"Three Sisters": summary.

Anton Chekhov - the famous Russian writer and playwright, part-time doctor.Throughout his life he devoted to writing works that were staged with great success and are put in theaters.To this day, not to find someone who has not heard of this famous family.The article presents the play "Three Sisters" (summary).

Act I

The action begins in the house of Andrey Prozorov.The weather is warm and sunny.All gathered to celebrate the name day, Irina, one of his sisters.But the mood in the house is not a holiday: remember his father's death.It's been a year since he died, but Prozorova remember this day to the last detail.The weather was very cold then, in May, it was snowing.Father buried with full honors, because he was a general.

Eleven years ago, the whole family moved from Moscow to the provincial city and settled in it thoroughly.However, the sisters do not lose hope to go back to the capital, and all their thoughts are connected with this.After reading the summary of the book "The Three Sisters", yo

u will want to read the original.


Meanwhile, the house is covered table, and everyone is waiting for the officers, who were stationed in the city.All members of the family are in a completely different frame of mind.Irina feels white bird on her soul is good and quiet.Masha hovering far away in my thoughts and quietly whistling a tune.And Olga, on the contrary, overwhelmed fatigue, it pursues a headache and dissatisfaction with the gymnasium, in addition, it is all absorbed by the memories of the beloved father.One unites sisters - a strong desire to leave the provincial town and move to Moscow.


Also in the house is three men.CHEBUTIKIN - the doctor in a military unit, in the days of his youth, he was passionately fond of now deceased mother Prozorov.He was about sixty years.TUZENBACH - Baron and the lieutenant, who did not work in my life for a single day.The man said all that, though he had a German last name, in fact he was Russian and his Orthodox faith.Salt - the captain, a wayward man who used to behave quite rude.What kind of person, you know, read our summary.

Three Sisters - a completely different girl.Irina talks about how much she wants to work.She believes that the work - the meaning of human life.In the understanding of Irene's better to be a horse than a girl who does nothing to sleep till noon, and then drink tea all day.TUZENBACH joins these reflections.He recalls his childhood, when he did everything for the servants and protected from any kind of labor.Baron said that approaching the time when everyone will work.With this wave will wash away with the Society plaque laziness and boredom.CHEBUTIKIN, is also never worked.He did not read anything except newspapers.He also says to himself that he knows, for example, the name of Dobrolyubov, but who he is and what he excelled - have not heard.In other words, in a conversation attended by people who do not have even a representation of what work really is.What is the true meaning of these words will show you a summary."Three Sisters" by AP Chekhov - a work full of philosophical meaning.

CHEBUTIKIN leaves on time and returns with a silver samovar.He presents it as a gift Irina to a birthday party.Sister gasps and the man accused in spreading money.Characterization Chebutykin can not reveal detailed summary."Three Sisters" by AP Chekhov is often called one of his best works.The reader should review it in detail.

appears Colonel Vershinin, he - arrived commander of company officers.As soon as he crosses the threshold of the Prozorov house, immediately begins to tell that he has a wife and two daughters.The wife of my mind, and from time to time trying to commit suicide in order to attract his attention.

Then it turns out that Vershinin served in a pack with his father Prozorov.During the conversation, it becomes clear that the lieutenant colonel from Moscow.Interest in him erupted with renewed force.Man delights in this provincial town, his nature, and his sister, he is indifferent.They need Moscow.


Behind the wall can hear sounds of the violin.It plays Andrew, the brother of girls.He is infinite in love with Natasha, a young lady, who did not know how to dress.Andrew is not very fan of guests during a brief conversation with Vershishinym complains to him that his father oppressed it with the sisters.After his death, the man felt a certain freedom and gradually started to gain weight.Also, it turns out that all the Prozorov family knows several foreign languages, which, however, never useful to them in life.Andrew complains that they know too much too much, and it's never come in handy in their small town.Prozorov dreams of becoming a professor in Moscow.What happened?This you will learn by reading the summary."Three Sisters" Chekhov - a play, makes you wonder about the meaning of life.

appears KULIGIN, school teacher, which employs Masha, concurrently his wife.He congratulated Irina, and gives her a book about the institution in which he works.It turns out that KULIGIN already gave her this book earlier, so a gift safely into the hands of Vershinin.KULIGIN all my heart loves his wife, and she was indifferent to him.Mary married early, and it seemed to her that her husband - the smartest man in the world.And now she was bored with him.

Tuzenbach, as it turns out, really like Irina.He is still very young, he is not even thirty.Irina tells him hidden feelings.She says that has not seen real life, her parents - the people who despised the real work.What is meant by these words of Chekhov?"Three Sisters" (summary of the works presented in the article) will tell you that.

appears Natasha Natasha, sweetheart Andrew.She is wearing ridiculous: a pink dress with a green belt.Sisters hinted her bad taste, but she did not understand what was happening.Lovers retire, Natasha and Andrei makes an offer.In this romantic note ends the first part (summary)."Three Sisters" - a play consisting of four actions.And therefore go further.

second action

This part is distinguished by slipping notes of pessimism.It takes some time after the events described in the first act.Natasha and Andrew have been married, they have a son, Bobby.The woman slowly starts hogging the whole house.

Irina goes to work on the telegraph.He comes home from work tired and dissatisfied with their lives.TUZENBACH tries to reassure her, he meets her job and escorted home.Andrei increasingly disillusioned with his work.He does not like to be a district secretary.Man sees its mission in science.Prozorov feels like a stranger, he said that his wife does not understand, and sisters can raise a laugh.Vershinin beginning to have signs of attention Masha, which all enjoy it.She complains about her husband, and Vershinin, in turn, complains to his wife Masha.All the details of the play can not cover summary."Three Sisters" Chekhov - a vivid example of classical literature worth reading in the original.

One evening in the house comes to talking about what will happen in a few hundred years, including those affected by the theme of happiness.It turns out that everyone puts in this concept its meaning.Masha sees happiness in faith, he believes to be in the whole sense.TUZENBACH and so happy.Vershinin says that this concept does not exist, you need to constantly work.According to him, just happy to be the next generation.To understand the whole point of this conversation is not limited to reading the works of "Three Sisters" Chekhov in the summary.

This evening celebration will wait entertainers.However, Natasha says that Bobby is sick, all slowly diverge.Salty meets Irina alone and admits her feelings.However, she is cold and unapproachable.Salt goes with anything.Comes Protopopov and calls Natasha to ride on a sled, she agrees.They conceived the novel.

third action

reigns completely different mood and atmosphere is heating up.It begins with a fire in the city.The sisters try to help all the people affected and placed in his house.They also collect items for fire victims.In short, the Prozorov family does not remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others.However, Natasha do not like it.She strongly oppressed sisters and closes it childcare.By this time, he and Andrew have two children, a daughter born Sofochka.Natasha is dissatisfied with the fact that the house is full of strangers.

fourth action (summary)

Three sisters find a way out of this situation.The final part begins with a farewell: Officers leaving the city.TUZENBACH offers Irina married, and she agrees, but this will not come true.Salt causes the Baron to a duel and kills him.Vershinin says goodbye to Masha and also leaves with his battery.Olga is now working boss gymnasium and does not live in the family home.Irina is going to leave this city and work as a schoolteacher.Mistress of the house is Natasha.

We rehearsed summary.Three sisters leave home in search of happiness.