The image of the left-hander in the tale Leskov NS

when I read people in our country think about the Russian national character, the first writer who comes to mind - is, of course, Fyodor Dostoevsky.The second portrait, which appears before the mind's eye of the domestic bookworm, - the person of Leo Tolstoy.But there is one classic, which, in this context, tend to forget (or not so often mentioned) - Nikolai Semenovich Leskov.And yet his writings too saturated "Russian spirit," and they also offer features not only the domestic national character, but also the specificity of the whole of Russian life.

In this sense stands out the story Leskov "Lefty."It with extraordinary precision and depth played all the flaws of the domestic life of the device and all the heroism of the Russian people.People usually do not have time to read the collected works of Dostoevsky or Tolstoy, but they have to find the time to open a book, on the cover that says: NS Leskov "Lefty."


story begins in 1815, presumably.Emperor Alexander the First, make a trip to

Europe, visiting and England.British very much want to surprise the sovereign-emperor, and at the same time boasting the skills of its craftsmen and a few days lead him to different rooms and show all sorts of wonderful things, but most importantly, they are laid up for the finals - filigree: steel flea, able to dance.Besides, it is so small that without a microscope it will not be considered.Our king was very surprised, but he was accompanied - Don Cossack Platov, not at all.He, on the contrary, all the time buhtel that we supposedly can not worse.

Soon Alexander I died and was succeeded by Nicholas I, who accidentally discovered a wondrous thing and decided to still check the words Platov, equip him to visit the Tula masters.Kazak came instructed gunsmiths and went home, promising to return in two weeks.

Masters, among whom was the left-hander, went away to the home of the protagonist tale, and something is going on there for two weeks, until the return of Platov.Local residents heard the sound of smooth, masters and themselves during this time so the house Lefty never came.They became hermits until the job was done.

Comes fee.He endure the same flea in a box.He was in a rage throws the coach first came to hand craftsmen (they turned out to be left-handed), and went to St. Petersburg to the king "on the carpet".Of course, Lefty came to the king at once, he beat previously and used for long in prison.

Bloch appears before the bright eyes of the monarch.He looks, looks at her and can not understand what made Tula.And the emperor and his court struggled with the secret, and then the king's father told invite Lefty, and the man and says that it is necessary, they say, do not go and look at all the flea, but only on its feet.No sooner said than done.It turned out that Tula shod flea English.

Immediately curiosity was returned to the British, and the word was given about the following: "We, too, something that we can."Here pause the scene presentation and talk about what the image left-hander in the tale Leskov NS

Lefty: between dealers and holy fool

Lefty Physical evidence of his "transcendence", "left-handed slash on his cheekstain birthmark, and the hair on the temples when apprenticed to tear. "When Lefty came to the king, he was dressed in a very peculiar, too, "in oporochkah, one leg in a boot, the other dangle, and ozyamchik old, hooks not zastegayutsya, porasteryany and neck broken."He spoke with the king as it is not respecting the manner and podhalimstvuya, if not on a par with the sovereign, then certainly no fear of authority.

People who are interested in a little history, recognize the portrait - a description of ancient holy fool, he never feared no one, because in truth it was a Christian and God.

Dialogue Lefty and English.Continued story

After a retreat once again turn to the story, but do not forget the image of the left-hander in the tale of Leskov.

Englishmen were so caught up with work that required him to master file without wasting a second.King respecting the British sent an escort with Lefty and sent to them.The voyage of the hero in England, there are two important points: a conversation with the British (the story Leskov "Lefty" is perhaps the most entertaining in this part of) the fact that the ancestors of Margaret Thatcher, unlike Russian, do not clean the barrel of guns bricks.

Why the British wanted to keep the Lefty?

Russian Land is full of nuggets, and they do not pay much attention, but once they see in Europe "of rough diamonds."English elite once looked at Lefty immediately realized that he is a genius, and our Lord decided to man at left, to learn, to clean, enrich, but not far from it!

Lefty told them to remain in the UK does not want to learn algebra does not want him missing his education - the Gospel and "Polusonnika."He does not have money, women, too.

Lefty barely persuaded to stay a little longer and look at the western production techniques guns and other things.The latest technology of the time our craftsmen of little interest, but the storage of old guns he treated very carefully.By studying them, Lefty realized that the British do not clean the barrel of bricks guns, making guns more reliable in combat.

Despite this finding, the protagonist of the tale is still much homesick and asked the British to send him home quickly.By land it was impossible to send, because the left-hander did not know any language other than Russian.By sea to sail in the autumn, too, it was not safe, because it is restless at this time of year.Still outfitted Lefty, and he sailed on the ship to the Motherland.

During the trip, he found his companion, and they drank it all the way, but not fun, but out of boredom and fear.

bureaucracy killed a man

When friends on the ship put off the shore in St. Petersburg, the Englishman sent to where it should be to all foreign nationals - in "poslannichesky house" and Lefty allowed in a sick state of the bureaucratic circles of hell.In any hospital in the city could not attach it without papers, other than the one where the dumped to die.Moreover, various officials have said that it is necessary to Lefty help, but here's the problem: no one is responsible for anything, and no one can not do anything.So the left-hander and died in a hospital for the poor, and on his lips, he had only one phrase: "Tell the tsar that the gun can not be cleaned bricks."It it still told one of the officers of the sovereign, but to the Almighty, she did not find a striker.Guess why?

It's almost all on "N.Leskov "Lefty" content summary ".

image lefties tale Leskov and model the fate of creative rights in Russia

After reading the works of Russian classics one is tempted to conclude hopes to survive at the creative, brilliant person in Russia is not there.His or heathen bureaucrats tortured, or he himself inside destroy, and not because he has some unresolved psychological problems, but because the Russian people are not able to live simply, its share - to perish, burning life as a meteoritein the earth's atmosphere.Here is such a way of coming out in the tale Leskov Lefty contradictory: on the one hand, and the genius of craftsman, and on the other hand, a person with a serious destructive element within, capable of self-destruction in the conditions when you least expect it.