The role of the lyrical digressions in the novel "Eugene Onegin" Pushkin

role of lyrical digressions in the novel "Eugene Onegin" is so high, and the information contained in them is so comprehensive that the largest literary critic Vissarion Belinsky compared it to a work of genius with an encyclopedia of Russian life.In addition, he also thought it was a historical novel essay, popular and most lyrical of all the creations of the genius of Russian literature.Indeed, the lyrical digressions in the novel "Eugene Onegin" are full of reflections and calculations, the author of human relationships, the historical path of Russia, for poetic creativity, and many others.

historical evidence era

in "Eugene Onegin" reflected all the events of Russian life, the first third of the last century.Pushkin was working on his work from 1823 to 1931, and in the novel describes the events that occurred from 1819 to 1925.Who is not familiar with this great masterpiece of world literature, who does not know by heart the story and its characters?Quotes from the novel entered the everyday lan

guage.The charms of this work and added brilliant music of Tchaikovsky's opera of the same name.The popularity of romance Lensky before the duel can not speak.Every Russian knows the famous line, dedicated to Moscow.Therefore, the great literary critic and called it a work of folk - he has not written for a narrow circle of aesthetes.

Retreat - a source of information

But the famous novel in verse, did not a simple love story, so beautifully described by the author, namely the lyrical digressions.In the novel "Eugene Onegin" nine chapters.Many residents of the CIS countries of the older generation knew almost by heart the beginning of each chapter, and the first to know fully even considered something remarkable.And in it the reader is faced with the first nesyuzhetnymi elements of the work.This recollection of his love for Mary Volkonskaya, with his family where he was a friend, while in exile in Odessa, and discussion of Russian ballet, his repertoire of talent Avdotya Istomin of theatrical manners, about the audience.Alexander calls the names of all the major representatives of literature and art of the time.

The first chapter of Pushkin tells of the life and morals of St. Petersburg high society of the capital, which belonged to a handsome young Eugene Onegin.The role of the lyrical digressions in the novel is difficult to overestimate.A total of 27, and slightly less than 50 lyric inserts.In them given slice of society at the time - explained in detail how to dress people of all classes, what they ate, gossiped about what they read or not read at all.The first chapter is devoted entirely to the protagonist, talks about who was the father, he anticipating state what kind of education received Onegin, how delighted he came out, and after some time as the customs and way of life high society sick of the hero of the work.Along with the story line has enough digressions in which Pushkin expressed his attitude to everything what faces young nobleman.The role of the lyrical digressions in the novel "Eugene Onegin" highly valued as a contemporary poet, finding in them themselves and all future generations, grateful to the author for such valuable information.

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Why Vissarion Belinsky describes the novel as a historical, if there are no historical figures and events?Because it is in derogation Pushkin bright and accurate colors paints a picture of life in the country, winning unified European army under the leadership of Napoleon.Author concerns absolutely all topics including the economy - it is about the taxation of serfdom and the peasants.This is interesting, because the novel ends with the year of the December uprising.He praised the role of lyrical digressions in the novel "Eugene Onegin" including because of these small details become known, folding into the overall picture of feudal Russia.Even the kindest rural landowner, his mother Tatyana Larina, forced the girls, cleaned strawberries, sing songs, so they could not eat any berries.And Eugene Onegin, which responds with sympathy the author, on his arrival in the village was replaced by excessive taxes light dues.Some of the novel researchers even suggested that subsequently become the protagonist of the Decembrists.

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All author's sympathies on the side of the main character.If the enthusiastic Lensky and Onegin even, with whom he was a friend of Pushkin, he describes with irony, the "cute" Tatyana's novel discharged only warm or enthusiastic line.It is associated with it are lyrical digressions in the novel A. Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin", which are devoted to Russian nature.The author draws an analogy between the simple and direct disposition of the main character and his beloved Pushkin at any time of the year Russian nature.He says Tatiana loves winter, and then comes a beautiful sketch of a winter's day, the village boys, ride with hills and trees in the snow, bright sunshine.All this is written in such an amazing language, just that the picture comes to life, and it seems just about smell frost.Deep connoisseur of life, acute observer, the authors believe that the Russian people is inextricably linked to and in harmony with nature, which in the work devoted a lot of space.

author - one of the heroes of the novel

arguments on the subject of nature meets the reader throughout the entire masterpiece, whose name - "Eugene Onegin".The role of the lyrical digressions in the novel is significant by the fact that Pushkin, talking about anything, shares his views on this subject or phenomenon, expresses his point of view.It should be noted that the author's conversation with the reader is held in a relaxed form, and the marvelous work is written language, which is close and understandable to the residents of the XXI century, and therefore easy to read and free.Gradually, thanks to the derogation, the author has become one of the main characters of the work.Before us there is an image of man erudite, wise and infinitely loving Russia.

Great converter

should be noted that this work was innovative and one of a kind - and this is a great role digression.In the novel "Eugene Onegin" everything that does not concern the main storyline, all information about the customs, feelings, human relations, the fate of the people - all of that makes it a unique work of genius, all this information is contained in the derogations.Pushkin himself spoke of the "hell of a difference" between the major literary forms, written in verse and prose.But that was read a novel in verse with such ease, the history of this, the great love unfolded so smoothly, so captures the reader, and even with all that attended this cognitive component - was nothing like this either before or after this work.Brilliant, with nothing comparable to the creation of stands.In connection with the foregoing, it is necessary to recognize the huge role lyrical digressions in the novel "Eugene Onegin".AS Pushkin was a great reformer of literary forms, the talented Russian language converter.In the described work the topic is given enough room.Pushkin even ironic about the difficulties of spelling, saying that as the perfect lips is impossible to imagine without a smile, and the Russian language without spelling mistakes.Author of "Eugene Onegin" made the national literary language.Deviations in this novel is the greatest place and give it a philosophical depth.The range of their so vast that even in the XXI century understood the justice of VG Belinsky an encyclopedic work.Indeed, in derogation provides information about Russian life from A to Z.