"Complaints Book": a summary of the amazing story of Anton Chekhov

said that there are no rules without exceptions, and any exception only proves the rule.Maybe the way it is.However, the approval of these things, apparently, has nothing to do with the genius of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov and bypasses the tenth party and himself, and his famous postulate: "Brevity - the sister of talent."In his works - short stories, all without exception, Chekhov effervescent, lively and accurately conveys to the reader that some can not express and three hundred pages.And Humoresque "Complaints Book" (summary follows below) - this is another vivid confirmation ...

little history

Shel 1884 th.What marked this year?There has been a lot, but we are interested in only one event, at first glance, insignificant.This is the latest issue of the weekly "Fragments"."Why?" - You ask.Yes, because it finds its resting humorous story "Complaints Book" - another attempt at writing a novice writer, doctor by profession Anton Chekhov.In that distant time, he wrote a lot of stories, humor

ous anecdotes, humoresques under the pseudonym Anton Chekhonte.And its not just for this accused, urged not to waste his talent, a little "starve", that later of an accumulation of experiences to give something more meaningful and profound.Not that Chekhov did not listen to these tips and suggestions.He took them, but at the same time he could not give out, by his own admission, based on a story a day.

Simple and at the same time with some extraordinary, we can say jewelry, humor, they were his first steps, steps into the world of great literature, while those without which it is impossible to conceive of Anton Chekhov.For the past 130 years had passed, and we remember and continue to read out his first thumbnail.For example, "Complaints Book" summary read and find in it ...


story itself in the story of Chekhov's "Complaints Book" (summary describe below) there.Amazing, is not it?Yes, it is missing.That's how, in defiance of the laws of the genre and the written rules of literature.But this does not spoil it.On the contrary, it is this feature brings to the reader the main essence of the best.What is it, the main point, is?And then what is a "Complaints Book"?Summary necessarily tell.So, read ...

Chekhov, "Complaints Book": summary

Literally, "Complaints Book" - a kind of document.He kept it in a special on the desk of one of the railway station.Key to the desk and relies, as a no, and the document, and requires a proper attitude.In fact, the key is not, and does not need it at all, because the desk is always open: come on, who wants to open and read ...

Speaking figuratively, "Complaints Book" - is the main character of the work.Her house is always full of visitors - the most that neither is diverse.It is impossible to imagine that all of these people ever could cross anywhere else: telegraph Kozmodemyansk deacon Spirits student 7th grade Kursk gymnasium Aleksei Zudev, clerk Samoluchshev and simply cheerful gardeners.

Some come to complain about the rudeness and impudence conductor policeman.Others - the wind, his sharpness and boldness with which he dared to fly past the station and hit the hat.There are people anonymous, but good, with declarations of love to some Katenke, and there are those who cavil, the gossip and denounced: Nikandrov, for example, is a socialist and Teltsovsky sharper, and his wife policeman yesterday and all committed adultery - went with"bartender Kostkoy" across the river.The latter, of course, have preferred to remain incognito and not signed.What motivated them?After all, surely, these denunciations never will be outside the "book."But apparently, these people pleasure even such meager opportunity to say something publicly.


runs jokers brought the primitive poems, some funny responses to previous comments.In general, write that in your head vzbredet - paper all endure, and the heroine - "Complaints Book" - clean, simple.You can prevent and grammatical errors, and crossed out what does not like, and do not think about the content and meaning of his words ... That's the whole story, the whole story "Complaints Book".Summary - this is good, but it is better to open the text and admire the amazing eternal syllable of Anton Chekhov.