Analysis of the "Pit" Platonov, a summary of the product

original thoughts, realistic story and true story is different "pit" Andrei Platonov.Instead of fictional fun everyday workers author described the pain and tragedy of man.

harsh reality

reading the story, it is possible to carry out not only the analysis of the "Pit" Platonov, but the mood of the people in general.The plot begins with the fact that a man of thirty Voshchev fired from the factory.The reason was his thought.In search of a better life, he gets into town, where they plan to build a "house of the general proletarian," which will serve as a roof for the local workers.The work begins with excavation.

In the course of events and the reader is acquainted with other characters, each of which has spared no effort for the good of the motherland.As one believe in a happy future, it is very vague and distant.

Weekdays poor showing work that wrote Platonov ("pit").Summary, analysis, and even the history of writing a story filled with the bitter truth of life at that time.

issues raised

hopeless working, man has no time for reflection.Everything changes when the digger Chiklin of bourgeois finds on the plant dying woman he once loved.Together with her - little Anastasia.Chiklin little girl picks up to his barracks.They questioned the child about who she is.At the insistence of his mother, the child does not tell his parents, while noting that she chose a time when born.Nastya automatically becomes a child of communism.

Builds another line of Andrei Platonov."Pit" (analysis of the work can be carried out on the situation) - the story of man's inhumanity.Two workers killed.This leads to an even greater wave of aggression.The process of separation of the poor and the kulaks.

unfortunate final

full of tragedy and drama of the story.Due to the lack of love Nastia fell ill.Few cared about the girl.After a while she was dying.With her bright hopes dashed all supporters of communism.

analysis product "Pit" Platonov allows you to see the mountain a specific person instead of a machine in progress and the system.The collective dream of completely opposite personal happiness.

Stalin himself has forbidden to publish this work.For a long time he studied the underground.Although the leader of the people loved the writer and considered talented person, Andrei Platonov waiting repression and persecution.Leader and not just a master of his acuity and realism in the story.

Territory fraud

Austerity and the drama of the first Soviet five-year plan - that's the main theme, which is reflected Platonov."Pit" (analysis of the work can be carried out on the basis of historical facts) was written in 1930.While the author has managed to establish itself as a successful writer.The plot, which he reveals, very truthful.

establishment of Soviet power confidently leads his orders.Conducted intensive industrialization and collectivization.Gaining momentum totalitarian regime.At the time when the country is making plans for the next few years, the author reveals a distinct personality and her experience.

If you do analyzes Platonov story "Pit", that can be traced as a writer through satire shows the world of the Soviet Union.In this work there is a dystopia.

tragedy philosopher

first hero, with whom the author introduces us - Voshchev.The reader immediately imbued with sympathy for this character.His identity remains a mystery until the end of the work.The image of an outstanding and absolutely unlike the other heroes of Soviet literature 30s.The nature of this identity is compared to Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Analysis "Pit" Platonov shows that the mood Voshchev captures the essence of the story in general.He is a man of another era.The man does not want to submit to the system and turn into soulless machine whose sole purpose - to fulfill the plan.He aspires to high art, think about the meaning of life.Philosophy in mind, Voshchev hard to get used to the established order, where material wealth takes precedence over spiritual values.

hero can not stand aside when the rules of injustice and lies.Excessive honesty and desire to change the world for the better others often becomes a cause of deep sadness.

far as can be fragile soul, the analysis shows the product "pit."Platonov has long criticized for strange and incomprehensible character Voshchev.But today, the reader understands the philosophical nature of the hero.

Versatility characters

Anyone who is a supporter of the writer's work, is his favorite character.Bright, unusual and lively personalities in the story much.It affects not only the delicate nature Voshchev, but also the extravagance of other characters.It should be noted that the author was not afraid to add to their heroes of the earth, even low traits.Each of them is endowed with both pluses and minuses.Therefore, in order to better understand the essence of the work, to do a detailed analysis of Platonov's story "Pit" and to understand the complex nature of the characters.

One of the most interesting characters - Pashkin Rusinov.The name gives a reference to the two communist leaders.He is a tireless leader.Throughout the history of actively promoting the ideas of the party.This helps him Zhachev.The man - a disabled World War.He believes in communism, struggling with the bourgeoisie.But his confidence is broken with the death of the girl Nastya.

No less important for the work Chiklin Nikita.This is a simple man, the essence of which is the existence of a constant labor.But the fate of the hero is not an easy.Its colorful past hurts.

Analysis "Pit" Platonov shows that each character in a lonely soul, and it becomes a cause of violence, greed, anger.

symbol light

author has infected most of their heroes virus communism.Sick of this disease absolutely everything - from small to large.Especially brightly it can be seen on the example of a girl Nastya.

She became a symbol of the new era.All those who surrounded her, saw her future.It is for people like this child workers worked without sparing himself.The very same girl justified up to expectations.Little more than once thought about the meaning of communism.For example, she said that would not even be born until the people began to rule Lenin.

Although this part of the story, the Soviet government banned publish one of the most important works of the author.Wrong to consider subjects that raised Andrei Platonov."Pit" (analysis of the work can be carried out on the history of girls) - is a tragic story.

At the end with the death of Anastasia disappear belief in a bright socialist future as the heroes of the story, and readers.The idea that so carefully cultivated people do not live up to expectations and went out only crimson.

invisible companion

large role in the work played by natural phenomena.With the landscape of excerpts from the text, you can do the analysis "Pit."Platonov was considered a master of detail.It is through the little things that he introduced the reader into a world of stories, a better understanding of the mood of the characters.

Invisible at first glance touches of the author reinforces the product.So, very often the wind, the sky, the plants are a reflection of the inner state.It is worth noting that most of the colors that gives a writer - sad.The fate of each of the characters is filled with sadness.Their thoughts are sad, disappointing plans.Negative, which they experience, enhances the weather.Wind prickly, cold sky, even the plants are preparing for the worst.The characters surround the gray, dull colors.

very clear analysis of Platonov's story "Pit".The author intended as far as possible to reflect the start of a new era.In order to reinforce the impression, using the elements of nature.