Summary: "Blood of Others" by Mikhail Sholokhov.

It is difficult to write a heartfelt novel about something simple, such as the youthful love, or the love of man to animal, or the eternal affection of parents for their child.But even more difficult to write about this story that there was nothing superfluous, just what is needed for the scene.Anton Chekhov asserted: the story should not be decorative details, each of its elements is required to "work" in the author's intent.It is able to work with a unique writer's brilliance create Mikhail Sholokhov.The focus - its summary."Blood of Others" - the story, published in 1926.

The protagonist

story "Blood of Others", a summary of which we now consider, begins with the life of the protagonist of the story - the grandfather of Gavrilo.He is waiting for his son to the civil war in 1917.Lives grandfather alone, and together with his wife, whose name was not disclosed to the reader.It is in the book is simply "old woman."Parents do not lose hope.They are in every possible way preparing for the possible a

rrival of a son and a morally and financially.Father does not want to think that one of the people closest to him is no more, that his child had died in the merciless and senseless "meat grinder" civil war.But everyday nocturnal awakening say Gavrila yet know the truth, but carefully hides her and himself, and from his old woman.This is the author's idea of ​​the story "Blood of Others."Summary of the exposure can not retell the product without mention of anguish hero.


instead of Peter (so called the son of elderly parents) in the village (which, of course, is the Don) returns to his brother-Prokhorov.He tells of his grandfather and the old woman that their son is no more.He was killed in the war, like many.This moment, when the parents find out about his son's death can be considered works of complication.To it also applies to the appearance of the village, in the yard of his grandfather, the three "prodotryadnikov" accompanied by the Chairman.Father Gabriel did not know what the country with iron feet "walks" requisitioning.Its basic meaning is: the state alienates the population of food, and then, according to his discretion, and the established norms, gives them back.It is easy to understand this - anti-crisis measure.Prodrazvyorstka practiced by the Soviet authorities a few times, my grandfather Gabriel was the victim of one of the first such procedures.He selected only bread.

But the boys sent by the new government, did not have time to pick up everything that could carry.Suddenly, right next to the threshing-floor of the unknown shot a horse, and then he suddenly disappeared.Santa at this time was directed to the house and just stunned by this development.

little later, when he came to himself, the hero went to inspect the fallen minions of Soviet power.And strange to say, but one of them, even after severe wounds breathing.

basic moral conflict.Disclosure of the main issues works

Although we discuss only a summary of the "Blood of Others" Sholokhov even in an abridged version encourages the reader to comprehend the moral content of the work.

This is where the story where it appears that one of the guys shot still timidly heart beats, when the old man feels his chest, MASholokhov and asks the reader about the Christian question: "What to choose: good or evil, hatred or love?"Yes, the "reds" killed her son Gavrila, but the reason there is to not save boy who fell into the snow?I'm sorry if this blond guy, stuck between life and death?Everyone probably answer this question in his own way, but my grandfather chose the good and love of one's neighbor, so slung on his back young angel civil war and brought into the house, which, of course, very scared his grandmother.Here the tension and intrigue of the work reaches its climax, it is felt even when read summary."Blood of Others" (its full version) captures even more.

Petro is dead, long live the Petro

old men tenderly caring for his enemy, another for three months.When he regained consciousness, then he told his story: his name was Nicholas, he was an orphan.He worked all his life (not too long) in the Urals Ironworks.Kohl was a staunch communist.Old people deeply moved and said: "If you do not have one, you stay, the guy with us, but will now call you Peter.The son we had Pietro, and now you will be in his place. "Nikolai easy to make old people a favor, but promised only that he was with them until the autumn will live, but we'll see.

When Nick Petro recovered from the physical and moral turmoil, began to help his grandfather on the farm.The old people were happy: they have lost a son, but "foreign blood" found another one.

Finals history

Maybe it's not very good in relation to the dead child, but the old man more tied to the newly made "Petro", imbued him with warm feelings and gradually forgetting the bitterness of loss.Nicholas is not only caused love these parents, but also gained their respect, because, in spite of the injury (he had due to injury only have one hand), he worked for two.

But in the summer received a letter in the name of my grandfather Gavril Kosyh Nicholas.The men from the plant were sending Kolya "hello" and asked for his help.Kohl (because he was a communist and an excellent respectable person) lost any sleep.On the one hand, he did not want to give the elderly to fend for themselves, and on the other, he was eager to native land.

Father Gabriel was a wise man, seeing the ordeal called the son, with tears finally blessed Nicholas Petro and released.Farewell to the old man and his son ends the story of the author, and thus concludes his summary."Blood of Others" Sholokhov - a truly remarkable piece of parental love.