Female figure in the novel "War and Peace" who embodies?

female image in the novel "War and Peace" Leo Tolstoy - it can be said, the subject of a separate product.With it, the author shows us his attitude towards life, understanding of happiness woman and her destiny.On the pages of the book are a lot of characters and fates of the fair sex: Natasha Rostova, Maria Bolkonskaya Lisa Bolkonskaya, Sonia, Helen Kuragin.Each of them is worthy of our attention and shows the relationship of the great writer to this type of women.So, try to remember who embodies the image of women in the novel "War and Peace."We pay attention to several heroines, who meet in the pages of the work.

Natasha Rostova in the beginning of the novel

This female character in the novel "War and Peace" requires the greatest attention of the author, namely Natasha he devotes many pages of his creation.The heroine, of course, is the most lively interest readers.At the beginning of the work it baby, but a little later, before us is a young enthusiastic girl.We never see her gracefully circling

dance, smiling, looking at life as a just slightly open book full of mysteries, miracles, adventure.It's surprisingly good and open young lady who loves the whole world trusts him.Every day of her life - a real holiday, it is the favorite of parents.It seems like such an easy character sure to give her a happy, carefree life with a loving husband.

Her admire the beauty of the moonlit night, she sees something beautiful in every moment.Such enthusiasm wins the heart of Andrei Bolkonsky, who overheard the conversation of Natasha and Sonya.Natasha, of course, also falls in love easily, happily, wholeheartedly.But her sense has not passed the test of time, as readily it takes courtship Anatole Kuragin.Andrew can not forgive her for this, a confession to his friend, Pierre Bezukhov.Natasha is difficult to blame for infidelity, because she is so young, so eager to learn more about life.Such is this young woman's image in the novel "War and Peace."

Natasha Rostova.Trials in life

However, the share of women falls many trials that strongly change its character.Who knows, maybe if Natasha did not faced with life's difficulties, because it would have grown conceited selfish, I think only of their own interests and pleasures, unable to make a happy husband and children.

She readily taken to care for the dying Andrei Bolkonsky, showing himself as quite mature, adult person.

After Andrew's death Natasha grieving very hard going through his departure from life.Now before us is not cheerful coquette and serious young woman who survived the loss.

next blow in her life - the death of his brother Petit.She could not indulge in grief, as in need of help her mother, who almost lost her mind because of the loss of his son.Natasha spends day and night at her bedside, talking to her.Her gentle voice calms Countess, has evolved from a youthful woman into an old woman.

We see before us a completely different fascinating female character in the novel "War and Peace."Natasha Rostova is now quite different, it is easy to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the happiness of others.It seems as if all of the heat that is given to her parents, is now poured on others.

Natasha Rostova at the end of the novel

favorite female character in the novel "War and Peace" - for many the image of Natasha Rostova.This character and loved by the author, not without reason, he paid her so much attention.At the end of the work we see Natasha, mother of a large family that lives to care of relatives.Now it is quite reminiscent of the young girl, who was in front of us on the first pages of the work.The happiness of the woman - the welfare and health of children and her husband Pierre.It is alien to the empty pastime and idleness.It is with even greater force gives love, resulting in tender age.

course, Natasha is now not so elegant and beautiful, it is not very look after themselves, wears simple clothes.This woman lives interests of those close to her, giving himself entirely to her husband and children.

Surprisingly, it is absolutely happy.It is known that a person is able to be happy only when the interests of the lives of loved ones, because the favorite people - the continuation of ourselves.Love for children - it is also self-love, but in a broader sense.

So Tolstoy described this wonderful female character in the novel "War and Peace."Natasha Rostova, briefly talk about it is difficult - it is the ideal woman of the writer.He admires her graceful youth, admired and grown-up heroine makes her happy mother and wife.Tolstoy believed that the greatest happiness for a woman - is marriage and motherhood.Just then her life is filled with meaning.

LNTolstoy also shows us how different can be female attractiveness.At an early age the world admired, open-mindedness, of course, lead to the delight of others.However, this behavior in adult ladies may seem absurd.Just imagine, if not admired the beauty of the night a young girl and a lady of mature age.Most likely, it would look ridiculous.Every age - its beauty.Caring for loved ones makes a happy adult woman and her spiritual beauty makes others admire.

