Feature Pechorin in the chapter "Bella" (based on the novel "A Hero of Our Time")

novel "Hero of Our Time" Lermontov can be attributed to the first socio-psychological and philosophical works in prose.In this novel, the author has tried to display an entire generation of defects in the same person, to create a multi-faceted portrait.

Pechorin is a complex and contradictory man.The novel includes several stories, and each character offers the reader in a new way.

image Pechorin in the chapter "Bela┬╗

Petchorin Characteristics chapter "Bella" offers the reader with the words of another hero of the novel - Maxim Maksimych.This chapter describes the life circumstances of Pechorin, his upbringing and education.Here for the first time reveals a portrait of the main character.

reading the first chapter, we can conclude that Grigory is a young officer, has an attractive appearance, at first glance, a pleasant in every respect, he has a good taste and a brilliant mind, an excellent education.He was an aristocrat, an esthete, one might say, a star of high society.

Pechorin - hero of our time, according to Maxim Maksimych

elderly captain Maksim Maksimych - gentle and good-natured man.He describes Pechorin rather strange, unpredictable, not like other people.From the first words of captain may notice the internal contradictions of the protagonist.It can be the whole day in the rain and feel great, and at other times warm from the warm wind, can be frightened cotton window shutters, but is not afraid to go on the boar alone, it can be a long time to be silent, and at some point a lottalk and joke.

Petchorin Characteristics chapter "Bella" has virtually no psychological analysis.The narrator does not analyze, does not evaluate or even condemned Gregory, he simply sends a lot of the facts of his life.

tragic story of Bela

When Max wandering Maksimych officer tells a sad story that happened before his eyes, the reader is acquainted with the incredible cruel selfishness Grigory Pechorin.By virtue of a whim protagonist steals Bela girl of her own home, without thinking about it later in life, about the time when she did finally get bored.Later, Bella suffers from the coldness Gregory appeared, but nothing can do about it.Observing the suffering of Bela, the captain tries to talk to Pechorin, but the answer is Gregory Maxim Maksimych a misunderstanding.His head does not fit as a young man who has everything is going very well, and may even complain about life.All ends with the death of the girl.The unfortunate killing Kazbich who earlier killed her father.Admire Bela as his own daughter, Maxim Maximovich struck by the coldness and the indifference with which Pechorin suffered this death.

Pechorin eyes wandering officer

Petchorin Characteristics chapter "Bella" is significantly different from the same image in other chapters.In the chapter "Maxim Maximovich" Pechorin is described through the eyes of a wandering officer, who was able to observe and assess the complexity of the character of the protagonist.Behavior and appearance Petchorin already attracting attention.For example, his gait was lazy and careless, but he was not waving his hands, which is a sign of a certain reticence in the nature.

That Pechorin been experienced emotional storms, says his appearance.Gregory looked older than his years.In the portrait of the hero present ambiguity and inconsistency, his soft skin, baby smile, while deep wrinkles on the forehead.His bright blond hair, but black mustache and eyebrows.But the complexity of the nature of the hero biggest highlight of his eyes that never seemed to laugh and cry about some hidden tragedy of the soul.


Comparative characteristics Petchorin arises itself after the reader is faced with thoughts of the hero, which he wrote in his personal diary.In the chapter "Princess Mary" Gregory, with cold calculation, he falls in love with a young princess.In a development it destroys moral Grushnitsky first, and then - and physically.All of this Pechorin writes in a diary, every step, every thought, accurately and correctly evaluating himself.

Petchorin chapter "Princess Mary┬╗

Petchorin Characteristics chapter "Bela" and in the chapter "Princess Mary" is striking in its contrast, as mentioned in the second chapter, there is faith, which was the only woman who managed to clear Therefore Petchorinreally.It was her Petchorin loved.His feelings for her were extremely anxious and tender.But ultimately, Gregory loses the woman.

precisely at the moment when he realizes the loss of the chosen one, the reader opens a new Pechorin.Characteristics of the hero at this stage is in despair, he is not making plans, ready for foolish and rash decisions.Unable to save the lost happiness Grigory crying like a child.

last chapter

In the chapter "fatalist" Pechorin reveals yet another side.The protagonist does not value his life.Pechorin does not stop even the possibility of death, he accepts it as a game that helps to cope with the boredom.Gregory in search of himself risking his life.He is courageous and brave, he has nerves of steel, and in a difficult situation he is capable of heroism.You might think that this character is capable of great things, having a will and such abilities, but in reality it all comes down to the "thrill", the game between life and death.As a result - a strong, restless, rebellious nature of the protagonist brings people only unhappiness.This idea gradually emerges and develops in the mind of Pechorin.

Pechorin - hero of our time, a hero of his, and every time.This is a man who knows the habits, weaknesses and feelings of people.To some extent it selfish, because thinking only of himself and does not show concern for others.But in any case, this romantic hero, he is opposed to the outside world.In this light, it has no place, life is wasted, and the way out of this situation - the death that struck our hero on his way to Persia.