What is a legend?

In Russia, the writing appeared after his baptism in 988.With the adoption of the Christian faith began to develop and Old Russian literature.Those who came from Byzantium Cyril and Methodius brought to the territory of Russia religious book heritage.

Old Russian literature preceded folklore.Among all genres can be identified epics, stories, teachings and stories.To find out what is legend and how it differs from other products of the prehistoric era, we need to have an idea of ​​the available at the time of genres.

All genres Old Russian literature can be divided into 2 groups: primary and unite.The primary genres include primitives in a form in which they existed in IX-XI centuries.Later, they teamed up and get larger chronicles, chronographs and other.


Old Russian literature Old Russian literature includes a large number of genres.Many works have been lost over time.This is due to the hostilities that took place in Russia: the Mongol-Tatar invasion, World War II, World War II and mor


Among primary genres of Old Russian literature should be made:

  • eloquence.This genre, as well as the Christian faith, came to us from Byzantium - one of the most progressive states of the time.Eloquence is a form of oratory.
  • Instruction.From the most famous teachings should highlight the "Instruction of Vladimir Monomakh".They were given advice to the princes and the common people.It was the advice of military training, the family and the upbringing of children.
  • word.This genre is the most striking monument of ancient literature - "Lay."
  • Tale.The story was a tale of princely feuds or military campaigns.

Among combining genres can be identified chronicle and legend.The value of the surviving texts great for our country, because they are not only literary but also historical monuments.

rarely use the term "Patericon" and "apocryphal."Paterik - a description of the life of the Holy Father.Apocrypha also applies to religious literature, but its content is more secret and mysterious.

What legend?

Legend - is the common name of works of folk character.What is the legend and how it differs from other genres of Russian literature?For legends are legends, epics, and others. They especially considering the historical basis: in most cases, the legend tells of the real that occurred in reality events.However, it should take into account the unreliability of some of the facts reported by the legend.The definition of this genre can be summarized as follows: The Legend - is a special genre of the Old Russian literature, which tells about the historical and legendary events.

Among the most outstanding works of Russian literature can be identified such stories, such as "The Tale of Boris and Gleb" and "The Legend of Mamay".

Church narrative

So we looked at what a legend.Let's try to classify them.In connection with the advent of Christianity in literature began to develop.But what to write?Of course, the scribes began to cover the most relevant events of the time.This is the "Legend of the baptism of Rus."

Popular stories about the exploits of the saints.Perhaps most of them have a fantastic character.This is the "Legend of the Mercury Smolensky" which one came out against the Mongol hordes, and through prayer failed to protect its people.

Secular legend

Most church legends are anonymous authors.Secular literature appeared much later, in the XVII-XVIII centuries.Secular literature is not related to religion.She can narrate not only heroes, but also ordinary people.To secular monuments of literature is "The Legend of the peasant's son."It tells the story of a man who was engaged in fraud and hooliganism.

Of Old Russian literature in the modern come a variety of genres.Among them is a genre called "legend."The concept and meaning of this word has changed over time.It should be said about its etymology.It comes from the Slavonic form "Casati", which means "to speak", "sermon".Formed by joining the prefix "a" suffix "REPRESENTATIONS" and ending "e".

Now the legend referred to as folklore genres.