he remembered the young descendants who fought in the Great Patriotic War against the German invaders.Molodaya read it as saving a prayer to survive the Nazi torture chambers, and it helped not to break their will and spirit.Therefore it is not in vain was the work of the poet.