Andrzej Sapkowski "The Witcher".

One of the most popular fantasy stories in our time is the "Saga of the Witcher", brought to the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski truly global popularity.On it were filmed TV series and a feature film, comic books published, the three parts of the computer game "The Witcher", which had a huge success.But the main thing, of course, is the primary source - the book.In this article, a series of "The Witcher" order book will be presented and briefly discussed

little about the plot

This is the story of The Witcher Geralt of Rivia, who raised this since childhood with the help of various kinds of artificial mutations and potions.These mutagens increase strength and endurance, improve speed of response and recovery, as well as make invulnerable to disease and toxins.Witcher create so they persecuted and killed the monsters attack people.It is the work of Geralt - for money to kill monsters.So it was until, until he found a small Tsirillu, its purpose, the sole heir to the destroyed state Tsintra.It - an

important figure in the political game between the northern kingdoms and mighty empire Nilfgaard.Geralt and his beloved, the sorceress Yenifer must now protect small Ciri, and thus, the witcher is firmly embroiled in political intrigue, in the center of the confrontation states.The main character will demolish the enemy's head, to protect the girl and to understand the intricate relationship with Yennifer.

saga "The Witcher": books on order, the first collections

series begins with 1986, when there is a collection of short stories "The Witcher", reprinted in 1993 under the title "last wish".They are distinguished by the fact that was later added to the story-interlude "voice of reason", which is divided into parts that precede each of the other stories.The collection, which consists of seven pieces, beat some well-known fairy tales such as "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty."There is also a story about the intended key "issue price" and "The Edge of the World", where Geralt meets her future best friend - troubadour buttercups.In 1992 he published another collection of short stories "The Sword of destiny", which describes the adventures of witch with buttercups and Yennifer.It was here, in "The Sword of Destiny", Geralt meets Ciri.Total collection includes six works.


great adventure then begins to go have whole novels "The Witcher", a series of books continues to work "blood elves", which captures the Empire Nilfgaard Tsintra kingdom.Monster Hunter sends Ciri to the shelter in the citadel of wizards, where she found magical abilities.Girl delegate sorceress, she learned how to manage your abilities.The next year (1995) saw the light of "Hour of contempt."Adventure continue, and together with Tsirilloy Yennifer sent to Arcane fee.Witch wants to send a young princess to study in a magical school.Witcher sent them, incidentally dismissing the rumor that CRIS is no longer alive.However, the rebellion occurs among sorcerers, which marks the beginning of a new round of war.Yennifer in captivity.Geralt miraculously survived, but he was far away, and Ciri, taking advantage of the old portal, got to the desert, where it was saved from destruction unicorn, with whom she eventually became friends.When she tried to get out, he grabbed her nilfgaardtsy.Repulsed and fled from them, Ciri changes the name and joins the rats, the gang of robbers.

story continues in a series of "The Witcher" out of order book each year.Next, the fifth part of the saga became the novel "The baptism of fire."Geralt after being seriously wounded during a mutiny on his feet under the watchful eye of the Dryads and went in search Tsirilly.On the way he meets his friend Buttercup.They are joined by Archer, Knight and Vampire.These fellow travelers are introduced in the course of their search and dangerous adventures.Meanwhile, Falk (the new name of the princess in the gang) robs along with rats, plunging Borderland horrified.Rumors of the band spread quickly, and now the coroner Nilfgaarda sends best bounty hunter to kill unbelted bandits.Yennifer managed to escape from captivity and she is also beginning to look Ciri.

In 1997 he published the book continued Andrzej Sapkowski about the Witcher, entitled "The Swallow's Tower."Yennifer while searching for the successor Tsintry itself is in trouble.The Herald now hard to be objective, but it is still far.After all the struggles and suffering, hiding from persecutors and enemies, Ciri left alone.She will get to the magical towers Swallows.

The next novel, "Lady of the Lake", it appears that the tower - a portal to another world, where they live are not the most friendly creatures.Ciri managed to escape from them, but as a result she lost in parallel worlds, from which she managed to get out, but not without help.Back in his own world, trying to save Yennifer Tsirilla but landed straight into the trap Vilgefortsa, nilfgaardskogo evil sorcerer, who wanted to get the girl since her birth.She needed it, because in it lies the ability to control the world.At this time, Geralt learns where Vilgeforts hiding and in a fierce battle overcomes evil sorcerer.The only question is - at what price !?

story without beginning or end

Years later, in 2013, came a new novel saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski."The Witcher" was called prikvell "Season of storms."Rather, the action takes place after the events of the story "The Witcher" before "last wish".Prior to this cycle of "The Witcher" books out of order chronologically.Here the plot consists of several parallel stories that eventually converge into one.The novel describes the life of a whole month younger Geralt, his bloody battle with monsters, incredible adventure and wild adventures.And all this against the backdrop of royal intrigue and magic, as well as the opposition of people and bad people: elves, dwarves, and others.