Wise sayings about children

At all times, parents with special awe took care of own child.The accumulated wisdom of centuries gradually formed aphorisms about growing up and education of children, which can help their environment.Quotes of great men of today allow children to recognize the existing problems in education and eliminate them through constructive methods of interaction.These aphorisms themselves are extremely valuable.This article contains statements about children who may seem interesting and meaningful to their parents.

«Anyone who offends a child neglects shrine" (Cato the Elder)

since ancient times believed that the infliction of pain the little man is tantamount to grave misconduct.Children are naturally clear and open, like the angels.As unacceptable blasphemy over the icon, so you can not hurt the child completely.It does not matter big or very kid.

Quotes of great men of the children like this teach us humility, kindness, responsiveness, ability to appreciate what you have.If a grown man allows himsel

f to harm a young child, he humiliates his personality, he is playing with fire.In the belief of each child as a child looked after by angels that are sure to take care of the restoration of justice.

«Every child at some degree of genius and talented people are always children" (Arthur Schopenhauer)

known that the little man is trying everything in its powers.He never for a moment doubted that awaits him great success in the future.When he paints, he does so with great selflessness and ease, enjoying the process itself and not tied to immediate results.Babies do not need every day to go to work and earn money, so they can do what they want, but at the same time feel absolutely free and happy.

I must admit that every child - a great master, in whose hands is the harmony of the whole world.He is the creator and artist, for him there is nothing impossible.How often do we, the adults, suppresses cognitive activity in children, we do not allow them to express their own individuality.And then the baby learns to dissemble to avoid our parental displeasure.The statements of the children are always accurate and wise.

«Watch for children - is to see yourself" (Ian McEwan)

Many parents are genuinely surprised and wonder why their kids grow moody and rebellious.It seems that they are surrounded by everything you need: a warm, attention, care, affection.But in fact, except for the above, it is of great importance that the feeling with which these actions are carried out: a good (sensitive) heart or just as needed.Children are very well feel the true attitude toward themselves, they easily recognize deceit.When we look at their own children, they always see themselves and what is lacking in our personality formed.Quotes about children of great worth to listen to them.

«If the children do not love, they grow into adults who are not able to show kindness" (Pearl Buck)

essence saying is that only the love of a parent creates a child's confidence in the future and the general well-being.Whatever developments may occur in the world, the baby is always important to know that he is loved and protected from any adversity.The attachment to the mother and father to the child generates in the latter sense of the subjective perception of reality, openness to the world.

This condition affects the development of his own personality, helps the child to overcome difficulties and move in the desired direction.In the case where the parents do not indulge his baby care, do not tell him the kind words, he formed alienation and mistrust of everything around him.Quotes about children help adults understand the tremendous level of responsibility and their role in the upbringing of the little man.

«first child - the last doll and the grandson - your child" (proverb)

In his youth, we often can not evaluate all the true delights of motherhood and fatherhood.At this time, each of us sets itself certain tasks that must be addressed, and the child sometimes inadvertently perceived as an obstacle to the implementation desired.

only become mature enough, a person is able to truly appreciate the great joy of their own parenthood and the principle of mutual relations "Fathers and Sons."The statements in this regard are always valid.Often, only with the advent of grandchildren comes a special understanding of the essence and meaning of life.

Thus, the statements of the children embody the age-old wisdom that can not be understood only by reason, but you must learn to think of an open heart.The way we raise our children depends on our own, and their future.