The series of novels "Angelica": all the books in order.

Angelica - the main character of a series of historical romance books couples of French writers.The action of the novels takes place in the seventeenth century and is full of not only a curious historical details, but amours main adventuress, which is Angelica.All the books in order to read the very interesting.


In fact, Anne and Serge Golon - a pseudonym couples.Simon and Vsevolod Shanzhё dovish met in the 40s in the French Congo, where both worked.Their romance quickly turned into a deep feeling and love married.

Vsevolod Sergeyevich emigrated from Russia when the Civil War began.He wished with all his heart to join the White Army, but failed.In 1920, he settled in France.His father was the king's consul in Iran.

Vsevolod pigeon's always been a creative person, engaged in painting, writing notes.

Shanzhё Simon was born in the family of a French sailor.From an early age the girl dreamed of becoming a painter or a writer.With eighteen years of age she began to publish books under the ps

eudonym Joel Dantern.After her marriage with Simon Vsevolod Golubinovym he settled in Versailles.

History novels

After returning from Africa dovish could not find work in France.After the war, life was pretty hard.Besides their first child was born.Together the pair published a book of memoirs about Africa, but it is not a success.

Later Simone had the idea of ​​writing a historical novel of adventure.Golubino days and nights spent in the library of Versailles, Simon invented the characters, the plot and story lines.She wanted to become the main character is fragile, but at the same time an incredibly strong woman.So head writer appeared green-eyed blonde Angelica.Anne and Serge Golon with redoubled zeal got down to business.And I must say, not without success.Artwork produced success and is popular to this day.

novels are real historical figures (Louis XV, Prince of Conde), along with fictional characters (Geoffrey de Peyrac, Angelica).All the books in the order of writing dated from 1956 to 1985-th.The series consists of thirteen books.The last four of Simon (Anne Golon) appends one, since her husband died of a stroke in 1972.

series of novels can be conditionally divided into two parts: the first six books of the action takes place in Europe (the Old World) and partly in Barbary, and the rest - in the New World (the forts of America and Canada).

"Angelica in the Old World"

Angelica - the daughter of an impoverished nobleman, Baron de Sens de Montel.At seventeen years old girl, even against their will, marrying Count de Peyrac, Toulouse wealthy nobleman, who is jealous of the king himself.

Earl falls in love with Angelica at first sight, but she is afraid of her husband lame and disfigured.But then the love in her heart overcomes fear, and it turns out that Geoffrey de Peyrac - it is a passion of her life.

Everything changes when the happy couple moved to Paris.Geoffrey accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.All his fortune away to the royal treasury, and Angelica, to save their lives, have long wandering in the street.Great lady has known poverty, cold and hunger, she had been at the bottom of Paris.But being the kind of strong, do not give up and find a way out.She was married to a royal pet, Marshal of France Philippe du Plessis-Beler, she again wins Versailles.

Angelica Life is full of joys and sorrows, ups and downs.From the luxurious court lady, she instantly turns into a sultan's concubine, again she loses her husband and thinks her youngest son died in the ocean.But life gives her a surprise after surprise.

Old World became a symbol for the woman pain and sorrow, and she trusts his life and the lives of their friends fearsome pirate Reskatoru who is willing to take them on the new land.The reader has no idea what twist of fate awaits the main character soon.And what choice will have to do Angelica.

All the books in the order of the Old World:

  1. "Angelica. Marques of Angels" (1956).
  2. "Angelica. The road to Versailles" (1958).
  3. "Angelica and the King" (1959).
  4. "Unrestrained Angelica" (1960).
  5. "Angelica in the rebellion" (1961).
  6. "Angelica in Love" (1961).

conditional second part includes seven books that tell about family reunification Peyrak about their life on undeveloped lands.New World returned to Angelica love of her life, all her children were alive and well.She loves and is loved.But not all will develop in the new life the way she wants.

"Angelica in the New World"

New World is fraught with many dangers.Even here on the pristine land, the heroes have to face the envy and malice, hatred and treachery.It may seem that Geoffrey and Angelica is no longer able to resist the evil rock, but their love and devotion to each other will help to overcome adversity.Geoffrey - a strong, courageous and strong-willed man, cheated death several times, and she - fearless, indomitable, his Angelica.

All books in order:

  1. "Angelica in the New World" (1964).
  2. "Angelica Temptation" (1966).
  3. "Angelica and Demon" (1972).
  4. "Angelica and conspiracy Shadows" (1976).
  5. "Angelica in Quebec" (1980).
  6. "Road of Hope" (1984).
  7. "Angelica Victory" (1985).

film adaptation

series of novels about Angelica has attracted a lot of attention, and in 1964 he was the first novel into a movie.The main role it has performed a great French actress Michele Mercier.

also four years was filmed four more films.And there was in France in the 60s character, which could be compared Angelica.Anne and Serge Golon were completely happy with his novel adaptations.

In 2013, director Ariel Zeitoun took his version of the story of Angelica.