An analysis of Lermontov's poem "When the waves yellowing cornfield."

lyrical mood of the Russian writer Lermontov in life with age ranged from wild enthusiasm to mortal anguish and sadness.In his early works he praised the beauty of nature a lot, its meadows, rivers and forests, but in recent years the topic of little interest to him, he was more concerned with political and public issues.During this time he gained fame as a poet, a troublemaker who resolutely and firmly denounced the tsarist autocracy.That poem, "When the waves yellowing cornfield" conveys a strange mood of the author.What was happening in the life of the poet at this time?

analysis of Lermontov's poem "When the waves yellowing cornfield»

When you read the poem Lermontov gently immersed in its beautiful and amazing poetic world, but somehow imbued with hopeless longing.It would seem that there may be such a hopeless and sad in an unusually accurate sketches of wildlife?After all, he says, it is already yellow field, reminiscent of the end of the summer, in the garden is already ripen crimson plum,

noisy forest, and even silver lily nods poet.

analysis of Lermontov's poem "When the waves yellowing cornfield," says that Lermontov admire nature pure and serene, dipped into the magic of grace sleep.But the poet's soul is not so easy, he was very anxious and even angry.

theme of loneliness

What is the cause of his tragic discord with life?Maybe it's because of his obnoxious nature or caustic wit, which he often poured.Or is it the fate of an orphan's all my fault, because the poet early lost parental affection?You can blame it on fate and for the fact that she did not give him a loyal and good-minded friends or gave him a meeting with the woman who would be able to cool his hot head, take care of and love him as he was Lermontov.

«When the waves yellowing cornfield" describes how icy key whispers about peaceful region.But where is it?The poet always anxious, it washed over the feeling of loneliness and despair.And most likely, this was due to external circumstances, which, alas, does not always depend on the individual.However, while surrounded by Lermontov's fear of persecution was the norm.

Peace and harmony

analysis of Lermontov's poem "When the waves yellowing cornfield" opens the curtain on what is sweet contemplation of nature, which saw the poet, even worse disorder and without depressing his condition.However, this perfect world of natural beauty gives a vision of harmony with it, the people and the whole world around him.

What I think therefore, when he wrote a line that has no regrets about the past, but nevertheless expects nothing and the future?At the end of the work there is a quatrain, in which the poet seems to see clearly again, but this insight can be interpreted in different ways.

analysis of Lermontov's poem "When the waves yellowing cornfield" implies that the poet was destined to live in a society alien to people where the priority lies, hypocrisy, and this full bore.The poet, born in this unjust world, simply suffocating in an atmosphere of gossip, intrigue and condemnation.From this tragic and so his fate.

Lermontov, "When the waves yellowing cornfield»

This beautiful poem was written by the author in 1837.But this time, the poet had been arrested during the investigation and was imprisoned in St. Petersburg prison.And all because of the litigation concerning his poem "Death of a Poet", which focused on the death of Pushkin.

Stunned by the news, so let me put it bluntly to a secular society, and openly blamed him for the death of a great genius.Officials, of course, could not sustain such a mockery, in their opinion, behavior, so it was decided to take Lermontov custody.In prison without paper and ink using the wrapper of food and burnt matches, he wrote a poem called "When the waves yellowing cornfield."Nature theme has been selected they will certainly not surprising, as it, too, could anticipate that, and he left to visit in this world so much.

Saving natural beauty

At that time, Lermontov was only 24 years old, he was a skeptic and realist, and in this age, well aware that the current foundations of society itself is completely outdated.This is indicated by the fact of the revolt of the Decembrists.

Soon Lermontov began to realize that he did will not be able to change in Russia, social inequality will sooner or later lead to a revolutionary conflict.Because of this, Lermontov in his later years was in poor condition and a bad mood.

poet also realized that his poems he does not inspire bright human minds to exploit the Decembrists, however, and put up with what was happening around him, too, did not want to.

It is his work itself is very original and represents some final interior monologue of the soul of the higher values, that everything passes, and it too will pass.We can only wait ...