"Peter 1" summary.

This novel by Alexei Tolstoy - a historical, but a simple chronology of events can not express it, even the summary."Peter 1" Tolstoy filled with events in the life of not only the real historical figures - Tsar Peter Menshikov, Lefort, Charles XII, and others.

Its pages - the characters, a writer endowed with the typical features of the most diverse segments of the population of the vast country.They live and die, they speak the language, the expressiveness of which can be assessed only after reading the book page by page.

General structure

novel consists of three volumes or books.At the center of the story - the monarch of the Romanov dynasty, who became known as the first Emperor of Russia - Peter 1. Summary of the novel - the initial period of his tumultuous reign, from the time joint coronation with half brother Ivan to the first victory in the war with Sweden for access to theBaltic Sea.Events

first book, take the time from 1682 to 1698.Summary "Peter 1" Alexei Tolstoy, the first book: T

he young king Peter A. understands the need for reforms to the European type, wins the power struggle with his sister Sophia, which is based on a Royal shelves.

«Peter 1»: a summary of the chapters

Book I. In the first volume - 7 chapters.

ANTolstoy, "Peter 1", a summary of the chapters of the first book:

Chapter 1, Parts 1-5: Ivashka Brovkin - cunning and strong man, on the orders of his master - Vasily Volkov - sends his son Alyosha with baggage to Moscow.There Alyosha robbed, he lost in the capital settlement.

Part 6: King Theodore A. dying of scurvy.In the realm of pretend his sister Sophia - one of the daughters of the first wife of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich - Maria Miloslavskaya.Boyars chosen king healthy and lively Peter, son of the second wife of Alexei Mikhailovich - Natalia Naryshkin.

Part 7-18.Aliosha Brovkin acquainted with peers - adventurous and smart beyond his years Aleksashka Menshikov, ran away from home from the beating his father.They are hired for a merchant to sell pies, and then witness the armed uprising musketeers, instigated by supporters of Sophia, who shouted that the king's heirs Naryshkins killed.Patriarch Joachim live shows Peter and Ivan, but the demands of the crowd met: joint wedding on the throne of Ivan and Peter, above them - Sophia.

Book I. Chapter 2. Summary "Peter 1" Tolstoy AN .:

Parts 1-3.The dissenters are trying to raise the musketeers in the rebellion "to the old faith," Sophia collects nobles and extinguishes the mischief.Aleksashka acquainted with the boy Peter, and running away from his father accidentally encountered falls on German settlement - Kukui, where he takes on service Franz Lefort.On Kuku appears, and hide themselves from boring nannies Peter.Lefort shows a curious king, many new and interesting.

Parts 4-6.Vasily Golitsyn - a man of progressive views, could not resist the demands of his mistress - Sofia - go to "fight the Tartars."For the war there are no opportunities.

Part 7-11.Peter with the help of foreigners engaged in training "amusing the troops."Kukuytsev impressed by the energy and curiosity of a young Russian monarch.

Peter like the attitude of the inhabitants of the German settlement in the work and the fun.He was giddy young beauty Anna Mons.Aleksashka could become necessary to Peter and he was appointed the king's postelnichim.

Book I. «Peter 1" summary.Chapter 3:

Parts 1-2.Inglorious march south Vasily Golitsyn.Suffer from starvation and extreme heat Russian army finally stops prairie fire.The arson accused Ukrainian Hetman Samoilovich.The author of this denunciation - Mazeppa - he becomes ruler of Ukraine.

Parts 3-5.In the Transfiguration, where Peter lives with his mother, enhanced combat capability amusing regiments - Preobrazhensky and Semenovski, causing alarm in Sofia.Aleksashka Peter enjoys growing trust and encourages him to a new drummer - Alyosha Brovkina.The behavior of the young king condemns mother Natalia and her lordly environment.The queen wants to marry Peter to Evdokia Lopukhina.Cousin Vasily Golitsyn, Boris supports initiatives Peter word and money.

Part 6. Vasily Golitsyn offers Boyar Duma mutually beneficial cooperation with the French merchants to meet the needs of the troops, and get snobby refusal.

Parts 7-8.Anne's father dies Mons.Peter agrees to the marriage.


Book I. ANTolstoy "Peter the Great", an outline.Chapter 4.

Parts 1-5.Aliosha Brovkin using Menshikov saved from a beating of his father, who brought his master grocery dues - Volkov.Ivan did not recognize his son, then a sham begging him a huge sum - more than three and a half rubles.

Wedding Peter and Evdokia played the ancient rite, but before the young king escapes at night to Anna Mons, and a month later - leaving the shipyard in Pereslavl.The second Crimean campaign Golitsyn ends with heavy losses on both sides.

Part 6-10.With the money raised his son Ivan Brovkin farming and became rich.After the war with the Tatars intensified poverty, robbery and looting.Everyone wants to put most decided in someone's favor: Sophia and Peter.Streletskoye chiefs as directed by the ruler of conspiring to kill Peter and his mother.It comes Uncle Peter - Lev Kirillovich Naryshkin, tells of the plot of Sophia, prompting him children's fears and provoking seizure.

