Parable of kindness: positive emotions, which is charged positive

Folk art is interesting for its originality and originality.As there are no strict restrictions, but there is a style and a deep meaning.Very nicely varied parable.Among them are works of authorship, and there are those that come from the people.Parable of kindness - a favorite for many prose literature, as she wrote allegorical language and the meaning hidden inside, like seeds in flower.To get to the bottom, you need to think imaginatively and not be afraid to dream.Only thoughtful understand the truth.

What is a parable?

Love of reading develops the person making it richer and more interesting.With a well-read man, you can keep the conversation going, deepen friendship.The implication is present in many literary works.This is mainly due to the fact that boring to read prose, in which the ending is known from the outset.Parable - a brief story with an emphasis on one way or another person.The inaccessibility makes sense for all the parables appeal to the elite.In some ways the parable of kindness

like a fable.Her tongue refers to the phenomena of life, which in a society not to talk.

main idea

Parable of kindness for the children to be calm and clear as possible.The plot - home situation with unusual output.The whole history of this subject to a conclusion, the moral of which is reproduced at the end.Morality is always a moral lesson, precept philosophical tone.

turns a kind of standard law that captivates, as there is no clear order or punishment.Parable of kindness for the children - it is an easy way to bring your idea to give your child something to think about.Adding the wisdom of all the known parables, you can get the book of life of knowledge designed to teach a man to be a man.And remember the life lessons on the basis of short stories much easier.Therefore, we can safely say that the parable of kindness gives a firm understanding of the world and its laws, and spiritual phenomena.

For example

There is a beautiful parable of kindness, where the main character - a little girl, gave all his savings for a gift for the big sister.Suppose she had very little money, but the seller took pity on the child and sold her necklace of turquoise.The older sister did not dare to accept the gift and brought it back to the store.But it was not possible to return the necklace, because the seller did not simply a nice gesture, but an act of a pure heart.The last line of this story make you think of the breadth of the little girl's heart and understanding of an adult male.As a little now people capable of doing!And how do you want to growing up the child understood the sincerity of the story!

History of

In the 10th century BC, began to appear parable.They began to create more King Solomon, the king of Judah.Those parables are part of the Old Testament.In fact it is the moral code of laws with a clear idea of ​​the soul in the core.Parable of kindness was an allegory with the moral sense.The writer gives parables prose compilation with artistic outline.Indicative may become known parable of kindness and mercy.The gods were looking for a man worthy of recognition for their kindness.But it was not such candidates.It turned out that the good of the unfortunate widow of a fisherman, who for many years helping the poor, gave shelter and support to everyone.Her soul was pure, and the gods were awarded a woman with money.His labor of women abandoned, but continued to help the poor.But money do a disservice, because people began to come from other cities, deceivers and scatterbrain who want to profit at the expense of others.

woman then realized that helping people is only one way - to give everything that she has.The moral is: the wealth - that's what is stored in the shower, not a bank or another stash.Man with a rich soul of the money will not spoil.

children often told old story about kindness and courtesy in which a young man came to the old man and asked him to teach him the wisdom, strength and invincibility.He replied the old man, that a wise man will be kind to others, and therefore become stronger.Attentive also will notice the conflicts and prevent them.Then comes invincibility.The young man went away, but soon returned and offered elder care and attention.So it happened that age brings wisdom and kindness, but a real man is strong not only physically, but also spiritually.It is this parable teach today's children.Suppose they are perceived as a fairy tale, it is important that the lessons will be postponed in the subconscious.