Many beautiful works written by our favorite Russian classic Alexander Pushkin.In his poetry, he was always honest, so it is easy to see how quickly changed his mood and outlook.One of the most interesting works was the poem "Freedom sower desert", created in 1823.This period of the poet was not the best, or rather the crisis in terms of the creative forces of decline and pessimism.

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One of the great men said that the literary work of the best masters of speech, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, it is necessary to look through the prism of the Gospel.From there, they draw wisdom and magnificent images.Here and in the poem "Freedom sower desert 'analysis suggests that Pushkin uses the famous biblical story.Parable of the Sower Jesus Christ told his apostles.

this day the Lord went out and went to the sea, and came to him a lot of people to listen to it.Then he got into the boat and began to teach by telling parables different.This time, he spoke about the sower who began to

sow grain, and one part of it was scattered on the road, and the birds devoured it.Another fell on the stones and seeds immediately went up, but died due to weak root.A few grains were in the bush, which then killed the growth of the seed.And another part fell into good soil fertilized and brought multiple benefits.The parable was explained by the fact that the sower - is God himself, the seed - His word, and the field - the people.

«Freedom sower desert."Analysis

over the interpretation of Pushkin's thinking is not worth.In his poem, the poet compares himself to the sower of freedom, in which the results of the works were quite disappointing.Hence, such a disappointment, and discouragement of the poet."Freedom sower desert" - a verse that the meaning can be divided into two composite parts.The first feeling of the sublime upbeat tone in the second, he changed to angry.

Pushkin in his early youth (as well as all the young people of that time) was literally infected with the ideas of the Revolution.He believed in the future of their country fair, where there will be cruel autocracy and slavery.For many of these ideas turned out to be disastrous and ended links, and the death penalty.

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What Pushkin wrote in the poem "Freedom sower desert"?Analyzing the work of the poet, you will notice that he wrote a lot of freedom-loving poetry, and she was at it like that "seed" that was to awaken society to the bright minds struggle.He wanted to be a necessary and useful to his people.In the works of the poet felt progressive views and patriotic sentiments.King, of course, he does not forgive you, and send him away from the capital city of North to South link where Pushkin is a very prolific period, but very quickly it will overtake disappointment.


Reflecting on his fate and summarizing work, Pushkin wrote "Freedom sower desert" - a verse, in which he tries to convey to the people and society thought about freedom and the desire to change their way of vegetated miserable life.But they did not heed the call of the poet and became for him the stage, which did not need the gifts of freedom.The poem "Freedom sower desert" Pushkin created during the Enlightenment, when he realized that wasted their time and energy - poor people are willing to be content with little, and the rich will be manipulated in his favor.

poet indignant, but realizes that he could not change the mentality of the Russian people, which consists in patience and humility.It wants to express the idea of ​​Pushkin's poem "Freedom sower desert."Analyzing on Pushkin's life, it is worth noting that it will take some time, and his revolutionary views change.He pomudreet and settle down a bit, but it is a pity that the fate took on a relaxed and happy family life is therefore very little time.