The image of Bella in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" Lermontov

image of Bela in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" - one of the most memorable and exciting.Proud character, devotion to their traditions, sincerity in all, the ability to selflessly love - these are the main qualities of this character, opposed to the work of the romantic Undine and secular beauty Mary.

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tragic fate of women devoted to the first chapter of the work.The image of Bella in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" is given through the eyes of her Maxim Maksimych - simple and good man who became an unwitting participant in the events.Within a few months they met, he got to know the character of the princess and the Caucasus has become attached to her soul.Because his story is filled with warmth and compassion for the "poor" Circassian.He recalls how he served in the fort beyond the Terek, which came a young officer.The appearance of Grigory Pechorin and was the cause of the tragic events soon.

It introduces a novel story Circassian Mikhail Lermontov.

«Bella": a summary of the
characters discover

Worldly Prince, Tartar, familiar Maxim Maksimych Russian officers invited to the wedding eldest daughter.During the holiday Petchorin drew attention to the youngest princess.Thin, tall, dark-eyed, sixteen - describes the girl at the beginning of the novel M. Lermontov.Bela immediately struck Grigory their beauty and grace.She, in turn, also noticed a young man and came up to him to compliment a song.Pechorin was familiar with the traditions of the Highlanders, but here everything is decided case.

Maxim Maximovich came refresh and heard the conversation.Kazbich, winner of the best horses in the area, praised his Karagöz and Azamat, the son of the prince, persuaded to give him the horse.He even began to cry, and then offered in exchange for a horse to steal your sister.Kazbich remained adamant, and a quarrel broke out between them.And Maxim Maksimych without suggesting how it might end, talked about Pechorin hear the conversation.Grigory laughed then, and he was up to something - said Lermontov.Bella, as he later clarified he was perceived as an escape from the boredom and frustration.

Victim whim

Unstable around, tired of the world, a young officer in every way trying to find meaning in life.When he first saw the Princess, it seemed he did not look like all the girls, whom he knew.Naturalness and inability to pretend - these are the qualities that, in addition to beauty, it saw Pechorin.And when Azamat appeared in the fortress, Grigory offered him a deal: in exchange for Bela Karagöz.At that moment the young man was sure that she was an angel, which finally sent him a destiny.Perhaps the author would like to emphasize that such thoughts sometimes amused himself and other "heroes of our time."Bela the same night was in the house of Grigory.And the next day when Kazbich drove to the fortress of sheep, Azamat stole Karagöz and more so at home did not appear.


Maxim Maksimych first act angered the young officer, and he insisted on the return of the girls parents.But Pechorin turned out to be adamant - so these were, according to the author, "heroes of our time": Bela remained in the fortress.

Proud, independent, with an innate sense of dignity - the heroine for a long time did not want to obey the Russian officer.It is often sad and sang songs in their own language.By strangers to her people speaking a foreign language.It does not tempt any clothes or expensive jewelry, so loved by other women.Betrayed and insult laws Highlanders act Pechorin Bela long rejected her kidnapper.Maxim Maksimych compares it these days with sulfuric wild, unruly and freedom-loving.Now the eyes glowed like embers Circassian.Actually, they looked like a soul, trying to find where the answers to questions tormented heroine.And without even knowing it, the heroine of his recalcitrance more inflames Pechorin.Now he just went to the goal: to conquer the rebellious Goryanka any cost.Seeing that all efforts are fruitless, Pechorin went to the trick - these too were probably for the author of "heroes of our time."

Lermontov shows that the sense of mature women in her mind gradually.There were moments when Circassian looked at Grigory gently.She learned to understand the Russian language and seemed to trust him.But pride and raise the Highlanders did not allow her to show her feelings: Islam does not allow for such a connection with a man.And just at the moment when the young officer made it clear that all is forgiven with Bela loved him captive, sobbing, she rushed to the man's neck.

Love Circassian

image of Bela in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" is the reader's admiration and compassion.Fracture itself, the heroine devoted himself to his first love.According to Maxim Maksimych in his feelings, sincere and touching, she was beautiful: the blush on his cheeks glowed, and the fun and pranks became her constant companions.This went on for four months, until Pechorin not lost interest in his dzhanechke.Once he admitted Maxim Maksimych that, as it turns out, love Circassian not much better than the love of a noble woman.Young people increasingly began to be away from home, and in front of Bella, who once again dimmed and looked with sadness, tears glistened.And no words can convince her, Grigory loves her still.But even in such moments Bela did not forget that she is the daughter of Prince.Ready to leave, so as not to feel in the role of an abandoned woman, testified innate pride - emphasizes Lermontov.

«Bella": a summary of the episode of death

Once the officers had gone away from the fortress.On this day Circassian became an instrument of revenge does not accept the loss of his horse Kazbich.He stole the girl alone to go down to the river.And having found the chase, mortally wounded by plunging a dagger into a beautiful chest.

fate of the heroine released two more days.The image of Bella in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" from the start devotion embodies the traditions of the eastern people.Dying, she never for a moment forget about his beloved and regretted that their souls will not meet in the other world.But when Maxim Maksimych invites her to accept the Christian faith, a beauty refuses.She raised according to Muslim traditions and unwilling to change his home and the people.


In the novel "A Hero of Our Time" image of Bela most light and innocent.The life of women is largely dependent on others: the will of the father who had betrayed her brother exploit Pechorin.Circassian in the story says little and only in communion with Maxim Maksimych sometimes complains that Grigory stopped loving her.But the description of the eyes and actions of Bela give a complete idea of ​​what's going on in her mind.And the sincerity of feelings, coupled with the inability to pretend to call the reader's respect and admiration.

In conclusion, we note that after reading the story bitterness arises from the fact that such Pechorin "heroes of our time" - Lermontov has repeatedly stressed the typical image - can easily and with impunity to intervene in the lives of others and destroy them.