"The Vampire Diaries" books on order.

from overseas to us stepped first book "The Vampire Diaries" and then the fantasy film adaptation of Lisa Jane Smith.Gained incredible popularity of the book and TV series about the life of vampires and other mystical creatures among people these days.The plot contains a variety of unique lines of events and characters.Fantasy, horror and romance are intertwined in the works of Smith.They captivate the reader into the fictional world and make believe in its existence.

biography and creativity

Today, Lisa Jane Smith is known worldwide for his books.The most famous work of the writer - The Vampire Diaries.According to his mother of the writer, his first creative work began to create Lisa, barely learned to talk.Mom wrote down poems and stories that are invented her daughter, who could not even read and write.Having learned to read, the girl began to look for magic and magic is not only in children's books, but also in adults.She believed that a miracle to happen.She waited, but as is usually the case,

the magic happened.And she decided to create his own.
At school Lisa began working on his first book, which has been at the university.The debut novel by a writer called "Night of the solstice."Big response from the readers of the work did not cause.Lisa did not despair and continued to do magic and magic in the pages of his books.Youth, beauty, characterized by a strong character all the characters Smith, many of which relate to the supernatural beings.

Without Lisa worked as a teacher, it is completely absorbed writing.And soon, she released a number of interesting works: "Valorous Heart," "The Secret Circle", "The Forbidden Game" and "The Vampire Diaries."Order books were published in 1991 and 1992.

first trilogy of bloodthirsty vampires has been accepted by the public with great success.Readers won a story in which vampires were presented not only as something supernatural, horror and pressurizing inflicting a fatal blow to all mankind, and the heroes who know how to love, to forgive and to help.

Despite the dizzying success of The Vampire Diaries, the author had to go on a long sabbatical.The reason was problems in his personal life.

«Vampire Diaries" books on the order of the publication

If a man does what he likes and puts in his soul, can not get bad.And if that person also is talented by nature, the result exceeds all expectations and conquer others for their quality.In 2009, Lisa burst into the hearts of readers, and everyone knew about her talented work.The main fame and love of the audience was brought to her, "The Vampire Diaries."

order books were published in the following chronology:

  • «Awakening" (1991).
  • «Hunger" (1991).
  • «Rage" (1991).
  • «Dark Alliance" (1992).
  • «Return: Darkness falls" (2009).
  • «The Return: Shadow Souls" (2010).
  • «Return: Midnight" (2011).
  • «Hunters: Phantom" (2011).
  • «Hunters Moon Song" (2012).
  • «Hunters: The pace of Destiny" (2012).
  • «Salvation: The Invisible" (2013).
  • «Salvation: The unspoken and unexpressed" (2013).
  • «Salvation: Exposed" (2014).

better to read books in order, because they are united by one story line, the beginning of which lies in the "Awakening."It should be noted that after the publication of the first of seven books sold Lisa copyrights publisher.Therefore, other books written by other authors with the preservation of the storyline.Today, the author continues to delight its readers a wonderful job.

«Vampire Diaries": books

In order published book series "The Vampire Diaries" since 1991.History, conquered the world, can not be called trivial (at least at that time).Two brothers-vampire falls in love with a girl.Senior, Elena Gilbert will face the dark world and learn that the real world around her is not the same as it seems.
first book, "The Vampire Diaries.Awakening »acquaints the reader with the characters: a beautiful girl, Elena and two brothers-vampires.Both brothers are making love girls, but she chooses Stefan and remain faithful to him.Rejected Damon, already hates his brother, Stephen satisfied disappearance.Elena believes that a loved one is alive.She realizes that Damon was involved in his disappearance.The search leads her to the cemetery.

book number 2

«The Vampire Diaries.Hunger "- continuation of the story of Elena, Damon, and her lover.Damon courtship became more persistent, but Elena adamant.And because Damon did not help her in search of Stephen, she draws her friends Bonnie and Meridit.It turns out that Bonnie - hereditary witch.

addition supernatural Elena will face problems with human meanness and treachery.Her friend steals a diary in which she kept a record of his personal life, including love with a vampire.Former girlfriend Caroline intends to make public the personal records of Helena.But Damon returns a blog owner, for which he receives the gratitude and goodwill beauty.Although she soon changed her mind.
In this part of Elena feels that she was being followed and they want to kill her.To escape, the girl gets into an accident, her car would sink.Escape yourself Elena fail.

Book number 3

«The Vampire Diaries.Fury "is full of events, intrigue, meetings and heroes who tightened the reader in the fictional town of Fell's Church.In this book, Elena transforms into a vampire, hatred and enmity between the brothers is getting sharper.More people in the secret vampire triangle.Elena learns of his teacher terrible things.And in addition to all declared former lover Stefan and Damon Katherine.Double Elena Gilbert half a century ago faked his death in order to take possession of the Salvatore brothers.She did not work and had to seek help from the oldest.Elena will save the city, save ... and die.
«Rage" does not end the mystical story.Under pressure from fans of the saga, "The Vampire Diaries" Lisa Jane Smith continued mystical story.

Second Life Blog

adaptation of the book has gained no less popularity and love of the audience.The qualitative survey, twisted scenario and beautiful talented actors have made the series one of the expected.Today, viewers saw six seasons.
-screen version of "The Diary" is always at the top of the ratings, and collects a lot of different awards.Fans of the series is getting bigger every season.All the actors who played in the film, became known thanks to him.
few interesting facts from the life of the actors of the series The Vampire Diaries:

  • Ian Somerhalder (Damon) to the acting career he worked in the modeling industry and has participated in major shows of fashion masters.
  • Candice Accola (Caroline) - is not only a talented actress.No woman has achieved less success in the music industry.Candy's first album released as soon as she graduated from the school.
  • Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) for a long time met in real life.Friends thought that the attitudes of young people go to the wedding, but the couple parted.
  • believed that the "Twilight" and "Vampire Diaries" are fighting for the love of the audience, and accused each other of plagiarism.But this is not so.Actors both films are very well communicated.Once they all lived in the same hotel as the set were there, and the guys had a great time.
  • Paul Wesley (Stefan) was first approved for the role of Damon, but later decided to give him the role of a noble and good vegetarian vampire.
  • Nina Dobrev got to the police station when, noting the success of the show with her friends, went over and put up with alcohol spontaneous photo session on the roadway of the bridge.

Differences books from the series

age-old question: which is better - the book or the movie?Despite the fact that the show was filmed on the story of books by LJ Smith, it is very different from the printed version.Some of the differences that occur at the beginning, are presented in the table.



Elena - blonde with blue eyes, has a four-sister

brown-eyed brunette, who has a younger brother

City,in which the events unfold - Fell's Church

City - Mystic Falls

Caroline and Elena - irreconcilable enemies

Although the girls quarreled throughout the series remain friends

WikiMatt does not brother and sister.Vicki has not been turned into a vampire

Vicki and Matt - siblings.Wiki - a drug addict, and it turned into a vampire

In the book, the second brother vampire named Damon

second brother vampire named Damon, the names of the other characters are also different

the way, the series is very different from the book.The director admits that some scenes rewritten on the set.But Lisa Jane Smith is very happy with the team and the series.