Chekhov, "Anna on the Neck": a summary of the story

Among the later works of Chekhov is published in 1895. The story of "Anna in the neck."Summary of heads allows the reader to see to how the process of moral decline of the heroine seized new life.

Weddings and a trip to the monastery

Immediately after the wedding Modest A. and his young wife went to the monastery.But it was not that the newlyweds anxious to be alone, and they were very devout.Similarly, the decision of the husband, a man 52 years old, who had a rank, showed eighteen Anna that for him the main thing in a marriage - morality and religion.

Among the mourners were colleagues and relatives.Drunk father and daughter are all baptized whispered something in her ear, and two brothers-schoolboy tugged at his sleeve, urging calm.

story "Anna on the Neck", a summary of which you are reading, going on the trip description.In the car Modest A., short, very full, freshly shaven, began to tell his wife about a Kosorotov.He had a frivolous wife Anna.She left her husband, and later returned.In th

is regard, His Excellency, handing Kosorotov Order of St. Anne, uttered the phrase, "Now you have three Anna: one in his buttonhole and two on the neck."Modest A. expressed the conviction that when it is his turn to receive the reward for such a statement would not be a reason.

A young wife at the time thought about marrying for money.In fact, the husband turned stingy, and she felt cheated.In addition, her family was left without a penny, and she could do nothing to help them.Then she remembered that after the death of his mother's father began to drink, and she always felt ashamed, and for him and his poor life.Then he turned up Modest A. - not young, but with money.

Music interrupted thoughts of the heroine of the story "Anna in the neck."Summary of the scene at the station where the train stopped, can be summarized as follows.She saw Gulya truckers, among whom was the owner of these places Artynov.She immediately wiped away tears and walked out of the car, wanting to show friends your new outfit.Soon Anna coyly glances at Artynova, assuring themselves that will certainly be happy.

Life in marriage

returned home on the third day, and everything went according to schedule.Modest Alekseevich went into the service, while his wife taught dinner, you have to be thrifty, and then went to bed.Anna did not go anywhere.Often I am crying because I felt miserable.From the table got up hungry - afraid of Modest Aldekseevicha - and go to his.They had lunch, while it seemed that his father and brothers condemn her marriage for the sake of money.So the days of the heroine of the story "Anna in the neck."

Summary can be supplemented by the fact that the evening Modest A. playing with co-workers, and the girl had to communicate with their wives, rude and ugly.Sometimes he drove Anna to the theater, certainly causing it to bow down some great lady and spare money to buy a pear in the cupboard.The heroine suffered from what is now the funds she was less than before the wedding.The young wife was afraid to ask for money from her husband, and he spent only on jewels, because they could be useful in a rainy day.

at the ball

Before Christmas Modest A. told Anna that she should make a dress for the ball.From mother she inherited good taste, because in this case relied only on themselves.And when her husband saw his wife before the ball, he was stunned.Then, he said that today she can make him happy.This continues the story of "Anna in the neck."

Summary - Chekhov, as usual, a lot of attention to detail - ball scene shows how life has changed overnight heroine.She saw herself in the mirror, I felt pride and confidence.All evening she danced, forgetting about her husband.His Excellency, enchanted beauty, acquainted with his wife Anna, organized in Nobility charitable trade.The heroine, is located in the cabin, took money for tea, convinced that her smile gives others pleasure.By the end of the evening she had already realized that it is designed for a life of dancing, fun, fans.And when he came already pretty drunk father, Anna even blushed, afraid that he might do something wrong.

Then, at the invitation of Artynova she went to dinner, where there were no more than twenty people.He returned home in the morning, happy and tired.

New Life

After the Ball, everything changed for the heroine of the story "Anna in the neck."Summary of the finals is as follows.

girl woke visit Artynova.Then came his lordship: kissed the hand and thanked for their participation in the evening.A. Modeste was overjoyed.Now he looked at his wife ingratiating look, which is usually addressed strong and noble.And she felt for him but nothing concealed contempt.

Chekhov finishes the story about the heroine of the fact that the whole life for it has now become a permanent holiday and a great waste of money.She rarely visited her father's financial situation is very deteriorated and he was drinking more than ever.Boys too afraid to let him alone on the street.And if he tried to call out to passing through the streets daughter, sons asked pleadingly, "Do not."

This is the content of the story "Anna on the Neck" (short).

meaning of the name

In conclusion, it must be added that the husband of the heroine yet received the Order of St. Anne.His Excellency congratulated the official, said the same words that once said Kosorotov.A Modest A., wanting to smooth the situation and show your wit, replied that now it is necessary to wait for the little Vladimir, hinting at the next award.

It shows the degradation of the human soul, in full power of money by the author.