"One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich": summary.

been in the history of Soviet literature works, published for mass circulation, and then suddenly becomes taboo.At first they simply withdrew from the library, and then began the hunt for the already printed copies.Then it became risky to have a typewritten copy (replication tools like light Copier then almost was not, and for the available enterprise sets strict control).In the end, big risk even those who read one story or a novel, by virtue of their verbal abilities trying to verbally express at least their summary."One day of Ivan Denisovich" - one of those works.


In 1951, Alexander Solzhenitsyn has matured the creative idea of ​​the story, after reading that, the residents of the Soviet Union would be able to judge the conditions and details of life in prison camp inmates.It was in northern Kazakhstan, where the future Nobel laureate was serving a sentence.From dawn (the rise was set at five in the morning) before hanging up the main character lived a whole life full of anxieties, labors

, risk and hardship.This was, in fact, plan the work and its summary."One day of Ivan Denisovich," described the everyday work of the multi-million dollar one person "labor army", forged the economic might of the Soviet regime.These are the "convict" created a large share of the gross domestic product of the Soviet Union on a par with the powerless and humiliated peasants, robbed and always hungry.About the farmers in this story, too, says the main character, naive desire wondering soldiers returning from war avoid the sad fate of the slave and apply for any job away from his village, it is desirable in the city.However, the realities of life prisoners were harsher than those of the poorest workers of the collective farm.The story then existed only in the imagination of the writer, on his paper he suffered later in Ryazan, where vacant Solzhenitsyn settled in 1957.

One Day In 1959, the Soviet Union fought not only against world imperialism, but also with the remnants of voluntarism, Stalinism, and other "isms" that hinder the forward movement to a brighter future.It so happened that the story written by a former inmate was assigned to the literature, located at that time, in modern terms, "trend" or "mainstream".He did not think the writer as a way to achieve fame and success, but in this case was a simple luck.The head of the party and state Nikita Khrushchev in his speech at the XXII Congress of the CPSU hammered the final nails in the coffin of Stalinism (at least he thinks so), preparing the removal of the body from the mausoleum of the former leader.It was then that the author dared to present his work at the court of Anna Samoylovna Berzer, fiction editor of the popular magazine "New World".She went with the manuscript to the chief editor Tvardovsky and gave him a summary of the story "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich", changing the name of the writer in the Ryazan.Hitting the target was, it seemed, wholly-owned, but the risk is still not excluded.

hard way manuscript

At first glance, the product fully meets the party's line, declared on XX, XXI and XXII Congress, condemned the "excesses".In 1961, it was fashionable to denounce Stalin, but still should "keep up appearances in every ugliness."A. Twardowski himself, being a master of the pen, praised the artistic quality of the story and gave it a high score, and then handed the manuscript of his fellow men in the shop, gave a preliminary summary."One day of Ivan Denisovich" read Ehrenburg, Marshak, Paustovsky, Fedin and Chukovsky, who also expressed admiration.The case for small: to enlist the support of the chief literary critic - of Nikita.First Secretary, is usually very busy, this time reacted to the request of the members of the Union of Soviet Writers carefully.His care is not only a summary."One day of Ivan Denisovich", which is a paraphrase of the word Fadeev interested Soviet leader was Read, evaluated and approved.


So eleventh (November) issue of "New World" in 1962 with Solzhenitsyn's text went into circulation.96,900 magazines were swept from the shelves of bookstores and stalls Sayuzdruk.Followed 25,000th additional issue, but it does not quench the thirst of hungry harsh truth of the Soviet people.Summary of the book "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" set out in the smoking room and in the kitchen, was quoted in a whisper (very few people believed in the permissiveness), and sometimes in a loud voice (the most courageous supporters of party democracy).In January next year, "Roman-gazeta" broke the record for mass and left 700,000th edition by typing the same old story.Another hundred thousand readers to the author added the publishing house "Soviet writer", releasing a separate volume.Even in the most reading country in the world (as it were) the total amount of over one million printed copies were infrequent phenomenon.Solzhenitsyn accepted in the Union of Soviet Writers.

Lost in Translation

product was known in the Soviet Union and beyond.Western readers accustomed to digests and not loving themselves bore length of the text was fine summary."One day of Ivan Denisovich," Solzhenitsyn wrote a fairly complex language, full of lager concepts and jargon.How to explain to the French that the word "asshole" actually means not the "little fool" and concluded, happily perched on the sloppy post at the point the power or bolnichke (in turn - a medical facility in the camp).The main thing is that the learned reader, who lives "over the hill", is that in the USSR human rights are not respected, and the plant may be any.And, oddly enough, this simplistic view is quite consistent with the idea of ​​the author's works.


working title was originally "Sch-854" - a camp number written on a piece of material sewn to the padded jacket protagonist on his back and chest.The story Solzhenitsyn "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich," replete with details of prison life, by which the author refers to the range of interests and aspirations of the people who have been the will of the all-powerful secret police slave mode.They dream of a little rest (sometimes just a few minutes more positions), they want to happen storm, which frees them from having to go to the hard work.Then still have to catch up, but this is after.Get a little more bread or a ladle with a piece of solder-other frozen potatoes - good luck.How could it all together even masterfully written summary?"One day of Ivan Denisovich" - a tale woven out of the ordinary details of life, a man who did not understand even the most imaginative, if he has not experienced anything like it.


And yet there are stories in the narrative to be retelling.This biography of the characters, people of different fates and character.Ivan Denisovich Shukhov fought, he comes from a peasant family.All his fault is that he was in captivity.There are a Baptist Alyosha, he's all clear.Caesar figure cinema filmed some not so, as necessary, a movie, but never finished the job.Young Western Ukrainian Gopchik helped his fellow villagers, Bandera departed into the woods.Naval officer in the service of the Bund was familiar with the English, he went with them to Archangel, but after the war was a gift from his British counterparts, and the more guilty.In general, a lot of characters, each of them distinctive, and if we describe them all, it is unlikely to get a summary."One day of Ivan Denisovich" is a slice of the social society, made a sharp ax Stalinist justice.It raises questions about the nature of communist ideas and suggests its system depravity.This is the reason that in the seventies it was forbidden to work.