V. Krapivin "Boy with a sword" - summary

Vladislav Krapivin - Ural outstanding writer, whose name is well known to fans of adventure and fantastic literature.His books are read by people of all ages, from young children and teenagers to young and middle-aged people.And all because the creativity of the author's surprisingly diverse, original and bright.

article we will speak about a book that embodies the main features of the creative world of the writer.This adventure trilogy "The boy with the sword", a summary of which can be summarized in three words: "Friendship, courage and honor."

About the Author

Vladislav Krapivin was born in 1938 in Tyumen.He studied at the Faculty of Journalism of Ural State University, simultaneously engaged in literary circles.Songwriting talent discovered in himself as a child and continued to write until now.To his credit dozens of short stories, novellas and novels cycles.

world of children and adolescents is revealed in all the books that are written Krapivin."The boy with the sword" is no exception.W

hy school age?The fact that the endless stream of creative ideas of the writer has been inextricably linked to his teaching activities - work in the detachment he created "Caravel", where teens of all ages engaged in maritime affairs, journalism and fencing.

His exceptional talent as a writer, his sincere love for children, understanding their thoughts and experiences - all combine to create a recognizable artistic world, a major part of which are the so-called Krapivinskii boys and girls.

About the Book

novel "The Boy with the sword", a summary of which you can read in this article, is a trilogy.It consists of three parts and an epilogue.This is one of the most famous works Krapivina.I write books for two years, from 1972 to 1974, and was first published in the journal "Pioneer" in parts.

Trilogy imbued with the spirit of friendship, adventure, courage and honor.It is based obviously traced autobiographical motifs associated with the work in the unit Krapivina "Caravel".The book is written in a realistic style, like most of the works of the writer at the time.

This is a story about true friendship, follow their ideals and faith in a fairy tale.You, too, will plunge into this pure, sincere, wonderful world, started reading the book "The Boy with the sword."


central character of the trilogy - sixth grader Sergei Kakhovsky.Straightness and courage, sincerity, honesty and imagination lead him through life.The book tells how in difficult situations gradually formed and developed high moral ideals of the boy.This path leads him to a fencing school "Espada".Sergei Kakhovsky is the boy with a sword.

Heroes narrative as the young and adults alike, were very realistic.It is no wonder that many readers would like to meet and make friends with the main character.I consider him a real person, and even Krapivin wrote asking for the address of a noble and brave boys.

Such a strong passion for the book at one time inspired many students to create their own extra-curricular organizations such as described in the trilogy of "Espada".

Reader Reviews

readers of all generations together talking about what an amazing book "The Boy with the sword."Summary course, can not convey the atmosphere of the story, filled with the spirit of true friendship and faith in higher ideals.

among small and large works that Krapivin wrote, "The Boy with the sword" has a special place.Many of today's adults loved this book back in my childhood.There are also many who have read it, already a mature man.And many of today's young people read "The Boy with the sword" for the first time.It is obvious that this book will be read by many more generations of boys and girls as well as adults, which make sense in the story reflected the moral ideals.