"The China Study" (Colin Campbell): reviews and criticism

In addition to fiction, the shelves of bookstores get the works of other areas.Such books is the "Chinese Studies".Colin Campbell, the author, held a substantive study of certain types of foods, building a relationship with chronic diseases they can cause.What came out of it, try to understand.

theme for reflection

This medical research vylivsheesya later in independent work, is rightly called an unprecedented experiment.It began in 1983, and their participation in it reaffirmed China, America and England.For over twenty years, I continue to search for an answer to the question of how the products of animal origin are associated with different diseases that affect a large part of humanity."The China Study" (Colin Campbell, professor of biochemistry, he wrote in collaboration with his son-scientist Thomas) was published in 2004.By 2011, the circulation of copies sold has exceeded 500 thousand.This placed the book in the best-seller list.

theoretical basis of research

been based upon statisti

cs counties Republic of China.Residents of these areas in detail told about their preferences in food, and after giving blood biochemistry and other necessary tests.As the underlying disease, which is associated with the assumptions of scientists, was selected cancer.In total, the study involved more than 6,500 people, and its results have been found 8000 relations between the disease and nutritional factors.

"The China Study" (Colin Campbell remained curator and chief inspirer throughout the experiment) announced the results of experiments readers.All of them have been resolved by the state.Moreover, the scientist and his team have had 74 grant enabling to engage in research.In the laboratory as experimental rats were infected with carcinogenic aflatoxin.In their diet to some extent present protein.Taken together, this has led to the development of cancerous tumors, which again confirmed the link between disease and nutrition.Scientists have found a way to slow down and even accelerate the development of tumors.

What we eat and what not

After several years of research carried out directly, it took a while to fix the tests on paper and prepare the results in print.I am preparing a book for publication and talked about her own Campbell."The China Study" safe to say that people who do not use animal products (those were called almost all kinds of meat, eggs, milk and cheese, as well as refined carbohydrates) are less likely to develop chronic diseases.As an alternative to diversify and increase the consumption of cereals, legumes, fruits, herbs and vegetables.Another condition for the safe use of these products has become their processing.Botanicals have a large number of components of the biochemical nature, capable of participating in the reactions necessary for human body.

right to vegetarianism

Barely book goes on sale, it will inevitably expect readers' reviews.Was no exception, "Chinese Studies": a critique of scientific and medical work was to ensure that its author urged not to eat meat on the grounds that it allegedly is the main catalyst for the development of diseases.Some saw this as discrimination on the taste preferences, to which Campbell replied that he did not insist that his readers to become vegetarians, but only encourages them to exclude from the diet of certain foods and justifies this choice with the scientific and practical side.In 2010, Bill Clinton praised the book.Following the heart surgery he had followed the advice of its authors, giving up dairy products and focus on vegetables.

"The China Study" (Colin Campbell) reviews of the book

Along with conventional readers, the author of the work for which was presented as practically based recommendations, product expected criticism of fellow scientists.Extensive conclusion of specialists in various fields led to a public outcry, prompting much debate and discussion about the reliability of the presented research.

So, the author found methodological errors.He did not consider differences in the level of activity of the subjects of geography and climate.A separate part of the experiments are not supported by scientific evidence, and based mainly on personal observations and conclusions of Campbell, though confirmed in the laboratory.In short, for the unambiguous conclusion that was not enough.The results, based on cause and effect relationship of eating products of animal origin of disease, should not be considered recommendations as hypotheses that need to be put in the basis for future more detailed studies.

Proper nutrition - the best option

Colin Campbell pays a lot of attention to vegetables as an example of a healthy and proper food, but not completely disclose the Commission recommended that the diet in which meat is featured as the main competitor of plant components.On the role of meat in the human diet is practically nothing says "Chinese Studies".Critics are quite strict: if you focus on vegetarianism, how to be with heavy metals and pesticides, enter our body with food?Forgetting the importance of a balanced diet, Campbell passes the problems of unbalanced diets that exclude meat.Among these problems is called nutritionists lack proteins, amino acids required by the body, zinc and vitamins various groups.

Massive disappointment

Abstract book promises a revolution in attitudes to the principles of proper nutrition.But what happened in practice?According to readers, blurring these facts and stretch the story - these are the main disadvantages, on which a "Chinese Studies".Colin Campbell fills in every way the value of his work, praising the work of promising contribution to the vision of a healthy diet.

But the truth of the readers and do not know.Instead - with hundreds of pages of detailed description of the products, which are already known.In a sufficiently veiled, and sometimes without reinforcement evidence, Campbell tells of harm caused animal proteins.Particular importance is attached to fast food, widespread in our country.

Thus, the book "The China Study" does not bring anything new.The theory of the study is very interesting and necessary threads stretched to the maximum book format.And in fact, you could do an article in a scientific journal.

read the "Research" and those who did not, come to one conclusion: if you want to take care of your health, do not abuse the animal products, and focus on those that contain natural vitamins and nutrients.