Bestsellers, books: Rating popularity (2014-2015).

Bestsellers - books whose rating is compiled by different sources: the online bookstore, the website, as well as newspapers and magazines.Of course, the basis of any rating is the demand of readers to a particular book.

any top, however, is rather subjective, as there is always someone who does not agree with the current rating or position in it of some books.

best-selling book in 2014

list of popular books last year may be about such:

  • R. Galbraith, "The Call of the Cuckoo": a detective story, written by the author of Harry Potter by a male pen name, tells the story of the investigation suicide Centerfolds, which does notShe believes her brother.Together with the private detective they are trying to sort out what really happened.
  • S. King "Joyland": another book-hit by the master of horror and mystery.Incredibly bright, colorful and rich history, if I may say about the book.The amusement park found the corpse of a young girl, but especially this one does not want to understand.This crime only
    interested student, staged in the park to work.However, whether or not he needs to know the truth or not.After all, it could negatively affect the future life.
  • J. Green "Blame the stars": probably no one who has not heard of this book.The sad and tragic story of critically ill adolescents.It is love, jealousy, and misunderstanding.They want to live like everyone else, and try to live like this.J.
  • . Dashner "Running through the labyrinth": it is impossible to say which is better - the book or the film based on it, because both of them are good enough.The plot can be called apocalyptic, as everything revolves around the main character falling into the mysterious labyrinth, where it is surrounded only guys who do not remember anything about his past, except, perhaps, the name.Around their place of residence is a huge and intricate labyrinth, which sent envoys that they were looking for a way out.The important rule is that, at night it remains impossible.Suffice fascinating story for fans of this genre.
  • Joe Hill "Country Christmas" Son of the King decided not to use the popular name of the father, apparently, to prove that he was the writer not to pull.His third book was appreciated by readers.It is quite messy, while reading the dream mixed with reality.At some point, it seems that you already do not understand anything.Perhaps this is the main virtue of history.The annotation is not recommended to read, as it contains some spoilers.

So, best-selling books in 2014, a list of which was given above, it is mainly represented by the mystical fiction genre.

Bestsellers 2015

Although 2015 is not over yet, it is already possible to try to consider the rating of best-selling books in Russia for the first half of the year:

  • A. Marinina "Angels do not survive on the ice": a great detective from the masterRussian crime novels.In the world of figure skating murdered, shot dead one of the famous mentors, the legendary coach.Witnesses said about his quarrel with another famous coach, but if it was the real motive and what really happened, you know, just reading this fascinating novel.J.
  • . Armentrout "Waiting for You": a good youth novel.The plot - a girl who tries to escape from his past in a small village, where he met with local hunk also have secrets from the past.
  • E. Dorr "All we invisible light": the novel, which the author wrote about a decade.The main characters - a blind girl from France and a boy from Germany.Everyone is trying to survive.There is a war.Everyone has their own problems and its own character.I must say that despite the fact that the book has occupied the top places in the rankings of prestigious foreign periodicals, we have estimated it is often not so positive.

Genre rating

Books genres What most readers prefer?Consider the ranking of best-selling books by genre.First place, as in previous years, occupies a fantastic genre of different directions: this apocalyptic books and novels about popadantsev and just science fiction.In the past few years, it is also gaining popularity among the readers of the genre, like Yang-edalt, which often appear unrealistic characters who are endowed with some non-human characteristics.

In addition, in the wake of the popularity of "50 shades of gray" appear books of this genre, which is difficult to define clearly.They, however, are not qualitative and rarely really deserve to spend time on them.Of course, a worthy place in the ranking and good light ladies' novels.Also popular and children's literature.Incidentally, it is worth noting that in recent years some publishers reprint old Soviet books, without changing their design.They definitely need to pay attention to, especially if you have kids.

