A brief image of the inspector in the comedy "The Inspector General": a man without moral principles

Comedy Gogol "Inspector" has long been sold out quotations and sharp comparisons, as they aptly reflect human nature.This work, which the great writer wrote in 1835, true to this day.Because it describes with precision the brightest variety of traits of human nature, in particular its main character.A coward, a braggart, arrogant man - here's a quick way of inspector.In the comedy "Inspector" these traits are disclosed juicy and bright.

Cheating century

this work begins with the fact that in one provincial town are waiting for a very important person - the auditor, who rides with an important test.And here comes my lord, very modest and businesslike.A brief image of the inspector in the comedy "The Inspector General," the author draws a very positive colors.Ivan, was the name of the visitor, very "handsome."He does not make a stunning impression and even unremarkable.But if you look closely to the hero, it is very worthy of attention.

The circumstances were such that the inspector took over an im

portant person.And he, instead of immediately correct a misunderstanding, instantly included in the image.And then it manifested most hidden quality of his character.

Jonah and the little man

usual average person of that time - here's a quick way of inspector in the comedy "The Inspector General", which the author draws us first.He lives in a big city, which is full of various temptations and temptations.But the secular society of the Northern capital refuses to take him into their ranks.After all, the inspector general position is not high enough, but it does not possess special intelligence does not have some sparkling talent.It can be safely attributed to the banal losers who came to conquer St. Petersburg.But his strength - both financial and moral - the hero is clearly overrated.It is usually a small man in a big stolitse.No here destiny gives a chance - to show that you are an outstanding person.And Khlestakov excitedly rushes into this adventure.

district nobility

In a society gets the protagonist?This is an environment gentry, whose representatives are concerned only in order to emphasize its importance and greatness.Every resident of the county town is trying to emphasize the faults of others, to prove that he's the best.Characters "The Inspector General" by Gogol snobby, sometimes silly, but consider themselves to be the local aristocracy.

And in such a society gets Khlestakov, most ordinary little clerk, according to the author of it - "neither here nor there."

reasonable question arises - why the main character is not immediately admitted that he is not the one for whom it is taken?But the author of this question is not the answer - maybe he just wanted to play an important person?

brief image of the inspector in the comedy "The Inspector General" can be described as - a person who is too far from ideal, he is a player, it is shallow rake.Khlestakov believes that comfort should prevail, and worldly pleasures come first.Nothing to be ashamed of, he does not see to fool the scam.Moreover, he believes that makes the "sacred cause."

Gogol brought a beautiful image of a braggart and coward that came to nothing and simply seeks burns his life.He is "one of those people who were in the offices called Empty."

way, the inspector quotes from "The Inspector General" very aptly and vividly describe a certain circle of people.The exact specifications, these heroes of few words, quite correctly reflect their inner essence.

Interestingly, but a real person, a hero has a ghost who takes revenge on his fantastic self-assertion.He did not try to be those who are really desperate but it is impossible.But even own a footman inspector openly despises his master.Here he speaks about his master: "Welcome to was actually something worthwhile, and that in fact elistratishka simple."

And braggart and a scoundrel

Khlestakov has a good pedigree.He was born in a family of Old World Landowners, in the depths of Russia.But for some reason, failed to maintain any relationship with his birth, nor the people, nor to the ground.He does not remember his relationship and this becomes like an artificial man who jumped out of the "Petrine Table of Ranks."About his father, he speaks rather disparagingly: "They lout, and do not know what it means" do you want to take. '"Such inspector quotes from "The Inspector General" once again emphasize that the family traditions does not honor a hero, but still trying to make fun of the old father.

But that does not prevent him from taking money from the "uneducated father" and spend it at their discretion.

narcissistic, gambling, boastful - here's a quick way of inspector in the comedy "The Inspector General".He came to the hotel and immediately demands a most delicious lunch, because another he allegedly was not used.He loses all his money, but can not stop.He insults servant and yells at him, but at some point passionately listens to his advice.

And boasting much!Without batting an eye, he states that the fine has a pen, and such famous works as "Robert the Devil" and "Fenella" He personally wrote one night.He does not even know that this is not the book, and Opera!

And even when the mayor's daughter accuses him of lying and recalls the work of the author - "Yuri Miloslavskii" Khlestakov immediately declares that it has exactly the same composition.

Such ability to instantly adjust and shade is not only envy!To impress the townsfolk, he continually pours French words, which knows only a few.He feels that his speech from this becomes secular, but in fact his flow of words is laughable.He can not finish his thought, so quickly change the theme, jumping from one to another.When he needs something, he can be gentle and polite.But as soon as Khlestakov gets his, immediately begins to be rude and rude.

Morales, there is only benefit

no moral constraints to the inspector there.It is empty and not a serious man who is concerned only their own well-being.And when it comes to the officials to give him a bribe elementary, he takes it for granted.Initially, when the money allowed for the first time, it is extremely tushuetsya and even drops of excitement.But when comes to the postmaster, Khlestakov more confident takes money.Strawberries have it just requires them to pressure.While he is confident in his heart that the funds it borrows, and will certainly give them.But as soon as he realizes that it confused with an important person, Khlestakov instantly adapts to the situation and decides to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

comedy place in world literature

Gogol "The Government Inspector" Khlestakov - these words have become part of world literature.The concept of "Khlestakovism" has become synonymous symbol of deception, trickery, and narrow-mindedness.

author managed so accurately reflect the nature of his work, the main character, which is still very often false and vicious people called in one word - Khlestakov.Rascal and a rogue, he did not draw conclusions from their situation, being in the vile belief that the next time he certainly lucky.