When high school students set an essay on the topic "My favorite female character in the novel" War and Peace "," without exception, wrote about Natasha Rostova, although, if desired, of course, I could write about someone else.This once again confirms that the common human values ‚Äč‚Äčidentified in the world for a long time, and the heroine of the novel, written more than a hundred years ago, it remains a matter of sympathy.

Mary Bolkonskaya

Another favorite author of the female image in the novel "War and Peace" - Bolkonskaya Mary, sister of Andrei Bolkonsky.Unlike Natasha, she had a lively character and appeal.Writes about Marya Nikolaevna by Tolstoy, it was ugly: a weak body, thin face.She meekly obeyed his father, who wanted to develop its activity and mind, confident in the absolute homely daughter.Her life consisted of lessons in algebra and geometry.

however unusual decoration face of this woman's eyes was that the author calls the mirror of the soul.They made her face "attractive beauty."Eyes Marya Nikolaevna, large and always sad, radiated kindness.This author gives them a wonderful description.

female image in the novel "War and Peace", embodied Maria Nikolaevna - an absolute virtue.The way the author writes about it, it becomes clear how much he admires these women, the existence of which is sometimes imperceptible.

Sister Andrei Bolkonsky, as well as Natasha, loves family, although it never spoiled, she was brought up in severity.Maria suffered a bad character of his father, respected him.She could not even think to discuss solutions Nikolai Andreyevich awe of everything that he did.

Marya Nikolaevna very impressionable and kind.It saddens grouch father, she sincerely happy arrival of the groom, Anatole Kuragin in which she sees kindness, courage, generosity.

Like any good woman, Mary, of course, dreams of happiness and children.It is infinitely believes in fate, the will of God.Sister Bolkonski dare not wish for anything for himself, her noble nature is incapable of deep envy.

naivete Marya Nikolaevna makes her see the human vices.She sees the reflection of all their own pure soul: love, kindness, decency.
Mary is one of those amazing people who are really happy happiness of others.This clever and bright woman just is not capable of anger, jealousy, revenge and other base feelings.

Thus, the second a delightful female character in the novel "War and Peace" - Marya Bolkonsky.Perhaps Tolstoy loved her as much as Natasha Rostova, although she was not paying much attention.It seemed the ideal author to which Natasha will come through for many years.Having no children, no family, she finds happiness to give warmth to others.

Female happiness Marya Bolkonskaya

Bolkonski sister was right: nothing is wanting for yourself, it nevertheless met a man who truly loved her.Maria became the wife of Nikolai Rostov.

two seemingly completely different person ideally suited to each other.Each of them has experienced disappointment Mary - in Anatolia Kuragin, Nikolai - in Alexander the First.Nicholas turned out to be a man who was able to increase the prosperity of the family Bolkonsky, making the couple a happy life.

Mary surrounds husband care and understanding: she endorses his desire to improve himself through hard work, through farming and care about peasants.

female image in the novel "War and Peace", embodied Mary Bolkonskaya - a portrait of a real woman, accustomed to sacrifice themselves for the good of others, and from that to be happy.

Bolkonskaya Marya and Natasha Rostova Natasha Rostova

that we see at the beginning of the work, it is absolutely not similar to Mary: she wants happiness for themselves.Sister Andrei Bolkonsky, as well as her brother, in the first place puts a sense of duty, faith, religion.

However, the older Natasha becomes, the more it resembles Princess Mary that wishes happiness for others.However, they differ.Happiness can be called Natasha's more mundane, everyday chores she lives and works.

Marya more concerned with mental well-being of loved ones.

two heroines, of course, a favorite author of the work and is the epitome of self-sacrifice - the main, according to Tolstoy's, women's virtue.


niece Natasha's father - another female image.In the novel "War and Peace" Sonia seemed to exist only in order to show the best quality Natasha.

This girl, on the one hand, it is very positive: it is reasonable, decent, kind, ready to sacrifice themselves.Speaking about her appearance, it is very good.This graceful slim brunette with long eyelashes and a luxurious oblique.

Initially she was in love with Nikolai Rostov, but they could not get married because their parents Nicholas insisted to postpone the wedding.

girl living in increasingly subordinated to reason and not emotions.Tolstoy was not very fond of this character, despite all its positive qualities.He leaves her alone.

author believes her poor spiritually, while giving an attractive appearance.It should be noted that for Tolstoy's characteristic emphasis on spiritual wealth with the help of not too expressive appearance.

author believes Sonya ordinary, normal, and may not be worthy of happiness.

