Features trilogy Kerstin Gier "Timeless".

We remember a lot of bright works filmed on the big screen.Vampires struggle for life, superpowers long been part of the fate of the book characters.Today we talk about the possibility of time travel, which is represented in the novel Kerstin Gier "Timeless".All the books in order, included in the trilogy, will be the subject of this article.

long road to the trilogy

German writer long been interested in literature.Ever since childhood, her favorite direction was fantastic.Little Kerstin was impressed by John RRTolkien and his magnificent characters, however, hand in writing his own works, she chose a contemporary women's fiction.The track record of more than a dozen Gere published novels.

Of all their numbers differs only one work Kerstin Gier - "Timeless".All the books in order, which will be discussed later, represent a coherent story of the protagonist.Each new part of her always waiting for the next adventure.

from women's melodramas - to fiction

As recognized by the writer, after she

trained as a teacher, because of lack of suitable job, she had to stay home.During this period Gere tried to write his first novel for women.Soon her books purchased ironic character, but popularity is not diminished.In 2007, she starts writing a new novel in a fantasy vein, and by 2009 end up with the trilogy "Timeless".Kerstin Gier sells the rights to the German publisher Arena, which is proportional to the output splits in three parts over the next few years.

"Ruby book," which was the first on this list for a few months, swept away from the bookstores.Writer begin to compare with JK Rowling, "Harry Potter" is not expected to rise less.The novel is translated into 50 languages ​​and became a bestseller, in particular, published in Russia.

secret ideas ready in an interview to share with the readers very Kerstin Gier."Timeless: Ruby book" tells a relatively simple story.Gwendolyn Shepherd was born in a family whose members are prepared for a special gift - the ability to time travel.But instead of his cousin Charlotte gets unprepared Gwendolyn.The girl has to face with many mysteries, meet young travelers with similar vain, and together solve a number of vital issues.In 2013, rolling out the film adaptation of the same name of the work.

the continuation will not quibble

The following year, the fans who have read the first part, expected on the shelves long-awaited sequel.Like the last time, a few days before the start of sales of the new plot twists itself says Kerstin Gier."Timeless: Sapphire book" Gwendolyn sends a couple of centuries ago, where she uncovers family secrets and meets with their progenitors.And again the next time travel occurs, accompanied by her faithful companion Gideon.However, not all thoughts of a young handsome clear - he's hiding something!It Gwendolyn and be seen ...

against young people is given particular importance.After all, they are not just friends, what were the first, and one large for each other.Another "newcomer" in the adventures of the main character will Himerius - funny mythical creature, which can only see Gwendolyn.Demon, made of stone, but has the ability to fly, no doubt, will be faithful assistant of his mistress.

Girls affair with adult problems

entire trilogy was originally calculated at a female audience.But, as statistics show that the product of interested and adolescents that total resulted in a large print run of copies sold."Timeless: Emerald Book" published in 2011 and is the final part.Publication New York Times commented on the warmth of the novel, calling it a calm and exciting.Kerstin Gier was able to gradually reveal the plot, keeping the unique atmosphere.The review observed even with the inherent humor and style writer who distinguishes her other works.However, the protagonists seem ordinary stamped characters who did not have the personality.

Currently not picturized remains only the "Emerald Book".And if the screen incarnation of the two previous parts are not long in coming, and now fans are concerned with good reason: the global crisis has affected the ability of the studios to find funding because the project is frozen until an unspecified time.It is assumed that if next year the third part did not get the film adaptation of her long-running output for the coming years threatens to lead to loss of audience interest.

Life after

With the completion of the trilogy writer returned to the women's novels.However, the work on its development often comes to mind, as repeatedly in interviews repeats Kerstin Gier."Timeless", all the books in order is designed in a single, unique story, became a milestone in the life of an individual Gere.No other of her works did not achieve such recognition."Timeless" is written in simple language, and the love story of the main characters captures its originality.In addition, parts of the trilogy are characterized by the appearance of new, colorful characters that distinguish the charisma and humor.This is largely gives the book saturation.

Trilogy Kerstin Gier "Timeless"

All books in order as follows with regard to their access to the release year (in parentheses):

  1. "Ruby Book" (2009).
  2. "Sapphire Book" (2010).
  3. "Emerald Book" (2011).

In recognition of readers each subsequent much more interesting and spectacular the previous one, which indicates a professional approach Kerstin Gier to his work.And what part you like most?