The story of "Danko": summary.

Legend of Danko is one of the three parts of the story "Old Isergil" Maxim Gorky.Narrator during the grape harvest acquainted with an elderly woman.She has seen a lot in life, and she has something to tell people.

Artwork "Old Isergil" consists of the legend of Larry's story about the life of the woman and the legend of Danko.In this article you will find the story of Danko (summary).

blue sparks

Against the background of gloomy landscape evening steppe narrator notices that appear and disappear blue sparks.Burning with the desire to know where they were, he asked about it Izergil.That response begins its leisurely story.

brave people once lived in the old days people were strong and they did not know fear.One day they were attacked by an enemy tribe, and drove them from their native steppe places on the swamps that surround the dark impenetrable forest.Despair took possession of the tribe, and fear gripped their thoughts.Only two choices were they either come back and surrender to the invader

s, or to go forward through the fetid swamps and thick forest.Since these people do not know fear, they wanted to rush to meet the enemy and win back their homeland with their lives, but they could not do it, because with them would have died, and their covenants.What happened next, you know, read our summary.


When people are very weak and almost mad, suddenly appeared a handsome Danko and called for a tribe.He said that everything has its end, the forest - is no exception, and it is not necessary to think, and you need to act immediately.And people saw in the eyes of Danko fire followed him.Much of it had to go through on their way, blood and death were their constant companions, all the trials and hardships of people can not accommodate a summary.Danko did not give up.And when the forces were on the wane, people suddenly doubted the young and hot guys.Undoubtedly, a beautiful and brave man - a real romantic hero, just such a way, and wanted to recreate the Maxim Gorky."Danko", a summary of which we are considering - a work is a worthy example of Romantic literature.


Suddenly a storm, thunder.Trees bent its branches to the earth itself, making it difficult for people to go out and scaring them.But as people consider themselves very bold, it was difficult to admit to their own fear and helplessness.They decided to blame their leader and kill him.Brave man stood face to his tribe, and for a moment it boiled rage, but it quickly faded, zhalos overpowered her.However, people saw a strange gleam in his eyes and Danko perceived it as a threat.The article presents a summary of the legend of Danko full presentation describes in more detail highlights the work.

Heart Danko

At a time when people were ready to break courageous leader, Danko tore from his chest burning heart, and it dispelled the darkness.Now the way was lit and not scary.People rushed behind their leader.After a while, the forest parted before them stretched the steppe, sunlit.Danko last look at the availability of land and dropped dead.All the experiences of the main character in detail reveals the full content.Burning heart Danko Gorky left as a reminder and as a kind of symbol of love for people.

cautious man

People intoxicated with happiness and freedom, did not notice what happened to their savior.And a cautious man took, and for some reason stepped on a burning heart.It disintegrated into thousands of blue sparks, and then extinguished.At these words the story ends, a summary of which was submitted to your attention.Danko died in the name of people.

Completion stories

woman fell asleep, the narrator covered her and lay down next to the ground.And the steppe was very quiet and did not bode well.This completes the story of "Danko".Summary does not contain a description of the beauty of nature and other details of the work.For a deeper understanding of the need to refer to the full version of the book.

image and character Danko (summary).The main features of

bitter ulterior motive finishes his work is the legend of Danko.So he sings of courage, kindness and self-sacrifice of the protagonist.The distinctive trait Danko - compassion and the ability to suppress my anger.From the outset, the handsome brave stands out among the other members of the tribe of his sharp mind.He realizes that people will not live long in such conditions, because their strength is running out, and the desire to fight is about to go off.However, Danko does not want to slave a humiliating life for their relatives.Therefore, he urges them to act rather than to think.The Danko is highly developed leadership skills, and, most importantly, people see it in his eyes.Initially, they were willing to entrust their lives to the leader, and went with him willingly, it boils down to this summary.Danko proved guilty without guilt.

prototype of a brave hero Danko is a biblical legend, Moses.He also led his people toward freedom.The only difference between these two characters is that God helped Moses, it was the hand of God, and our hero acted independently, and it was an act of good and keen sense of suffering heart.Summary of the "Danko", or the legend of Danko, or "burning heart Danko" (the name can give a lot, and each with surprising accuracy goes well), of course, can not convey all the subtleties of the work.

culmination of legends is the time when people are inherently weak-willed and evil, blamed Danko.They wanted to tear him to pieces.But the hero, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of his comrades, suppressed his anger, and without thinking about himself, tore the heart to illuminate the path of the people.Here's another point, taken from the biblical tales.Self-sacrifice - the basic features inherent real heroes.

In the final episode, there is a fair question as to whether these people are worthy of the sacrifice made Danko?None of them were assessed and did not even notice the characters' actions.Moreover, a cautious man even dared, no one has yet seen, to step on the burning heart.However, this act to Danko was vital, because his heart was filled with love for the people, and he could not live, leaving them to certain death.

"Best of all" - this is the name of the hero Maxim Gorky."Danko" (summary) - a work in which, in spite of the sad end, good triumphs over evil.The real reward for Danko is a sense of pride at the sight of free land, and he is happy because he died for the sake of people.