Lisa Lisa Bolkonskaya

Bolkonskaya - it can be said, the heroine of the second plan, the wife of Prince Andrew.In the light of it is called "little princess."She remembered the reader through a pretty upper jaw with a mustache.Lisa - attractive lady, even this small flaw gives young women tend only to her unique charm.It is good, full of vitality and health.This woman easily transfers his delicate position, all around fun to look at it.

For Lisa, it is important to be in the light, it is spoiled, even capricious.It is not inclined to reflect on the meaning of life is normal for a society lady lifestyle love empty talk in the salons and in the evenings, enjoys the new outfits.Bolkonski wife does not understand her husband, Prince Andrew, who believes it is important to benefit society.

Lisa loves its surface, as if they only have to get married.It is for her - a background that fits into submission secular women on how to be a spouse.Lisa not understand his thinking about the meaning of life, it seems that everything is simple.

difficult for them to be together.Andrew is forced to accompany her at balls and other social events, it becomes a completely unbearable.

This is probably the easiest way for women in the novel "War and Peace."Lisa Bolkonskaya the first edition of the novel remained unchanged.Its prototype was the wife of one of the relatives of Tolstoy, Princess Volkonskaia.

Despite the complete lack of understanding between spouses, Bolkonsky in conversation with Pierre notes that it is - a rare woman with whom you can be sure of his own honor.

When Andrew goes to war, Lisa takes up residence in the house of his father.Its surface once again confirmed the fact that she prefers to communicate with Mademoiselle Bourrienne, not with Princess Mary.

Lisa had a premonition that he could not survive childbirth, so it happened.She lovingly referred to all and no one wanted to harm.This is stated her face after death.

Lisa Bolkonskaya character flaw is that it is superficial and selfish.However, this does not prevent her to be gentle, affectionate, good-natured.It is a pleasant and cheerful companion.

But Tolstoy treats her coldly.He does not like this character because of its spiritual emptiness.

Helen Kuragin

last female character in the novel "War and Peace" - Ellen Kuragin.Rather, it is the last character, which we will write in this article.

Of all the women who appear in the pages of this great novel, Helen, of course, the most beautiful and luxurious.

for its excellent appearance are selfishness, vulgarity, intellectual and spiritual underdevelopment.Helen realizes the power of her beauty and uses it.

everything you want, it seeks by its own appearance.Accustomed to this state of affairs, this woman has ceased to strive for personal development.

Helen becomes the wife of Pierre Bezukhov solely because of its rich heritage.It does not seek to really create a strong family, have children.

War of 1812 finally puts everything in its place.For the sake of your own well-being takes Helen Catholic, while her compatriots are united against the enemy.This woman, whose image can be called a "dead" really dies.

Of course, the most beautiful image of the woman's appearance in the novel "War and Peace" - Helen.Tolstoy admires her shoulders on the first ball of Natasha, but he interrupts her life, assuming the existence of such senseless.

Bolkonskaya Lisa, Helen, and Natasha Rostova Kuragin

As mentioned above, the death of Lisa and Helen were not accidental.They both lived for himself, were capricious, selfish.

recall, what it was Natasha Rostova in the beginning of the novel.As Lisa Bolkonskaya she admired the balls, the highest light.

As Helen Kuragin, it attracted something forbidden, inaccessible.It is for this reason that she was going to flee with Anatole.

However, the high spirituality Natasha gives her stay forever fool surface and plunge as Helen in dissolute life.The main character of the novel takes the difficulties that fell to its lot, helps the mother cares for the terminally ill Andrew.

Death Lisa and Helen symbolize that dedication social events and a desire to try to remain forbidden in his youth.Maturity requires us a more balanced behavior and willingness to sacrifice their own interests.

Tolstoy created a gallery of female images.Some of them liked it, others - no, but for something included in his novel.It's hard to determine what's the best female character in the novel "War and Peace."Even negative and least favorite character was invented by the author on purpose.They show us the human vices, the inability to distinguish the imaginary, from the surface is really important.And let everyone decide for himself what is the most attractive female character in the novel "War and Peace."