Boris and Tikhon: Comparative characteristics of data characters

Comedy "Thunderstorm" - is one of the most famous works of Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky.The idea works, you can explore the characters forever.Images of the characters in "The Storm" is quite remarkable.Problems

play "Thunderstorm"

all the characters in the drama "Thunderstorm" can be divided into 2 groups: the older and younger generations.The older is Kabaniha and Wildlife.They are the representatives of the patriarchal world, ruled by selfishness and misery.Other characters suffer from the tyranny Kabanihi and Wild.This is especially Barbara, Katerina, Boris and Tikhon.Comparative characteristics of the characters showing that all the characters come to terms with his fate, and only Catherine is not able to go against their conscience and their desires.
All work "Thunderstorm" is devoted to the history of the heroine Catherine.She is a member of a love triangle.Katerina has to choose between the two men, and these men - Boris and Tikhon.Comparative characteristics of these characters w

ill help to understand in detail the behavior of the characters of the play.

fate of Boris

Before analyzing the character of Boris, you need to become familiar with its history.

Boris - not Native Kalinov.He gets there by the will of the parents.Boris should get to the inheritance, which for the time being in charge of the Wild.For good behavior and obedience Wild shall give the inheritance to Boris, but readers will understand that because of the greed of the Wild this will never happen.So Boris has to remain in Kalinowo and live according to the rules established by the Wild and Kabanihoy.

fate of Tikhon

Among all the characters Ostrovsky allocates two heroes, two men - is Boris and Tikhon.Comparative characteristics of these heroes can tell a lot.

Tikhon depends Kabanihi - his mother.He has to obey her in everything.Kabaniha do not hesitate to get involved in the personal life of his son, dictating how he should treat his wife.His daughter Catherine Kabaniha literally szhivaetsya with light.By Katherine Kabaniha constantly finds fault.

Once Tikhon forced to go to another city for a few days.The reader sees clearly how he was glad to the opportunity to be alone and to show their independence.

total between Boris and Tikhon

So, we have two characters - is Boris and Tikhon.Comparative characteristics of these characters is impossible without analyzing their lifestyle.So, both characters live with tyrants, both heroes are forced to submit to another's will.Both heroes lacks independence.Both characters like Catherine.

At the end of the play, both are suffering after the death of Catherine.Tikhon left alone with his mother, and Boris Wild ordered to leave Kalinov.Of course, an inheritance to him after the incident with Katerina certainly not seen.

Boris and Tikhon differences

differences between Boris and Tikhon more than common.So Boris and Tikhon - comparative characteristics.The table appended below will help systematize knowledge about these heroes.

Boris Tikhon
relationship with Katherine Boris ready for anything.He risks his reputation, the reputation of Catherine - a married woman.His love is passionate, open and emotional. Tikhon loves Katherine, but it puts the reader at times called into question if he loves her, why does not protect against attacks Kabanihi?Why does not feel her pain?
relationship with the other characters of the play Boris operates under the cover of Barbara.Kalinov Night - a time when all the young people out into the streets with songs and romantic moods. By Tikhon are good, but his relationship with the other characters said little.The only thing that is remarkable - it is his relationship with his mother.He's in it to some extent loves and tries to respect, but on the other hand, he felt it was wrong.

These Boris and Tikhon.Comparative characteristics of the characters listed in the table above, rather brief and succinct.It is worth noting that readers are mostly sympathetic Boris than Tikhon.

The basic idea of ​​the play "Thunderstorm"

Feature Boris and Tikhon said that the two men liked Catherine.However, neither the one nor the other could not save her.Catherine ran off a cliff into a river, it has not been stopped.It Boris and Tikhon, comparative characteristics of which have been given above, had to save her, had to rebel against the government Kalinovskys tyrants.However, they did not succeed, and the lifeless body of Catherine was carried out of the river.

Kalina - a town that lives by its own rules.Dob named Katerina "ray of light in the darkness," and indeed it is.Katherine was not able to change their fate, but maybe it will change the life of a city.Her death - this is the first accident that broke patriarchal family.Kabaniha and wild feeling that young people coming out of their power, which means that change is coming.

Thus, Ostrovsky was able to show not only the family tragedy.Before us is a tragedy of the whole city, dying in the despotism of the Wild and Kabanihi.Kalinov - this is not a fictional city, but such "Kalinov" a lot throughout Russia.