The image of the Don in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".

Many writers in all ages looking for your idea.In the twentieth century the main theme of most works was the war.Some authors have described the horrors of that time, the other - the heroism of Soviet soldiers, and others have tried to reveal the inner world of man, to the participants of the tragic events.Vividly raises this topic Sholokhov's epic novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".The genius of the author is that he is in the light of the civil war was able to show the main thing - the personal drama of man.The work on the one hand, patriotic, allowing in time to pass the censorship, on the other - very philosophical.It has a rich subtext, understandable, and not all and not the first time.

biography in the works

writer's life no less tragic than the fate of his characters.Michael's mother - of Cossack roots - was forcibly married to a man she did not love.The marriage did not bring happiness, so she decided to take an unprecedented step for the time - went from a spouse to the other.Her companion wa

s Alexander Sholokhov.In 1905 the couple had a son.Illegitimate boy bore the name of his mother's first marriage until 1912.Because of its origin the child does not just become an object of ridicule.Later, the pain resulted in the pages of books.When the parents were married, the baby was given the surname of the father.

childhood took place in the Rostov region.From infancy he was surrounded by wonderful nature, an unusual way of life, interesting customs.Adults promoted the cult of love for the land.Subsequently, these memories came to Sholokhov's novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".

first years of education fell to revolution.Then the child felt the injustice of war.It gave him a sense of honesty, loyalty, which he carried through his life.

Then fate took him to Moscow.There's a guy joined the literary circle, which made the acquaintance of a genius then words.Since 1923, in the newspapers there are the first notes of the writer.Further, he wrote short stories.Not all of his work has been successful, but many of them have become a pass in high literature.

from conception to implementation

Even while working on "The Don Stories" the author has planned a novel that would be recounted about the hard life of Cossacks in one of the most dramatic periods in history.In order to reproduce as precisely as possible the characters, even the man returned to the Don.There October 1925 Mikhail Sholokhov epic begins.

first writer did not plan to create such an extensive book, but with each new event in the author felt the great responsibility.His duty was to explain to the reader the causes of a phenomenon that he described.The key, which opens to the public nature of the characters' actions, become life, traditions, experiences.

whole year master was looking for ideas.When the main themes have been identified, it is actively set to work.

Creating a novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", as well as its publication, took place in several stages.

process of writing a novel should have started with a speech by General Kornilov.Subsequently, the scene entered the fourth book.The first year of the author worked very fruitful from his hands immediately went three parts.Publishes the magazine in January 1928.In May, we saw the light of the 4th and 5th fragments.Next come the first two volumes.Book immediately swept off the shelves.The freshness of ideas, honesty author struck.

The following March, was partly written by the 6th section.Then the activity of the writer falls.When this work was completed, it turned out that the demand fell to the novel.The reason was "wrong" ideological position of the author.Time after time he refused.The matter was put in place only after Stalin intervened.Problems of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" ended.The prince gave permission for publication.

on the third book the author worked for three years.The fourth took twice as long.Therefore, the ending was written in 1940.

ovation and slander

Lightning fame came to Sholokhov after the first two volumes.But with the popularity and people's love of the author pursues a lot of negative criticism.Envious argued that such a young writer is not able to write such a profound work.Every day, the name of the genius sling mud.Detractors even invented the legend of how Sholokhov had stolen lyrics from this author.On the side of the master become friends who scientifically proved that the novel actually - the work of Michael.

Another annoyance was the purpose of the work.Ardent Communists not satisfied Melihov protagonist in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".His political tastes contradicted the realities of the time.And although the writer has stood Stalin himself, the product was repeatedly subjected to merciless criticism and change.It hurt the heart of genius.

dilemma situation and the

Important issues in the work of the author raises.It concerns and the eternal question of the essence of man.Each of his characters - a unique phenomenon.But throughout most epic reader concerned about the fate of the protagonist Gregory Melehova.Sholokhov tried to create the perfect image of the superman.The figure of the Cossacks in the book controversial.

First, it focused features that deserve admiration.The man industrious, brave, very beautiful.He dreams of children.Clean and madly in love.It has the character of amazing strength.But the difficult fate of the character created for Mikhail Sholokhov."Quiet Flows the Don" - a novel that engulfed two bloody wars.And these events break Gregory.In the difficult situations people lose loved ones.He has repeatedly changed beliefs.He was taken prisoner of time.The author compares Melehova the river Don - it is as strong and powerful.And as he worried the storm.The main theme, which is the voice of the author - the struggle of the individual, its loss system.

polarity sense

Throughout the work the main characters - a hostage of his choice.It should be noted that generally two options that offers them the fate - the absolute opposite to each other.The plot is built not only on the history of the Civil War, where the minds of the characters fighting between white and red, and on the line of love, relationship, friendship.Often the first line of the situation became an obstacle for the second and vice versa.

