Akhmatova love.

Each verse Anna Akhmatova concerns finest strings of human soul, although the author does not use a lot of means of expression, and figures of speech.An analysis of the poem "clasped her hands under the dark veil" he proves that the poet could say the complex is quite simple words, accessible to everyone.She sincerely believed that the simpler the language material, the more sensual, vivid, emotional and life are her poems.Judge for yourself ...

Features lyrics Akhmatova.Thematic groups

AA Akhmatova proudly calls himself a poet, she did not like when she used the name "poet", it seemed to her that the word detract from its merits.Indeed, her works stand on a par with the works of grand writers as Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Blok.As a poet-Acmeist, AA Akhmatova paid great attention to words and images.Her poetry was a little character, a little figurative means.Just one verb and each definition was chosen with great care.Although, of course, Anna Akhmatova paid great attention to women's issues,

ie themes such as love, marriage, female soul.There were many poems dedicated to poet friends, the theme of creativity.Akhmatova also created several poems about the war.But, of course, the bulk of her poetry - love.

Akhmatova Poems about love: features interpretations of feelings

Virtually none of the poem Akhmatova love was not described as a happy feeling.Yes, it is always a strong, bright, but fatal.Moreover, the tragic outcome of events may be dictated by various factors: disparity in social status, jealousy, treachery, indifference partner.Akhmatova said about love is simple, but at the same time solemnly, without diminishing the value of this feeling for everyone.Most of her poems related, they can select a kind of lyrical story.An analysis of the poem "clasped her hands under the dark veil" confirms this idea.

to the category of love poetry can be attributed to a masterpiece called "gray-eyed king."There Akhmatova speaks of adultery.Gray-eyed king - lyrical lover - killed in hunting accident.But nemnogoznachno poet alludes to the fact that this had a hand in the death of the husband of the heroine herself.And so perkrasno sounds the end of the poem, in which the woman looking into the eyes of his daughter, his eyes gray ... It would seem banal betrayal of Anna Akhmatova was able to raise deep poetic feeling.

classic case misalliance shows Akhmatova's poem "You are my letter, dear, do not crumple."Heroes of that work are not given to be together.After all, it has to be kept for him by anyone but a stranger.

"clasped her hands under the dark veil": the theme and the idea of ​​the poem

Broadly speaking, the theme of the poem is love.However, if more specific, we are talking about the separation.The idea of ​​the poem is that love often commit any acts rashly and without thinking, and then regret it.Also, Akhmatova says that your favorite show is sometimes apparent indifference, while in the shower at them - a real storm.

lyrical story

Poet depicts the moment of parting.The heroine, vykriknuvshaya unnecessary and insulting words to her lover, hurry him up the steps, but catching up, can not stop him.

characteristic lyrical

Without characteristics of lyrical impossible to make a full analysis of the poem."Clasped her hands under the dark veil" - a work in which appear two characters: a man and a woman.She has talked nonsense hastily, drunk "tart sadness."He - with apparent indifference - she says: "Do not stand in the wind."Akhmatova does not give the other characteristics of their heroes.For her, it makes their actions and gestures.This is a characteristic of Akhmatova's poetry all: not to talk about feelings directly, and use the association.How does the heroine?She squeezes his hands under the veil, she runs so that does not apply to a railing that shows the greatest stress mental strength.She does not speak, she cries breathlessly.And on his face seemed to have no emotion, but his mouth twisted "painful", which indicates that the lyrical hero not all the same, his indifference and tranquility - ostentatious.Suffice it to recall the poem "Song of the last meeting," which also says nothing about feelings, but gives inner excitement, profound experience of ordinary, seemingly a gesture: the heroine wears a glove on her left hand on his right hand.

analysis of the poem "clasped her hands under the dark veil" shows that his love poems Akhmatova building as a lyrical monologue in the first person.Therefore, many people mistakenly start to identify with the heroine of the poet.It should not.Due to the first-person narrative poems become more emotional, confessional and believable.In addition, Anna Akhmatova often used as a means of direct speech characteristics of his characters that adds liveliness of her poems.