Vadim Panov, "Secret City."

In this article, "Vadim Panov," Secret City. "All the books in order "laid out on the shelves all the volumes of the cycle, and in what order they should be read, not to get lost in this vast universe.

Brief background.Very, very long time

Nobody realizes that Moscow - a city within a city, where side by side with ordinary people live for many centuries the descendants of ancient, almost extinct civilizations.These peoples were once the rulers of this world, but as a result of bloody wars in the mutual destruction survived only their pitiful remnants, for a long time hiding in the Secret City, which is thousands of years later became Moscow.From the first rulers, the Asura, there was nothing left but scraps of memories.These people have destroyed the roots are dark and majestic Nava, which, in turn, were able to defeat the green-eyed blonde Luda.Nava to escape, first to discover the secrets of the city.There also went later and the survivors Luda, who defeated militant Chudy redheads.However, the re

ign of the latter was also short-lived.A man came to Earth.

All the secret should remain a secret

history is gradually revealed, if you read the works that wrote Vadim Panov ("Secret City"), in order.Three former great nation was founded by three Great Houses: Chud, Lyud and Nav.They have disappeared, melted into the crowd of people and continue to live.Weave, occasionally fighting among themselves.They use ancient magic, the source of which each has its own, but it does not disdain the scientific achievements of people actively adapting them to fit your needs.They assimilated, but watch over the purity of blood.They are for all to see, but no one had ever guessed that before him the representative of a different race.Adherence to privacy - is the most important and inviolable rights of all.

Beginning.Mercenaries starring

addition to the main races, from the Great Houses have vassal family, such as shasy ends, wasps, taskmasters, Red Caps, Hwang and others.But about a secret city known as some chosen people, and most of them are mercenaries.The most famous and the best is Cortes.In the first book he formed his team, and they become one of the key characters in the story and play an important role in the mysteries of the town, are constantly in the thick of the Great Houses of confrontation.Actually in the series, written by Panov ("Secret City"), all the books in order to start with the novel "War begin losers."This is the first one that came out in 2001.In the same year came the continuation under the title "Commander of the war" in which the best squad of mercenaries received his permanent staff: Cortez, Artem and Yana.The following year, 2002, came "The attack by the rules" and "all blacks" in the story that the team joins the fourth member of the team, the Witch Inga.A reader familiar with Massana and learn about new and rare form of creatures called - MetaMorph.Trace of the product that wrote Panov ("Secret City" books in order) are "And there are heroes in Hell" (2002) and "Concubines hatred" (2003).These novels are united storyline associated with the Hyperboreans and Jan Mannerheim is not quite Yana.This is followed by "Shadow Inquisitor" (2004), which reveals the true power of faith, and "Department of strangers" (2004), where the author finally lifts the veil on the mystery of the Outer Worlds.

Anthology: author's stories and fanfiction

Also in 2004 published the first book, an anthology of "right of blood", it collected as the short stories of the author, and the best creations of fans of the series, written by the world of the Privythe city that wins Panov himself.The order book "Secret City" in a series of anthologies bit disturbed.It is also right to point out the other in a series of anthologies because they do not overlap chronologically with the rest of the story, as gathered from stories related to different time intervals.This "confrontation Web" (2010), The Mystery of revenge (2013) and "Hunting Ermine" (2014).They can be read both in sequence and randomly.

A variety of stories.Team Cortez takes a back seat

Vadim Panov ("Secret City") in the order book continues the novel "King's Cross" (2005).It's about the grave consequences of gambling with fate.The twelfth book in the series was released "King of the Hill" (2005) here for the first time the reader is familiar with vampires Sabbath and Red Caps remember your roots.The first Prince of the Dark Court appears in the "Day of the Dragon" (2006).After two whole years comes a new novel in the series, who wrote Vadim Panov ("Secret City").All the books in order to read it is important to understand the general outline of the story, despite the fact that each of the novel - a new story.In "The Smell of Fear" (2008) is familiar with some special, which could scare of Santiago, Commissioner dark yard, and in "Rebus Galla" (2009) - with a real deity."Vertigo" was published only in 2012, after four years and one anthology, a Raider decided to challenge the great houses and go unnoticed."The terms of the time" (2013) and Chela again checked Secret City on the strength, it is now a former mercenary in his time - a legend.St. Petersburg has become a testing ground for a new bloody virtual-real game in the work "Wild Persians" (2014).A "Green Gambit" (2014), the first Duke Navi again tries to seize power in the mysteries of the town.Two of the novel, published in 2015, which at the moment are the latest to have been co-written: "Fools die first" - with Victor Tochinovym and "Vampire Hunter" - Igor Pronin.However, in both cases, the events unfolding in chronological sequence with the storyline and the main author of the still - Panov."Secret City", all the books in the order presented above, out in a logical sequence, no prequels and other branches of the plot.