Analysis "She was sitting on the floor ...".

Love lyrics F. Tiutchev is among the most vibrant and exciting art pages of this talented poet.The poems, which the author devoted lady, just overflowing emotion, sensuality, and sometimes even tragic.

history writing

history writing work can help the reader to make a correct analysis of the verse."She was sitting on the floor ..." Tiutchev wrote already in adulthood.When the poet was 47 years old, he was a respected man and a happy family man.But it so happened that at this moment Fedor fell in love with girl 24 years - Elena Denisiev.His feeling was mutual, and the two men broke a whirlwind romance, which proceeded peacefully until then, until it became clear that Elena was pregnant.In society, a huge scandal erupted, he could not touch the lawful spouse Tiutchev - Eleanor.The betrayal of her husband she was going through a very painful.In a moment of desperation she had destroyed much of the correspondence with Fedor, which contained a large number of poems dedicated to her.The works were irret

rievably lost.This sad event is described by the poet in his poem "She was sitting on the floor ...".F. Tiutchev wrote it in 1858.

Love Elena became the joy and sorrow in the life of the poet.He could not divorce his wife, but to give happiness to Denisiev he also failed.Thus, the love triangle has existed for almost 14 years.Tiutchev both women lived longer, but his feelings and gratitude he kept in his heart to one, and the second.

analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." F. Tiutchev

very often in the works of Fyodor Tiutchev describe such feelings that one experiences in some crucial moments of his life.The famous poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." has four stanzas, and each is filled with not only a feeling, but a deep sense.With the help of some of the words the author managed to convey emotions so that each reader can feel the condition of the heroine of the poem.

first stanza

The first verse tells the story of a woman who examines old letters sitting on the floor.It does not even need interline analysis."She was sitting on the floor" - Tiutchev only these four words could transfer some of the emotions she felt the woman.Only in her position can already grasp the suffering and insecurity.Then it becomes clear to the reader that this whole pile of letters had once been very dear to the heroine.That is why it takes the first sheet in each hand, and then discards the side.The author makes it clear that at the moment they have mean nothing to her.

second stanza

second stanza conveys to the reader a real human tragedy.Verbs like "sit", "staring", "would take", "understand", help to make the semantic analysis ("She was sitting on the floor ...").Tiutchev using these words shows the behavior of the heroine.All imperfective verbs and exist only in the past tense.It adds character memories.It emphasizes the painful moment of nostalgia.

At the end of the second stanza present dots, which means a pause, as if the thought unfinished.This ellipsis can see the suffering of the soul of the protagonist of a happy past life.

third stanza

These lines are shown memories of the woman.The heroine of sorts in memory of her experience happy moments that have meant nothing at the moment and that will never return.The phrase "as life" in the first line forms the semantic ring with the word "killed" in the last line.This point reinforces the sense of experience and profound tragedy.

fourth stanza

With the last stanza, you can spend the final analysis "She was sitting on the floor ...".Tiutchev shows the reader a person who is likely to be the cause of all the suffering heroine.This person feel all the pain that a woman was going through at the moment.He is even ready to fall on her knees, but at the same time realizes that it is already impossible to change anything, feeling doomed, they could not resume, no matter how hard you try.


Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy said this poem two letters "T.Ch, "which means" Tiutchev. Feeling. "The famous writer thought that in this poem the poet was able to convey the feelings that are almost impossible to express with words.In life there are moments when a man fights a large number of emotions, it is very difficult to explain, and Tiutchev managed to convey in his poem.

For many now work remains relevant "She was sitting on the floor ...".Analysis of the poem shows that such a moment could happen in everyone's life.Maybe for someone this masterpiece is the pinnacle of creativity, and for someone - just poetry.We can say only one thing: these lines will not leave anyone indifferent.