Parts 11-15.During the church service, Peter enters into open conflict with Sophia, who during the procession took to carry the icon that should do just the royal males.Setting Galitzine induces him to act decisively against the inhabitants of the Transfiguration, but he hesitates.The royal steward Vasily Volkov, Peter was sent to scout, he was captured archers and brought in for questioning by Sophia.To execute the order of the king to remain silent, he angered Sophia was ordered to cut off his head.But among the archers could not find a volunteer executioner, and Volkov secretly released.Streletskoye chiefs appointed to the midnight show, and a group of archers guard, did not believe in success, decided to send two messengers to Peter to warn of the danger.

Part 16. Peter and his entourage understand that if all rise strelets army, forces of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment will not be enough.It was decided to go to the Trinity Lavra monastery under the protection of the walls and the patriarch.Peter nerves on edge.Once the archers have come with a warning of an impending alarm, he is in a panic jumps down naked in the Trinity.

Parts 17-19.Sophia can not ring the alarm.Almost all of its supporters over to the side of Peter, but in the Trinity itself it is not allowed.Following the instructions Lefort, Peter behaves in accordance with the wishes of the mother, causing the approval of Natalia and her entourage.

Parts 20-23.Sofia suffered a complete defeat.She moved from the Kremlin to Novodevichy Convent, the most ardent supporters of its executions and torture.Vasily Golitsyn, who was saved from the execution of his brother, Boris, was sent into exile to the north.Companions Peter complained money and land.Everyone is waiting for execution, but the young monarch heads are not cut down.

Start sole reign

Book I. ANTolstoy "Peter", a summary of the chapters.Chapter 5.

Parts 1-5.Lefort is becoming a real friend and chief advisor of Peter.In Lefortovo palace Peter hears from foreigners about Russian inability to conduct business on the savagery of their customs.

Parts 6-7.Patriarch Joachim requires Peter to defend the Orthodox faith from foreign heretics and expel the Germans from the Russian land.King surprised him with its hardness and asked not to interfere with his plans.Evdokia accuses husband bond with Anna Mons, they quarrel.

Part 8-12.Fugitive slave and Gypsy blacksmith Kuzma Zhemov warned "in the gang" to the same homeless sufferers - Ovdokimu and Judas, to provide food right or wrong thing.Like them, many people took to the forests to rob or hiding from the authorities, holding as schismatics, to the old faith.

Parts 13-16.Peter not only is debauchery, but continues to build a new country.In Arkhangelsk, which has long been the settlement of overseas merchants, sees firsthand the difference in the standard of living of foreigners and Russian, and gets serious conversation with Lefort of the main goals for the future.He hears from him the release of Azov and the Black Sea, the war with Sweden for access to the Baltic Sea.In everyday matters: complaints of robbery, bribery, and the first Russian "komertsienrat" - an organization of merchants to international trade.

Part 17. Dies Natalia, Peter's mother.After an argument with his wife, he seeks solace with Anna Mons.

Parts 18-21.Artel Ovdokima, porazboynichav Tula on the roads, broken up, and Roma and Zhemov came to prison on a weapons factory.War is imminent in the south - it encouraged foreign allies and internal forces.The Duma called on the militia to collect.

Part 22 Life of Ivan Brovkin has changed dramatically: the former relatives and villagers fell into his addiction, he was given a contract for oats and hay for the army, the daughter of Sanka came wooing of the former master - Vasily Volkov - the king Peter.

Book I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, "Peter 1" Tolstoy AN .: Chapter 6.

In February 1695 began a campaign to the lower reaches of the Dnieper and the fortress of Azov.At the head was the governor Boris Sheremetev, and the king went with his army as the scorer Petr Alekseev.In the capital, there is a right-Caesar Prince Fedor Romodanovsky, who feared.The army descended to the lower reaches of the Volga, which was supposed to restock.Because of the theft was the work of contractors is difficult - only Brovkin fulfilled its obligations as required.Azov could not take swoop, the Russian suffered heavy losses.It began a long siege of the tunnel.Turks received support from the sea, where they held sway - to bring up troops and supplies, so the siege failed.He was recaptured and open assault.Lefort and other military advisers consider it necessary to transfer the military campaign for the next year.But Peter insisted on re-storming by land and sea.Only when he was recaptured and lost two-thirds of the troops, it was decided to retreat - so ignominiously ended the first Azov campaign.

1696.The capture of the fortress of Azov

Book I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, "Peter 1" Tolstoy: Chapter 7.

Part 1 Two years later, much has changed in the country, but the main thing - it matured king.After the "Azov nevzyatiya" he immediately left for Voronezh, where he began the construction of new ships.Huge cost fleet was built.In May of Azov it was besieged and taken in two months.After a triumphant return to the capital of Peter Boyar Duma could only meekly to approve the new royal decree on the construction of the fleet, the digging of the channel Volga-Don, about teaching children of the nobility abroad, and so on. D.

Part 2. Peter decides to go to Europe for their supportpolicies and new knowledge.He rides in the composition of numerous embassies, under the name of Peter Mikhailov.Departure detained defeat Cossack conspiracy led by former ally of Sofia - Colonel Tsyklerom.

