Why is the story called "The Captain's Daughter"?

Surely every child and adult knows what is at stake in the work of Pushkin, but many of them have never wondered why the story is called "The Captain's Daughter."This question can be answered, if you study the history of the creation and the content of the story.

Peter A. went to the service

Many people do not just wonder why the story is called "The Captain's Daughter", because all the major events related to the leader of the bandits - Emelyan Pugachev.

Pyotr Andreyevich - the protagonist of the story.His father decided to send his son to the service so that he became a real man and he knew how hard it is to actually fight.Before you send Peter, Andrei Petrovich said to his son: "Take care of the honor of his youth."Importantly, Grinyov not disobeyed his father and sberёg his honor, winning the respect and recognition of the main robber - Pugacheva.

first meeting Grinyova and Pugachev

All readers Pushkin's story certainly know and remember the contents."The Captain's Daughter" - a work tha

t probably does not impress any reader not only the time but also ours.Anyone who has read the novel, remembers how the first meeting Grinyova and Pugacheva, because it is from it depended the fate of the main characters.

A. When Peter went into the service, together with Savéliitch, hero of the road found the storm, because of which Grinyov comrade could not find a way.However, their path meets a stranger who helped Grinyova and Savelichu.For it is thanks to Peter gave man rabbit coat.

second meeting Grinyova and Yemelyan

No one would have thought that from the first meeting, and Peter Yemelyan entirely dependent second.

second time the men had to meet in a less friendly environment.Commandant of Fort Belogorsk, his wife and daughter had to execute it Emelyan Pugachev, with them was destined to die and Hrinova.Unfortunately, the father and mother of Masha Mironova Yemelyan penalty, but Peter, surprisingly to myself alive.The next day he learned that Pugachev had mercy on him because of kindness: Yemelyan turned out to be a stranger who gave Grinyov coat.

theme of "The Captain's Daughter»

main idea of ​​the work is very interesting and deep.Many wondered why the story is called "The Captain's Daughter", because we are talking about Pugachev.It should be noted that Pushkin was important not only to the line that has been associated with Yemelyan.The author would like to emphasize the power of love and Masha and Piotr Grinyova.Alexander wanted to draw attention to the heroic deeds Grinyova and Masha, which were made to be together and never part.Peter went to the generals for help, knowing that at any moment he may detain people Pugacheva, as happened on the way back to Fort Belogorsk.Masha Mironov helped her lover, telling all about the Empress, which was to rescue Peter.

theme of "The Captain's Daughter" is quite deep and touching, because all the main events unfold around love Grinyova and Masha.

Writing "The Captain's Daughter»

History of "The Captain's Daughter" known to few readers, but it conceals a clue about the name of the product.It must be said that the original story was to be called "History Pugachёvskogo rebellion."Pushkin was provided classified material of the uprising, as well as the actions of the authorities to suppress it.The author decided to go to places where there were all the major events.However, Alexander could not help thinking that his work did not fall within the scope of the censorship of the time.In this regard, the poet decided that the content of the work and its name must be a little correct.

history of writing the story reflects how its content changed."The Captain's Daughter" was finally adjusted and the unfinished only 19 October 1836.This work was published in "Contemporary" a month before the death of the poet.Why work

ASPushkin called "The Captain's Daughter»

History of "The Captain's Daughter" shows the reader how to change the theme and the main idea of ​​the story.Pushkin could not publish the original version of his work due to the fact that it would have responded immediately to censor and, of course, print the story would have been banned.

From here you can see why the story is called "The Captain's Daughter."If the author called his creation in a different way, then it is likely that the story never came out to the public.

Pushkin's works "The Captain's Daughter" probably will not impress any reader and of our time.It reflects the true and strong love of people who were ready for the most crazy things for each other.If you delve into the study of standards, prohibitions and censorship of the time, it becomes clear why the story touted "The Captain's Daughter."