Idiom, proverbs and sayings with numbers

Folk wisdom in the form of proverbs and sayings in every nation lived and transmitted from generation to generation since the days when there was no written language.They laid the human observation of the outside world, the actions of other people and the descendants of caution.Sayings from the numeral is no exception.

Modern people, uttering the famous expression, do not even think that use words in his speech of the ancient folk wisdom.So firmly sayings and catch phrases come into our speech as well as numbers.

numbers in a person's life

talk about it.Numbers recently come into our lives that we do not even pay attention to it.They are all around us, but it is only the information transmitted to our consciousness some messages.For example, the number of the bus, the price tag in the store, the size like the costumes, it's all numbers.Proverbs with numbers also become commonplace in our daily lives ("worst-first" - people say, and people can understand that neprichem pancakes here, just somethin

g in the affairs gone wrong).

For ancient people of a puzzle, which they tried to solve.They saw each digit of some hidden meaning.So, zero was their emptiness, which is reflected in these people's statements as "zero attention" (ignoring, indifference), "Round Zero" (he is nothing).

Unit in a national sense - this unity.

Deuce - a duality or the opposite, as the saying goes with numbers, such as "two young will not happen."

Even Pythagoras claimed "everyone in the world - number."Folk wisdom of understanding the numbers is the basis of his sayings, proverbs and riddles.

Sayings with numbers

Sayings are concise expressions that do not have a completion.Many of them in its content resorted to numbers to make it easier to transfer a wise observation - "seven Fridays of the week" (often change plans).

Sayings with numbers can transmit a variety of observations and conclusions:

  1. about greed - to sit between two stools (it is difficult to make a choice), avaricious pays twice talking about people who buy cheap and low-quality goods clearly.
  2. About quickness - kill two birds with means do not go for one thing, but a few."One leg here, another there," says the urgency of the matter.
  3. uncertainty about the situation - "Granny half said," which means no way, no syak unknown.
  4. About crudity actions - "from one word ever quarrel."

As can be seen from the above examples, people have long been able to notice what was going on, and through short sayings with numbers to pass it for the edification of posterity.

Proverbs with numbers

Proverb - a complete summary statements typically didactic nature.The main topics that it addresses:

  1. theme of friendship is one of the most popular folklore.People always appreciate this quality and through proverbs and sayings with numbers gave Youth Council cherish friendship.Woe for two - Polhora, joy for two - two pleasures, so they say.An old friend is better than two new ones, so a short statement learns to cherish the "old" trusted friends.
  2. Subject search of happiness is not spared from the sayings and proverbs numerals."Two centuries is not to live, a century - not to grieve", gave advice to young people the wise old men."One spring in the homeland is better than a hundred springs in a strange land" - the instruction of happiness in his native land.
  3. warning not to act foolishly and thoughtlessly, is also a favorite theme of old wise men when dealing with young people."A fool said, and the other did," so say those who commit acts of someone else's orders, without thinking the consequences.

All proverbs, idioms with numbers teach people wisdom is better than long sermons.

Idiom with numbers

sayings people use everywhere without thinking, where did idioms in their lives.The main reason why people use them, this is painting or gain information that they wish to convey.Thus, decorated phraseology speech becomes more emotional, vivid and memorable.

  1. «Like two peas in a pod," say similar things or people, with an emphasis on the absence of obvious differences between them.
  2. «water on the seventh jelly," is very distant relatives.
  3. «birds of a feather," talk about the similarity of committing indecent acts as related to each other, and distant people.
  4. expression "one finger like" immediately explains that a lone man or an orphan.

Using speech idioms, as well as proverbs, riddles with numbers, people of all countries, enliven your speech, make it more colorful, but also to learn foreign languages ​​is complicated.Ignorance of conversational turns in a foreign language, can give it the meaning ambiguous or obscure, which leads to the most comical situations.

Puzzles with numbers

Today Riddle - a kind of children's folklore, entertainment, aimed at developing the child's logic, attention and associative thinking.In ancient times riddles were part of young people testing their sharpness of mind and ingenuity.Today, unfortunately, it is folklore, which is a little studied in kindergartens and elementary school.

Mysteries, as the Russian proverb with numbers, with numbers help children to associate the question with an answer.For example, the "one leg and a cap, and no head.What it is?".

Calling the numbers of subjects, the mystery as it pushes the baby to the answer - "two look, listen, two, and one says."

To the children it was more interesting to study the bill in math class is useful to apply the puzzle with numbers.For example, "It was a hunter in the woods.I met two hunters, so a mushroom picker.How many people in the woods? ".