1697-1698 year.Great Embassy

Parts 3-7.As part of the Embassy of Peter visited Kenigsberg, where an alliance with the Elector of Brandenburg, inspects iron factories and workshops, received a certificate of training to artillery skills.It strikes a reasonable, decent way of life, he wants to enter such a favorable way in Russia.

Part 8. Peter and his companions made a strong impression at the reception organized by the Elector and his wife and his daughter.They hit the Germans with their energy, curiosity and rough manners.

Part 9-11.In the Netherlands, Peter worked at the shipyard in the town Saardam, living with a carpenter who knew of Voronezh, is the easiest way of life, although not for long remain incognito.He is interested in everything, is everywhere - in the restaurant and in the dissecting.In England, he studied mathematics, learning to draw the ship's plans, hiring professionals of maritime affairs.A lot of money is spent on weapons, tools, and various curiosities.Meanwhile, in Moscow, there are rumors of the death of the king abroad and replacing it.The musketeer shelves, standing on the northern and southern borders, there are letters of Sophia with the requirement to go to the capital for the placement of its king.

Parts 12-13.Peter realizes the hypocrisy of European policy, and in Moscow, Ivan Brovkin brings the prince Romodanovsky Caesar news of approaching the capital musketeer regiments.

Parts 14-17.Archers without unity in the plans, were shot from cannons battalions loyal to the king.Peter interrupted voyage, returned to the capital.

1698.Streletsky revolt

Parts 18-21.After the return of Peter arranges demonstrative boyars shave beards, without meeting with his wife, he went to the German Quarter Anna Mons.Long lasting terrible torture and execution of members of the Strelets turmoil.Ended Byzantine Russia.

In 1698 - 1703 years of the action is the second book of "Peter".Summary of the second volume.

With the help of many supporters of the people of humble origin, Peter is building a new industry, a new fleet, new trade.The war for access to Baltic begins with severe defeats.

Book II."Peter," a summary of the chapters: Chapter 1.

Parts 1-2.Darkly in Moscow is not going to trade, dissenters are predicting disaster, called away to the north in the monasteries or to the Don, to prepare a new confusion.

Parts 3-4.Prince Buynosov of those who do not like the new customs, new clothes, new know - without family and tribe.

Sanka Brovkina - Alexandra Volkova - teaches his daughters politeness, and they are jealous of her.

1699.Death Lefort

Parts 5-7.Peter lost a true friend: Franz Lefort died.In some big funeral grieve, others gloat.

Parts 8-9.Peter teaches traders how to put the trading business in a new way, the dissenters want to live in the old way.

Parts 10-12.Voronezh shipyard finish construction of a large fleet.Peter works as an apprentice blacksmith and carpenter.Growing stronger idea of ​​the need for peace with the Turks and the inevitability of war in the Baltic Sea.Making peace with the Sultan makes surprise appearance for the Turks in the Black Sea Russian fleet passing through the shallow waters of Azov.

ANTolstoy, "Peter the Great", an outline of the volumes: Book II.Chapter 2.

Part 1. Lieutenant Alex Brovkin with a group gathers at White Sea monasteries people on state service.

Part 2. The secular reception at Anna Mons Peter talk about the young Swedish King Karl.He is assured of an easy victory.

Part 3 House Ivan Brovkin arranged on exotic style.The guests are discussing the secular news and rumors about a future war against the Swedes.

Part 4. Swedish Ambassador Peter did not wait for confirmation from the peace treaty.Russian king also sent to the Polish king a secret offer of a military alliance against Charles.

Part 5. Young Carl sends his mistress Atal spy for the Polish King Augustus.

Part 6. Peter Woo Jr. Brovkina for Buynosovu princess from an ancient noble family.He wonders Artamon education.Alexander Volkov and her husband went to Europe, experiencing the road robbers attacked.

Part 7 in Moscow of foreign officers recruited peasants prepare regular army.

Part 8. Alex Brovkin collects the northern hermitages recruits.Elders-splitters are ready to burn people, as long as they have not served the king, the Antichrist.

Entering the Julian calendar

Part 9. Peter's decree introduced a new calendar, celebrated the beginning of a new 1700.

ANTolstoy, "Peter 1", an outline of parts and chapters: Book II.Chapter 3.

Part 1. The whole court and noble people go to Voronezh on Launch of a new massive ship "Predestination" and the whole fleet.In the midst of the feast came the news of the beginning of the Polish-Swedish war.

Part 2. Volkov on his way to Paris to visit detained first at the Polish gentry, then the king Augustus.Alexander is a great success.Polish King starts a war and asks Peter Volkov's transfer request for military assistance.Volkov goes to the king.Alexander is still waiting at the Polish court.

Part 3. Atalia tells Carl about the difficult situation of the Polish king, and encourages him to military feats.Charles goes to war with enthusiasm: with the support of the Anglo-Dutch fleet attacked Copenhagen.

Part 4. Peter reads the petitions of widespread bribery and theft of government officials.For low-quality cloth for uniforms beat Menshikov.It gives the Urals Demidov plants, demanding in exchange for quality and inexpensive weapons.ANANAN