Interesting facts from the life of Nekrasov.

with the biography of a famous person is generally familiar from textbook articles.Meanwhile, in the lives of great people have a lot of interesting.Recall, which surprised his contemporaries and descendants of Russian poet NANekrasov.

Study in high school

At eleven Nicholas together with his elder brother was sent to Yaroslavl to school.First Nekrasov was sitting in the front row among the best students.But soon I had to forget about success.The boy did not like cramming and routine prevailed in the gymnasium.In addition to the oversight Barchukov guy totally engaged in their education, and for months they could not appear in the classroom.But Nikolai immediately became the soul of the company.

It's no secret that the childhood of Nikolai Nekrasov passed near the peasant kids.He made a wooden fence loophole through which went out of the garden and ran to his friends.By the way, many of whom he has spoken young man, when he came to Greshnevo from St. Petersburg.And now, during the breaks, he gath

ered around a gymnasium and began to tell stories about his life in the village.Mikhail Gorshkov, who studied together with Nekrasov, recalled that even then all the statements of the poet was for the people.

time to apprenticeship

Everyone knows Nekrasov, a poet, but few people know that after the failure of the publication of the first collection of poems "Dreams and sounds" Nikolai wrote many short stories and novels, published in the "Literary Gazette" and "Pantheon".The basis of the greater part of them were young men of St. Petersburg ordeal that caused while a lively response from commoners.The scene of other works have become the southern countries with graphs, dukes, beautiful women, etc.We have recognized Nikolay Nekrasov, whose work is represented by poetic genre, asked publishers not to print his prose, except, maybe, "Petersburg corners" and "The Thin Man."


In 1841, in the "Literary Gazette" appears vaudeville "Morning in the wording."Nekrasov wrote it pretty easy, based on the novel Narezhny V. Soon the premiere took place in Alexandria theater.During the first three followed vaudeville.And although they were a success, after a 45-year-poet Nekrasov, a few years completely abandoned this genre.The last dramatic works of Nikolai was the unfinished "Bear Hunt" (1867).

Love Triangle

Life Nikolai Nekrasov for many years was associated with a family Panaeva.The couple was not very happy in marriage, and Avdotya Yakovlevna always enjoyed success in the world.New poet and editor of "Contemporary" long sought attention beauty.Finally, Avdotya Yakovlevna said Nikolai reciprocate, most likely in 1847.For sixteen years they lived in a civil marriage - Panaeva and not a divorce - what caused a lot of gossip.In relations Nekrasov and Panaeva had many happy moments, as evidenced by the love poems of the writer.However, due to the difficult nature and pathological jealousy of Nikolai, to which later was added a serious illness, among them often had quarrels, strained to the limit for the 55th year.Although in later years Nekrasov Panaeva still lived together, former understanding between them was gone.The final break came in 1863.

Children Nekrasov

Z's always attracted the children of peasants.Coming to Greshnevo, he loved to watch them play and socializing.However, with their children unlucky poet.The first child Panaeva Nekrasov and died in the 49th after a few hours after birth.The second son, Ivan, has lived for four months.His death was one of the reasons for the deterioration of relations between the poet and his beloved 55-year.


Bringing together some interesting facts from the life of Nekrasov, we can recall the product of "Three countries of the world."In the 48th year, when the country has intensified the reaction, and "Contemporary" was on the verge of closing, Nikolai offered Avdotya Yakovlevna together to write a novel.Many people react to this idea with skepticism, especially since nothing like that in Russian literature was not.However, co-authors identified the plan works, sketched out the plot, and the product really came to light.For several months, 48-49 years, it was printed in the "Contemporary", which solved the problem with its content.

second essay, "Dead Lake", was less successful - so almost did not participate in its creation - a great time in the magazine leaves little free time.

passion for cards

Rhode Nekrasov was old but impoverished.Once, in a conversation my father brought some interesting facts from the life.Nekrasov, as it turned out, not accidentally drawn to Maps.Praprapradeda of Nikolai lost seven thousand serfs, great-grandfather - two, grandfather - one.And the father of the poet state already almost gone.So the passion for the game was the reason that the once wealthy family lost its prosperity.

to Z's all started in 1854 when he and Panayev become members of the English Club.From that time the poet often spent the evening at a table covered with green baize.People who play along with Nikolai Alexeyevich, noted that he never lost self-control and endurance.Always weigh your chances and was able at the right moment to stop.Probably because it fared much better than their ancestors - he won a fairly large amount.The money went to provide a decent standard of living, help relatives, including his father, and the staff of "Contemporary".

hunting dogs

Interesting facts about Nekrasov associated with hunting.It was one of the favorite activities of his father, and the boy as a child walked with him through the forests and fields.This passion for hunting with hounds awoke after the first visit of Nikolai in his native Greshnevo.Familiar poet tells his St. Petersburg apartment is a veritable storehouse of ruzhy and trophies, most of which were stuffed bear with two cubs.Hunting of Nikolai in Greshnevo, and later he bought the estate Karabikha whenever turned into a real holiday.It is easy to imagine how wide was the scope of that memorable day when the poet was able to get just the three bears.

addiction to hunt ended unexpectedly.Somehow Thekla Viktorov, named Zinaida accidentally shot in the beloved dog of Nikolai, Kado.In a word, that he did, probably never forgive the poet said, "You did not do it on purpose.And somewhere every day, especially people killed. "Back home, the poet hung his gun and longer did not touch him.And at the grave of a loved Kado Nikolai installed granite slab.

Zinaida Nekrasov

serious, long-lasting relationship of the poet formed with three women.But only one of them was his official wife.It was twenty-three simple girl, with whom Nekrasov met in 1870.Her name, Thecla, not like Nikolai, and he began to call her Zinaida, and at the same time replacing the patronymic Anisimovna on Nikolaevna.Nekrasov taught her grammar, French and music.She loved riding and hunting, and often the company was the poet.

Already gravely ill, the poet asked her to marry than angered all his relatives.They, by the way, never took Zinaida, and after the death of Nikolai seized along with property and rights to it belonged to "The Last Song" Nekrasov.

The wedding took place at home in April 77th, a few months before the death of the poet.

These are interesting facts from the life of Nikolai Nekrasov.