Characterization of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" - a reflection of human experiences the beginning of the twentieth century.Along with the usual ups and downs associated with love, family, work, new, completely strange, unpleasant war landmarks.The struggle between two forces does not allow to build happiness breaks already created.

Sholokhov not the first human psychology reflected in the turbulent years, but it was his work was so popular with readers around the world.The secret of genius - openness.It is equally honestly portrayed both low and high feelings.For him there is white and red, but there is a man and his soul.

Secret name

first author planned to christen a novel titled "Donschina."Under that name, he wrote the first few chapters.But later, when the work has expanded, the name changed.

Starts epic unusual epigraphs that the author borrowed from folk art.Brief synopsis of the poems became, the essence of books.Through these lines opens the image of Don's novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".Unknown has a conversation with the river, he asked why she became cloudy.The answer was unequivocal - the cause of sorrow - the loss of sons, grief of widows, orphans and parents.

And, in fact, is not an easy fate Cossacks.The writer has seen with his own eyes fratricide.He could not reveal to the world the history of their region.

What lies behind Don?

Cossack hamlets scattered throughout Russia.But several centuries was the Don River associated with these glorious, mighty warriors.After the novel's world is more interested in the history of this nation.

book tells about ordinary people who want to work.They love their land of fertility, the cause of which is the river.The image of the Don in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" - is an allegory.The author plays with the imagination of the reader.On the one hand, he talks about a peaceful, quiet life.Then the story changed.The war, the fight is coming to the region.Blue expanse begins to worry.As the wind awakens water, and riots raise the Cossacks.The river - the soul of this nation.The name itself suggests that the mighty Don can be quiet just before the storm, which in the novel embodies the war.

Obscure Character

Nature in the works of classical plays an important role.After all, it is not just a complementary work, and sometimes, it seems to affect the characters.For example, in the novel "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell tenacious land reflects the stubbornness Tara Scarlett.Harsh in England the book Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" - reflection of cruelty Heathcliff.In Russian literature was a master of symbolism Mikhail Sholokhov.The main heroine of the novel made the river.

image of Don in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" has changed with the times and the characters have evolved, supplemented.First, the landscape becomes a reflection of the feelings and the characters.But the author of this immortal work went on.It is not just through the prism of a calm river showed feelings of the characters.By the end of the book the writer creates a contrast effect, and the reader sees how some people are degraded.Dirt, which they poured the war, even the clear waters of the Don are not able to wash off.

Strength wave

special place in the work occupied landscapes.The words that the author picked to portray nature, showed his ability.Even through space and time, the reader feels the author's boundless love for their homeland.Extremely powerful image came from writer Don novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".

Heroes are proud to live in the land of Cossacks.His energy and desire to continue to fight for the happiness they derive from the great river.In these areas people are inextricably linked with the natural world.Each of the characters at one time appealed to the waves in the difficult moments.For example, I came to Aksinya Don for help.When the woman learned that Gregory marry another girl, her heart began to beat painfully.Together with a local fortune teller, she went to the high banks of the water and asked to take her feelings.

rhetorical question

topics that affected the author, remains open.It does not create a perfect person, but as close to the target.Perhaps if Melekhov Gregory was born in another time, he would have lived an easy, happy life.

Mikhail Sholokhov novel suddenly ends.He gives the reader a choice to give in or break time and continue to fight for good.After analyzing the novel, we realize that in fact, a strong man no circumstances will not be able to break.No matter how much pain in your past, if you believe in a good future.Light, which now will warm Cossack become his son.He is the embodiment of the hopes, dreams, river.

Russian bestseller

Despite the fact that the writer knew the life, customs and psychology of the Don Cossacks, from which he came, he felt the great responsibility for the image, which will create.That is why the work took so much time.But the plan failed.Book now several generations remains in the list of favorite products.It has long been popular steel of her quotes."Quiet Flows the Don" has repeatedly filmed.

product is the winner of two famous literary prizes: the Nobel and Stalin.For decades put this scenario performances, tickets are selling out soon.And the protagonist Gregory Melekhov so pleased readers that other writers have used his image in his works.Simplicity, sincerity, ease of Sholokhov's characters will always be in fashion.