Analysis duel Pechorin and Grushnitski reasons duel

«Princess Mary," the head of Lermontov "Hero of Our Time," tells us about human passions vain, callousness, irresponsibility, and finally - the author of the immorality of modern society.

protagonist of the works - a man endowed with a sharp mind and inner nobility and traded them for a paltry entertainment, to name innocent who do not dare.He looks "on the suffering and joy of others ... as the food that supports my spiritual strength."Largely because of this "energy vampires" and the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky.Analysis of the episode, as well as all previous events allows you to come to this conclusion.

Character Grushnitsky

dynamics of the relationship of these characters - one of the main in the story.The author shows the reader a short way from hostility to hatred, from stupidity to dishonesty, narcissism of aggression.Before starting the analysis of the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky, you must understand what caused young people to take up arms.

So, Pyatigorsk, in the waters, there are t

wo people.They do not like each other, but at the same time maintain friendly relations.Pechorin Grushnitsky despises.According to him, the stupid, pompous, little capable of sincere feeling.The whole life of the young cadets - pretense, even a soldier's overcoat, he is following the new Caucasian fashion does not mean anything, because the young man will soon be made an officer.

personality Pechorin

all that endeavor to demonstrate Grushnitski has Pechorin.And disappointments in life and rich past, and power over the female heart.In principle, the analysis of the duel Pechorin and Grushnitskogoi really should begin with a description of the opponents.

Goodie in this work is not, although the character, on whose behalf the narrator, still looks better.Pechorin, at least, undoubtedly, smart and capable not lie even to yourself.And this quality is generally pretty rare in humans.

habit protagonist constantly dissect their own feelings, perhaps, somewhere has played a trick on him.He himself admits that his personality splits: one Petchorin lives, the other - closely watching him.I must say that this task he manages to "excellent", not sparing his "alter ego" not a bit.No wonder that the object and the surrounding are equally malevolent attention.

Each person sees Pechorin weaknesses and vices - and can not find the power nor the desire to forgive them.

illusory love

But back to the story, the key to which is the analysis of the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky: a summary of their quarrel in the quite capable to prove that the reason was not so much a woman as character traits of heroes.

young cadet is taken care for the Moscow princess.The reason is its touching part to the wounded soldier (after Grushnitski emblazoned in overcoat) - she gives him uronenny glass.

minor events enough to deliriously romantic hero rushed madly in love to play the role.Watching him amused Pechorin - Grushnitski completely devoid of both a sense of proportion, and the ability to self-criticism.The young man not only think that it is in the power of sincere feeling - he quickly convinces himself in his reciprocity and imposes on outside, in fact, a woman his non-existent law.

«The real affection can not be confused ...»

Subsequent analysis duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky clearly show how little the young cadets in the heart of love and how much - wounded pride.After all, he did not hesitate to slanders on his lover, trying to blacken her name - and after Princess Mary did not do anything bad to him.Tend to exaggerate everything, Grushnitski interpreted her innocent interest and location as love.But is she to blame?

reason for the loss of interest became Grushnitski including Pechorin, who partly out of boredom, partly in spite of the so-calledfriend, seeking a young princess from a great feeling.He is intelligent, educated, interesting as a source.He was the more easily that he is cool - and thus the likelihood of error is small.Using knowledge of the female nature, Pechorin becomes a cause of sleepless nights and deep sorrow of the innocent creatures.

Irresponsibility and vice

In this sense, the protagonist of the story is not sympathy - at least for the female audience.He behaved no better and with Princess Mary, and with his longtime love, faith, and even with her husband.This behavior is all the more inexcusable that generosity is not alien to the hero: an analysis of the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky does not contradict this version.Events

story begins to bear a gallop after the young cadet final say in what the opponent was lucky.He does not scruple to deprive society of Pechorin Princess Mary - and making a big mistake.Grushnitski can not offer anything in return: his conversation is boring and monotonous, he - is ridiculous.Clever Mary quickly disillusioned with his cavalry, what leads to furious.

Formally, it is due to this unfortunate passion and the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky.Analysis of the behavior of both characters makes pay tribute to the protagonist of the story.He, at least, can not be charged with cowardice and meanness.

His Majesty the case

not be the laughing stock of Pechorin helped the case: a young officer accidentally becomes a witness to the shameful secret agreement between Grushnitsky and his new friend, Captain of Dragoons.This person is very interesting and serves to lead a kind of demon-instigator, which confirms the analysis of the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky.The plan villain (which, incidentally, the young officer agreed) conditions of the match were to make the hated "favorite destiny" to show cowardice.Put opponents in six steps, to give them an unloaded gun and frightened victim amuse oneself - that was the original plan "gang Grushnitsky."

After the incident in the garden when the protagonist was seen near the balcony of the princess (and in fact, returning from a date with a married Vera), captain of dragoons plans changed.The cause was a stroke, which Pechorin struck him in the dark.Enraged, the villain determined to destroy the offender, using low to his young friend.Now, analysis of the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky, the reasons which, in essence, are the idleness and unimportant emotional as participants become even more food for thought: the hapless pretender to the heart of Princess Mary agrees to the fact that the fight took place in other conditions.It was decided to charge only one gun - even if it is cold-blooded murder.

Strength test

All these secret plans are known to the protagonist: an analysis of the duel Pechorin Grushnitsky and, in short, gives reason to think that the main character of the story is also looking for an excuse to kill his friend yesterday.Just before finally wants to make sure meanness enemy "to give myself the full right not to spare him."

already in preparation for the duel Pechorin change its conditions even more severe.Now each of the combatants have to wait a shot from the edge of the mountain area - then almost any wound is fatal, because the bullet struck the enemy will certainly fall on the sharp rocks.Pechorin waits patiently shot oscillating Grushnitsky - and only after the bullet grazed his leg, tells charge your gun.Price


young man proved to be not the best way, do not resist, and even gives a fair assessment of their own actions in response to the invitation of the enemy to make peace: "I despise myself and hate you ... to us on the earth there is no place together."

Only now, having achieved the desired Pechorin shoots.When the smoke clears, everyone can see that the edge of the platform is empty and the right way cynic winner gives a kind of assessment of what occurred: finita la comedia, stunned even his own second.

Thus ends the duel Pechorin and Grushnitsky.Analysis of the feelings of the protagonist tells the reader that what happened does not bring him pleasure - to his heart heavy.

The issue will hardly happy: Grushnitski killed, destroyed the life of faith, which is in a frenzy of anxiety for her lover confessed to her husband of infidelity, broken heart of a young princess.It must be admitted that Pechorin had fun at glory ...