Hunting for grouse spring: how not to miss?

Spring tokovanie grouse, according to those who watched the spectacle is truly stunning and amaze with bright colors and sounds.This bird is one of the most colorful feathered inhabitants of the forest thicket.


Her blue-black plumage, a large trunk, ending lyre-shaped tail, white undertail and cranberry-colored eyebrows.Usually grouse are found in mixed forest, dominated by birch.Their main food is fruit, and with the onset of cold weather - the grain left after the harvest in the grain fields.In winter, the black grouse forced fed exclusively buds of birch.

In this relatively large bird small head and short beak.Males appear significantly larger than females.Their length reaches 58 cm with a weight of one to one and a half kilograms.Females are mottled black grouse, tawny, with transverse dark yellow, black and brown and gray stripes.Outwardly, they look like the grouse, but they are different from the white "mirror" on the wings and a small tail groove.

Females usually emit quick c

luck sounds, often stretched to the end.Males loud murmur.Their loud singing often heard only during mating, which in the middle of our country begins about half or the end of March, and in the north - in mid-April, will continue until the summer.

Terms shooting

Hunting for grouse - spring, winter or any other time - a beautiful and exciting.Extraction of this game has always been considered quite fascinating occupation.Success often depends on how well the shooter is familiar with the habitat and habits and the habits of the black grouse.

Our ancestors have long been popular spring hunting for grouse in the currents.It is no exaggeration to assert that the birthplace of this fascinating craft is precisely Russia.Of particular popularity of hunting grouse spring he got back in the mid-nineteenth century.The existing rules at the time of shooting dates were determined as follows: the game could produce all year round, except for the time from mid-May to mid-July.Hunting for grouse spring begins in March, sometimes even in the snow, and continued until the end of mating.

Types hunting

In the last century this game could produce a variety of ways.It could be hunting for grouse spring out of the hut on tokovische with Skrad with the approach and in floodplains - a boat or the porch.Now the rules have tightened somewhat.This is due to a marked decline in the livestock of this wonderful bird, which was the result of her disorderly destruction.Today, spring hunting for grouse is allowed only on the currents from the shelter.In the summer, in August, allowed production with a dog, and in the autumn - with stuffed.Some use to better shooting and a decoy, attracting their prey.Winter hunting for grouse passes to the wells.No less popular and a way how to approach, but the hunters are attracted primarily a desire to get a great trophy in the spring, when nature wakes up from sleep.But the main thing in this case - place mating detect.

Find tokovische spring

Grouse - Bird fairly constant.Year after year, he chooses the same place for mating.Therefore, if not lazy, you will find it quite easy.After the sounds of Kosachev, sometimes heard a kilometer and more.The main condition for the active grouse mating is a nice spring weather.This bird, as well as all the chicken, not like rainy windy days.On clear mornings quiet tokovanie she is very active.Moreover, night frosts stimulate it even more.

spring outing in search tokovischa necessary at dawn.Going needed without making sudden movements and possibly avoiding public places.Tokuyuschie birds are very careful: they can fly, feeling person at a distance of two hundred meters and beyond.Scare them undesirable because then the birds will be very careful on it.

Features spring hunting on current

For centuries, black grouse, living in most Russian regions, is one of the most popular sites for production.In general, hunting grouse - in the winter, late autumn and, of course, in the spring - hardly associated with the use of special equipment that provides good shooting.The success of this session and dobychlivost depends primarily on knowledge of habitat of game, its habits and habits and, of course, the skillful use of the experience gained.

By grouse hunt hunter should be prepared before the start of the season.Around mid-March, after analyzing tokovisch permanent seats, must be mounted skeletons for building the future of the hut.This must be done in order to tokuyuschie birds can gradually get used to the appearance of "new things" in the field.

To protect themselves from the damp, better sketch into straw or spruce branches.Experienced hunters erect several tents to use them alternately.And at the same current shooting grouse should be conducted not more than two, or at least one day.

How not to miss a tent in

Hunter comes back in the pre-dawn darkness, to stay in it until the early morning shooting grouse.Go to the shelter when the males have already begun to "murmur", in any case impossible.It should not be, and to appear at the hut when tokovanie already begun or are about to be activated.In order not to disperse Kosachev shooting should start only when the game will go into "rage."

Many people think that the best - is hunting for grouse with melkashki invaluable feature is the faint sound of the shot and a small return.You need to aim slowly and very carefully.Pick up a dead fowl, grouse hunting is not over, it is impossible.

with stuffed

It is held usually in late September, when the flocks begin to gather old Kosachev and join them on the sly young and Teterka.

Prior to the formation of thick snow in the morning and evening dawn the bird sitting near the places of accommodation and feeding areas for popular among the trees, mostly on birches.Hunting for grouse stuffed with it is based on the use of the habits of production.

will take the trees on which the game likes to sit, the hunter puts at a distance of twenty meters from their tent.Scarecrow is placed on a thin line and possibly a long pole.That's how it's done correctly, it depends on the success of the hunt.

Scarecrow should look like a bird sitting quietly, without tilting to one side, in this case necessarily breasts against the wind.In the calm of his need to pay in the morning to the east, and in the evening - to the west.As a rule, at the same time exhibiting three or four stuffed at different heights, but one of them must be as close to the top of the tree.

Mining grouse winter

after the first newly-fallen snow begins a great season for shooting the bird with the entrance or approach.I must say that the hunting of black grouse in the winter is difficult with the fallout of heavy snow.Its success depends on a good knowledge of the terrain and the anticipated movement of the pack Kosachev.It can last the whole day, from the time of departure to the place of grouse feeding.For the entrance to it most convenient for the newly-fallen snow ordinary cart, and the snow - wood-sledge.The horse must be chosen nepuglivuyu.It should rule the driver, because the hunter will be difficult to simultaneously shoot and edit.

noticed from a distance sitting in a tree game, wood-sledge or cart should be directed as if they go round a flock round.A large number Kosachev rarely allowed near hunter shot, so make sure it is disperse, and only then, approaching the small groups or lone grouse, start shooting.If grouse sit hunched and quiet sklevyvaya kidney, the staircase can continue.When they pulled the neck, alert and shifting from one foot to the other, or looking around, you need to shoot immediately.

per well

In windy freezing weather Kosachev usually spend the night in the snow.They dive into it from the tree, break through the long course and cork.At the same time on the snow surface is oblong pit.It is based on this and the hunting of black grouse in the wells.

Kosachev flock to sleep in the snow picks sheltered small forest clearing.Therefore, the wells are very close to each other.Birds, going under the snow for about an hour before sunset, carried out under it all night.

Hunting for grouse on holes can take place both at sunset and during the day, if the production remained in hiding.It pits should be approached as quiet as possible.In this case, even after a shot from a small-caliber gun, not all at once raised grouse.This means that the hunter an opportunity to recharge.

Using semolina

Experienced hunters are well aware that the song Kosach on tokovische begins with a kind of "chuffykaniya."By publishing these sounds, the bird starts to jump quite high.After such an original entry begins, "babbling".

Hunting for grouse with decoy based on the ability to mimic human Kosachev published on tokovische sounds, and cries teterok conscription or noise landing on trees pack.Podmanivaniem used primarily when it is impossible to come close to a true shot to sitting on a branch or tokuyuschey game.