Military literature: general list.

Patriotic War, as well as the very hard times mid-1940, will long remain in the memories of those who had witnessed those terrible events.Following the film, every year to create a film about the war, the literature does not lag behind.Its only drawback - compared to the movie of the book about the battles cause less interest.Military literature, a general list of books to be read, a detailed study of the most striking examples - the topic of today's article.

Young patriots

Hope Nadezhdin did not think to become a writer.And even more, producing prose works for children, it is not assumed that once she would have to write about the war.Schoolgirl, the heroine of her novel "Partisan Lara", leaves his home village, but will not be able to come back - the Germans occupied the occupation.Together with her friends she went to the brigade headquarters, but it did not take because of the young age.And so I go to the front and the main thing - to save his family!Without the approval of the foreign girl de

cides to become a partisan.Dressed in rags, it merges with nature, enters the village, watching the Germans, noting some details: arrival time of the train with cargo scheme of construction time, the number of weapons ... Did Lara to release their loved ones?The story of how much young children can do for their country, - a masterpiece that boasts military literature.The general list of all the books of this area is complete without a story in 1988 "Partisan Lara."

Prisoners give word

native Lithuania Maria Rolnikayte came to the concentration camp in 1941.She personally witnessed the horrors of the prisoner detention, and a few years later wrote a book about it.Maria and to this day remains almost the only writer, tells of the heroism and the plight of the Jewish people, especially in the brutal war.

military fiction presented the book "Alone with the memory."In it, unlike his other works of Maria pays little attention to autobiographical facts.In addition to describing occurring on the battlefield events, "Alone Memory" tells the story of the difficult choices that had to be done.Sometimes, to survive, must be killed.What can tormented inhabitants of the occupied cities to save his own life?

We're from the future

No, the movie about the war with the same name, this novel has nothing to do.But, definitely, to draw parallels with the general idea of ​​the narrative is not difficult.The past is a memory.But what if the story itself make contemporaries feel the all the "charm" of the war?Several main characters find themselves in 1942.The thick of the bloody events forces them to choose - they can stay or go, keeping the present and the past and forever changing the course of events ... The list of military literature deservedly gets interesting novel Alexei Ivakin "We die yesterday."According to readers, in its pages the author reliably moved to the front, showed the fullness of tragedy.

vivid memories

main characters of Edward Verkin long been retired.Behind those years were.Sitting at the head of a large family, surrounded by the aroma of kebabs and loved his grandchildren, he suddenly tries to discover the remains in the memory of the event, when the yard was winter 1942.Fulfilling another request of his relatives, he remembers the mud and impassable snowdrifts captive Germans, grenades and stew, warm fire and a soft blanket.And yet - the number of the Nazis, which he interrupted.Together with Dima alongside Sanych was that, as he believed that to reach the end - his main duty ...

"Cloud Regiment" in 2012 is not the first work Verkin writing on historical themes.Warm welcome and return library circulation suggest romance bright, which boasts modern military literature.

remember.Do not forget

again raising the subject of concentration camps, literary critic Tatiana de Rosnay is reflecting on who and why allowed back in 1942, to destroy their fellow countrymen.Thousands of Jews are languishing in anticipation of Auschwitz.But they still do not know about the imminent death.Little Sarah wants to quickly return to Paris, the city, separated from her 4-year-old little brother, whose salvation was locked in the closet.After the camp, Sarah arrives in France recovered, but would be late ...

"Sarah's Key", released in 2007, immediately won critical acclaim.And he gathered an army of a million admirers Tatiana worldwide.The novel takes the leading place among the best sellers.Three years later, he was made into a movie.The main role played by the actress Kristin Scott Thomas.

Which components can be identified speaking about works like this?They all bear the imprint of tragedy, pain, despair, zipped parties to those terrible events over the years.Of course, the attitude of the present generation, ready to continue to honor the memory captivating.Particularly pleased that this rich contemporary art military literature.

general list of books that make up the classic military topics, these can be supplemented by a number of works:

  • "All Quiet on the Western Front," "Spark of Life" (Erich Maria Remarque);
  • "Babi Yar" (Anatoly Kuznetsov);
  • "Tomorrow Was the War", "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..." (Boris Vasilyev);
  • "Darkness at Noon" (Yuri Slepuhin);
  • "The silence of the heavens," "Road to Eternity" (Helmut Weisswald);
  • "Operation" Faust "(Evgeny Fedorov);
  • "The breakthrough are penal battalions" (Yuri Pogrebov).

Encyclopedia for generations

Who said that only fiction can become the basis of a book?The documentary style - the most common area, which is rich in military literature.Prose goes by the wayside, giving way to historical records, laid the basis for this record as it prepares for over twenty years."1443 day and night ..." literally recreate the early days of Nazi attacks, is surrounded by countries with several fronts.The authors have processed thousands of memories of soldiers, historians, extracts from official documents.Do not forget about the letters from the front, filled with drama, and honor.This book is intended for a wide audience, while remaining significant scientific work about the Great War.

rich military literature

total list, along with the above-mentioned examples diluted technical literature.For those who want to touch history, not only in works of art should be advised various series of books and periodicals.All of them are dedicated to World War II, but are interesting scientific content.

military technical literature tells about the period of service with the Soviet Union, 1941-1945, aircraft carriers and anti-submarine ships, participated in the battles.A separate theme is devoted to the combat arms - the reader is presented full-tank guns, anti-aircraft, missiles.Particularly interesting will be able to learn how to define and which consisted of a soldier's uniform, which used the basics of equipment and camouflage, as well as any awards and distinctions developed in the past awards as the Great Patriotic War.