Folk tale "Cock - a gold comb" - a work of friendship

tales composed by the people, are known to us from childhood.Whether the mother, or my grandmother tell their kids at night, reading the Book-baby for the very young.And then, a little later in life, many children do they have read and paint along the contours.By this simple and wise works often removed cartoons, which are also pleased to love watching guys.Examples of these masterpieces of children's literature and fairy tale is "Cockerel - a gold comb."Let's read it again.

Tale "Cock - a gold comb."Characters

main hero of the tale is a cockerel, which constantly bail out.Cock in Russian folk tales - the personification of courage, openness, but at the same simplicity, credulity and even some stupidity.Fox, in contrast, has traditionally cunning and greedy.It constantly provokes Cockerel on the "feat", their ditty making him fall into the hands, and to be carried out of the house.How would the secondary characters - Cat and Drozd, but they are in a fairy tale play a central role for the rescue and

return of Cockerel.


Tale "Cock - a gold comb" has a fairly simple plot.Cat and Cockerel Drozd live together in a hut in the forest.Living together, helping each other.And when the cat and the Thrush go chop wood, then left Cockerel on the farm, domovnichat, punishing him to sit quietly and not be put out, if it comes sly fox.

Cock is one, and Fox provedyvat this and resorts under the hut.She sings a song inviting, making the stupid Cockerel look out the window.Then Fox grabs it and takes into its hole.But the hero kept his head and screaming, hoping to be heard by their friends, asking them about salvation.Friends heard and rescue Cockerel.

similar story, as usual in folk tales, repeated three times.Cat and Drozd constantly fight off and join his friend.And even the last resort to certain tricks, Fox fooling its own methods.Cat takes harp, sitting in front of a fox den begins to play.Fox goes out and gets their just deserts.And the three friends returned to his hut.

Morality Tale "Cock - a gold comb" has a fairly simple moral: always help others, to help him out of the trouble.And more: the friendship above all else, a cunning and powerful enemy can be defeated, gathered together.As well, when you have friends, for you are able to exploit.

Tale Pushkin

Tales, written in verse, usually attract more attention than prose.They are considered by copyright, but may be based on folk stories.Probably because they are easier to remember and, tongue looks richer, and the main characters are described in more original.Examples of these masterpieces is the tale of Pushkin's "Cock - a gold comb."Today, this work is known to every Russian schoolboy.A summary of its plot will fit on a notebook sheet.But the simplicity of content complements the genius of the language and the attraction of the characters described.And the inherent potential of putting the product in the verses to the level of world masterpieces of the great storytellers.Let us also remember what a fairy tale, "Cock - a gold comb," written by Pushkin.

little tale about

Its content is definitely different from the story of the Russian folk tale known to all.A source for its creation, according to some researchers, the Copts were the Arabic folklore and legend Irving "On the Arab astrologer."And Cock - a gold comb appears here not in the role of the hero.Rather, it is the sword of retribution, fate tool designed to punish a negligent king Dadon, did not keep his promise and killed the astrologer.