Invented stories about animals.

magic and fantasy are attracted children and adults.The world of fairy tales is able to reflect the real and imaginary life.The kids are happy to wait for a new fairy tale, paint the main characters include them in their games.Invented stories about animals, who speak and behave like people - a favorite theme for children.How to write your own story?How to make it interesting and fun?

Why are fairy tales?

From about two years, children begin to take an interest in fairy tales.They listen attentively to the magical stories that they tell the adults.With pleasure looking at bright pictures.Repeat words and whole sentences from favorite fairy tales.

Psychologists say that such fairy stories help children to understand the world, the relationship between people.Colorful images of the characters encourage children to reflect.For example, fairy-tale characters kids learn to distinguish between the basic concepts of good and evil.No wonder the big draw is the direction in psychology as skazkoterapiya

.It is intended for the development, the correction of the child's personality.

Invented stories about animals like children.Magical stories about young animals endowed with human traits, help to understand the system of relationships.

tales about animals

Realistic features of the behavior of animals and interesting story captivate children to the magic world.Over time, they developed characteristics that are inherent in certain steel beast.Good and strong bear, sly fox, rustic and funky bunny.Humanizing animals gave them individual traits that are easy to remember and learn children.

Think of a fairy tale about animals quite easily.You must select a main character and a few episodes that happened to him.

Children from 5-6 years can write their own stories.Perov stage it helps adult.Gradually, the child himself begins to choose the main character and the situation that happened to him.

children invented stories about animals

Magic history, invented by children reflect their reality or experience.Therefore, you should carefully listen to the stories that the children come up with their own, to understand the feelings of the child.

«One little rabbit lived in the forest with her mother.He was very afraid when my mother went to work.Bunny stayed home alone and started to worry about his mother.Suddenly it will meet in the forest gray wolf?Suddenly she fell into a big hole? bunny looking out the window and he was afraid that one day my mother did not come back.But my mother-zaychiha always returned home.She could not give up his little son.Zaychiha brought delicious carrot and read bedtime bunny tale. "

With age, children begin to disengage from the selected characters.They separate the magical story from real life.Fairy tales invented by children about animals, differ spontaneity and sincerity.

«There was a small elephant.He was very small as an ant and ladybug.All laughed at the little elephant, because he was afraid of.Bird flying over it - small elephant hiding under a sheet.Runs family of hedgehogs, stomping their feet - a small elephant climbs into a flower and hides.But one day, sitting in the tulips, elephant saw a beautiful fairy.He told her that he wanted to become as big as a real elephant.Then the fairy magic wings fluttered, and the elephant began to grow.He became so great that no longer afraid, and all began to defend. "

tales invented by children about animals, you can continue the new story.If a child is like a character, you can write some new stories that happened to him.

Age complication for tales

Tale helps to develop the emotional sphere of the child.He learns to empathize with the characters.Especially children like fairy tales invented by parents.You can give your child a job to come up with the beginning of the tale, and continued composing an adult.

For kids invented fairy tales about animals should not contain evil characters or scary scenes.This can be a fairy tale, a journey of how the hero came and met different animals.Kids happy to imitate the voices and movements of forest (domestic) animals.

By age 5, children understand that kind of magic.They like unreal fairy tales of enchanted magical chanterelles or parrots.At this age, you can add an unpleasant character who is mischievous.Always at the end of a fairy tale it is necessary to reconcile all the animals.This helps to develop the final in children kindness, compassion.

In primary school age invented fairy tales about animals can contain complex conflict situations, the nature of the various characters, magic items.Often, children are asked to tell a horror story - it helps them to overcome their own fears, develops imagination and imagination.

How to invent a little tale about the animals?

in school or kindergarten sometimes give homework to children - to come up with a story.This problem applies to the parents of the child.Not all adults can quickly compose a magical story.They turn to friends and acquaintances with a request: "Help to come up with a story about the animals!»

to write a story, you need to take a few steps.

Step 1. Select the protagonist.You can come up with a name, give the individual character traits or appearance.

Step 2. Determine the place of action.If the main character - a pet, then he must live in the barnyard or in the house.Forest animals inhabit the forest, it has a hole (den).You can briefly describe his everyday life.

Step 3: There is a conflict or unfolding a certain situation.Hero during the climax of a fairy tale gets in unusual conditions.He can meet with another character, a trip or visit to find anything unusual on your way.It was here, in an unusual situation, appear brighter than the character traits of the hero tale.It can change for the better, if he was angry.Or come to the aid, if the original was a positive hero.

Step 4. Completion of a fairy tale - summarizing.The hero returns to the usual state, but to others.If there was a conflict, the character realized reconciled, made friends with the other animals.If you went on a trip, I learned traffic rules, visit different countries, brought gifts for friends.When the magic happens, it is necessary to describe how it has affected the hero or the world.

recommendations for adults

come up short tale about animals can be with your child.And then ask the kid to draw characters or dazzle them out of plasticine.This reminder of the joint works will delight the child and adult.In composing stories should follow simple rules.

  • history should be appropriate to the age of the child, to avoid confusing situations.
  • tell stories emotionally, with the expression, encouraging to this child.
  • Follow interest kid.If he is bored, you can develop a different story and come up with a sequel.
  • with your child can choose a character, every day writing stories about it.
  • If adding dialogues tale, the single character may be an adult voice, and the other - the child.
  • To have an album or book, where to write stories, draw pictures with your child.