Sayings about work - popular wisdom

Who is not familiar scene from the movie "The Adventures of Shurik", where the superintendent-talker, lying on straw, admonishes big man who was sentenced to 15 days, to work hard?In these frames psevdovospitatel with surprising agility gave some of the most famous sayings of the hard work and laziness.

Work ennobles

This united all the sciences - natural, human and social.Even if we ignore the dubious theory of Darwin (it doubted the author himself) that supposedly work has transformed a monkey into a man, it remains no less significant fact: the worker more stupidity than a slacker.On this occasion, people and resigned saying: "Drones much on trickery."

not necessary to identify the job with only hard physical work: she can be expressed in intellectual effort, and in the movements of the soul, and inventions.Wherever you look - everywhere human labor is applied, whether it is transportation home or case, the new bread, books or wells, beautiful dresses and painted utensils, medicines and stroll

ers for kids.In the absence of labor unless there would be such a comfortable and useful things?

Without human effort would not have running water, electricity, telephones, computers, airplanes, and much more.Everything in the world, except for Mother Nature, is the result of human labor.

Why are so revered by the people work?

That's how people that one of his basic needs is self-fulfillment, creativity.This discovery made famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow: his hierarchy of needs with the success enjoyed to this day.

labor - it is always creation, creativity: it raises man to the next stage, opens its resources, gives a sense of its own relevance and significance.The popular expression "realize themselves" - which means to reach their potential, work hard.

lately because of the growing workaholism, load and stress in big cities the word "work" is increasingly acquiring a negative connotation "slavery."There is also a version of the ancient origin of this word, which, alas, deny the "grandfathers" of the science of linguistics: folk memory perceives work as a PA - a particle of God (joy-ra, ra-arc-pa ssvet).The bright and friendly words!Probably, once it had the same meaning and the word "work" until it fell under the millstone of a consumer society.

Folk wisdom impressed this original meaning of the word "work" identical work.

Proverbs and sayings about work

attitude toward labor is similar among all the peoples of the Earth;is hardly ethnicity, which have a negative attitude to work: even the nomadic Gypsies work, though few realize this obligation is specific.

In different traditions, there are a variety of proverbs about work:

  • without difficulty and do not catch the hare.
  • Bummer stuffed worse: it frightens the animals though.
  • fast work, but with flaws.
  • he who reaps sickle always shining.
  • Strange how your business does.
  • learn Bird in flight and human - in their work.

Obviously, very different peoples have a similar understanding of the hard work that resulted in the proverbs of labor.

Russian proverb about the work

Considerable formation of Slavic folk wisdom make proverbs about work:

  • no business to live - the sky's smoke.
  • want to eat cakes, do not sit on the stove.
  • wind up - walk safely.
  • Life is not measured by years and labors.
  • Case Wizard afraid.
  • feeds human labor and laziness - spoils.

Proverbs about the work and the work is not in doubt is how the people treated hardworking people.However, I can not hide one more layer of proverbs, which shows the reverse side of the coin.

"Work is not a wolf"

"It is not necessary", - added the proverbial embarrassment superintendent.Indeed, the saying "Work is not a wolf - the forest will not escape" the voice of a very different perspective on the work.Rather, the proverb about the work reflect the real situation, and in fact at all times were hard workers who are too addicted to work.They ruin the lives of themselves and others.There were bums but parasites on which popular rumor through proverbs laughed and made fun of.

And in our history "happened" is not the most creditable period of feudalism, when serfs "plowed" someone else's cornfield, often at odds with their own talents.What here enjoy their work?Here we were born such contradictory proverbs!However, if you use them wisely, then and today they will benefit everyone.Personal work - to observe the rule of "golden mean."

Here are some popular sayings that temper the ardor of worker and as it tells him that it's time to relax, take care of herself, silently think to devote time to their loved ones.

  • Take in mind, not hump.
  • Work loves fools.
  • interferes deal with idleness - Century will live with joy.
  • God sent the work took so damn hunt.
  • all cases can not be undone.

So people are very observant was, and his sayings laid the rules, without which people simply lose a human face.