Wakeboarding: what it is, how much and where to study

Among the various sports in recent years become the most popular wakeboarding.What it is, imagine a few, although we can not say that this passion belongs to the category of new ones.Just before riding behind a boat on a water ski athletes, and now - on the board.While most fans of extreme sports on the water believe that the progenitor of wakeboarding is surfing - just as he is the "father" of windsurfing, which uses a board with a sail, kite, which the board follows a kite, and skimbordinga - skating on the board in shallow water, or simply on the wet sand.


On the main advantage of this sport suggests the word "wakeboarding".What is it in Russian?"Wake" from English - wake wave "board" - plaque.That is, a person engaged in them, does not depend on the vagaries of weather.He did not need to catch a wave, shovel, becoming in the right place or wait until you get a breeze.For boat wave is always, and it is only necessary to be able to use.Sometimes, instead of water craft watercraft use, b

ut often only in training for beginners - it has the power and is much lower (though watercraft wins in maneuverability), and the wave is obtained not strong enough.


It should be noted that the board, and the boat wakeboarding have their own design features.The most important thing - the right mover for an athlete.Thus, the boat should have a wide body at the sides, the bottom of a deep V-shaped, the special design of the mast for mounting the towing halyard and lower land.To ensure it takes on board the boat additional ballast, usually in the form of additional tanks filled with water.With these tricks wake field turns high and wide, giving the athlete the possibility to make high jumps and acrobatic somersaults without the cost of extra effort.

In length board wakeboarding is much wider and shorter than the surf.Select it by weight and experienced athletes (heavy is more suitable for training, easy - to hone tricks) in length - the heavier the person, the longer wake at bending - how complex acrobatic scheduled to perform.

Basics for Beginners

So, you are interested in wakeboarding.What is it and how it looks from the outside?The boat is stationary, an athlete with a stern launching pad down into the pond, laid on his back, legs oriented to the boat and holding a short tether (not towing and starting).When the boat starts to move, at a minimum course of rope is pulled, the board actually sticks to the legs, and the acceleration of the athlete stands on a wave.He will find a balance, and you can either go or work out the tricks.

Beginners are not advised to first get too carried away, persistently trying to win from the first wave.It is generally recommended to do a few approaches to the quarter-breaks to rest - wakeboard athlete requires good physical fitness and strength.If you are going to deal with them seriously, in his spare time settling boards do not forget about the trampoline.After working off of jumps and other elements in the water exercises will give it a much simpler, and falls and the formation in the next wave will be much less.

Where engage

Across Europe Wijk parks, there are more than a hundred.In Russia, they are only five.It is best equipped "Water area Summer Zavidovo."There is not only the necessary equipment and qualified instructors, but also additional slides and tools to help you perform rather complicated tricks even for beginners.Those who wish only to try wakeboarding does not seem exorbitant price of 15-minute workout with instructor and equipment rental will cost only 250 rubles (though on weekdays and in the evening and prime-time will have to shell out 400).If you illuminate and decide to buy a private board in prices can be guided by the board for snowboarding - the cost will be approximately the same.

can say that the most colorful, vibrant and affordable entertainment in our latitudes, it is wakeboarding.What is it, you know.Try acrobatics on the water.Perhaps it will become your passion for life.