Mysteries, which is necessary not only to believe but also to be attentive, develop a logical and associative thinking: "The battleship two front legs and two rear, two left and two right.How many legs armadillo? ".

Thus, riddles, sayings like a numeral, to help children in a playful way to learn numbers and mathematical operations.Such lessons are remembered for a lifetime.

Learning numerals in school

People faced with figures on a daily basis throughout life, and begin to learn at an early age.To a child it was easier to understand what meaning are among colloquially, can be made acquainted with this topic using folklore.For example, 5 sayings with numbers, where they carry a certain sense, giving phrases capacity.

  1. «One is safety in numbers" - the word "one" thing in this phrase means that a person alone will not win the battle.Thus, using a numeral, folk wisdom says that in the fight against one man can not win.
  2. «The promised three-year wait" - with the help of three moves away the promise in the long term.So the people were talking about people who do not keep their word.By adding a numeral, optional feature for people significantly reduced without losing its meaning.
  3. «inside out" is to be well-informed about what is happening or about the subject of conversation.
  4. «Measure twice, cut once" is better than any lengthy instruction says that in any case can not be in a hurry.You should always think twice before you get to work.
  5. «Ten are not knowledgeable one who does."Using a number of different relationships people just noticed that a man of action rather than loafers "experts".

thus creating a numeral sayings, wise people in a short phrase reveals the essence of what is happening.

collective numerals in the study of proverbs

numerals as the parts of speech, the students are in high school at Russian lessons.To memorize the theme is easier, it can be done in a playful way, using sayings with numbers (Grade 6).

Cardinal numbers are memorable when children explain the meaning of proverbs with them.For example, "one head on his shoulders," means that a person has to think and make decisions on their own, as well as responsible for them.

Ordinal numbers are used in folk sayings, indicate the order or sequence of events.For example, a "second wind" says that if the forces seem to be no more, it is possible to overcome weakness and find them.

"Seven of one does not expect", "three convicted, ten of judge", "two deaths does not happen, one can not escape" - saying with the collective numerals helps to remember this part of the speech

Lessons took place in this way, deliver joy to children andstored for a long time as they studied the material.

English proverbs with numbers

proverbs, riddles and idioms inherent wisdom of all peoples.Reasonable British in this case is no exception.Many of their statements have a long history, revealing their national characteristics.For example, "let the thing will lie in your seven years, but eventually it will find its application," says that everything has meaning and has the benefit of all, it is necessary only to find them.

often saying other nations are similar in meaning to the statements in Russian.For example, the English version of «Kill two birds with one stone» (literally "two birds with one stone to kill") is analogous to "kill two birds with one stone" in Russian.

This suggests that the observation is inherent in all people, regardless of the language they speak.

Eastern wisdom

As it is well known that the Eastern sages were able to notice everything around and left to posterity his observations.People from different countries are faced with them since childhood.For example, a proverb from Persia "Two hundred of these words are not worth half made things" exactly notices that say and do, it's not the same thing.

«A good experience is more important than the teachings of the seven wise men", as the proverb teaches Arabic and Korean wisdom advises "not to postpone the matter indefinitely" - "not to postpone the day - all ten will be delayed."

As can be seen from the examples at all times and in different countries, people used numerals, making short instruction to their offspring.

short sayings in their daily lives

Very often people use aphorisms and sayings without thinking about their origin, so they are durable and routinely entered their lives.

Saying usual "forbidden fruit is sweet" person who is committed to ensuring that what is denied him, people do not remember that this statement of Ovid.

The same applies to the summary of statements, which are numbers."Zero attention to" speak of indifferent person "behind the seven seas", so very far away.

Sayings of the Ancient World

as saying that "everything new is well forgotten old" can also be said about the sayings with numbers.Ancient people knew how to notice what was going on in the world around them and left us his legacy.For example, in ancient Egypt, so puffy man said - "Do not think that you are one omniscient!".Latins, who lived 1,500 years ago, left a great legacy of wisdom, such as "double trip over the same stone" still means to make the same mistakes.The ancient Indians were to say "one flower garlands will not do", which means that today, that one can not cope with the case.

As can be seen from the examples, little has changed thousands of years later.Essentially the same problem, wrong actions and noble deeds that fit well into the wisdom of the ancients.


Sayings sayings, proverbs and riddles got people inherited from their ancestors.The task of humanity to acquaint them with the younger generation, so that they continue to continue to live in every nation, passing the wisdom of the people have long been dead.The study of folklore from an early age - is the right approach to ensure that the eternal was with the people in the present.The only way to fix the folk wisdom in the minds of the people and pass it on.