Popular romance books

Who does not like to read about love?Unless men do not like these books.Therefore, undoubtedly, it is important to pay attention to the romantic and bestsellers.Consider love best-selling books, a list of which is presented below:

  • D. Nicholls "One Day": perhaps many watched the movie of the same name, so the story may be familiar.The book also clearly deserves attention.The main characters were friends for a long time and could not understand what kind of feeling they really feel for each other.Very bright and a good novel about love and friendship.
  • RNGyuntekin "Goldcrest, bird singing": a beautiful love story.Events unfold in picturesque Turkey.The main character await trials and difficulties that it will be able to overcome, carrying his love for his cousin.
  • E. Bronte "Wuthering Heights": incredibly mysterious, one might say, the gothic novel in which raging superhuman passion between Heathcliff and sullen beautiful girl Catherine.Drama and love, betrayal, passion and vices - all mixed up in this exciting book.
  • S. Makbratni: short children's story in pictures, which tells about what it true love.One of the citations known, perhaps, to everyone: "I love you up to the moon ... and back."

all time Bestsellers

most popular book is generally known to all.However, not everyone is at the same time boasts that read everything works included in the rating of best-selling books of all time.These lists make up a variety of journals, authors, websites bookstores.Most often, they contain the following best-selling books (this list is sure to contain the books that you have already read):

  1. A. Conan Doyle "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes."
  2. M. Mitchell "Gone with the Wind."
  3. S. King 'The Green Mile. "
  4. E. Remarque "Three Comrades".J.
  5. . Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings."
  6. D. Keyes' Flowers for Algernon. "
  7. Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita".
  8. H. Lee, "To Kill a Mockingbird."
  9. Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. "
  10. Boris Vasilyev "The Dawns Here Are Quiet".

Popular fiction books

In this part we consider another ranking of best-selling books.Fiction is loved by almost all men and impressive number of women.We can say that this obschepopulyarny genre.So it would be wrong not to pay attention to him.Among the most popular fiction can be distinguished:

  • R. Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451": a very scary and tense dystopia that depicts what will happen if the TV is completely swallow the book: dissidents are beginning be treated and remedial, books burned, andaround - hopeless fear that will never end.
  • Brothers Strugatsky "Hard to Be God": researcher with advanced planet gets to the more primitive creatures, for which can only observe, but in any case not to interfere in their internal affairs, which are quite scary: around some scandals, the extermination of the bestand more intelligent people.This book will appeal to fans of fantasy precisely because many consider it a classic.
  • Lukyanenko "Draft": what if everything around you cease to learn?It happens to the protagonist of the book, who seemed disappeared from the lives of all their friends, relatives and friends.Together with his best friend, who nevertheless did not know it, they are looking for a solution to this problem.
  • Robert Heinlein "The Door into Summer": one of the first books that raised the topic of time travel, the possibility to apply to himself something like a long sleep through freezing of the human body, it is good to remain in the distant future.An entertaining book, which, if I may say so, "smells" retroepohoy.J.
  • . Connolly's "The Book of Lost Things": This book can be called fabulous if everyone was not so realistic.It was written at the intersection of reality and fiction: in the real world surrounding the protagonist, is a war, in a world where he finds himself - also a struggle between different fantastical creatures for power.All of this is punctuated by tales, but quite dark, so book soon to adults.

Children's Books

Recently produced more books for children.Therefore, we can not ignore the rating best-selling books (reviews) for children:

  • M. Parr "Waffle Heart": sweet and kind life story of two inseparable friends and bosom like a very young readers.It is filled with adventures and various events.It is both funny and sad.Definitely recommended reading for children of different ages.
  • R. Gossini "Kid Nicolas and his friends": a wonderful children's book, consisting of hilarious stories, adventures little Nicolas.Here the sea fights, pranks, disputes and quarrels.All this is presented in an entertaining way.According to the guest book can and should be re-read many times.
  • N. Farmer "Sea Troll": a boy and his sister are captured by the Vikings, their share drops a huge number of adventures, there are interesting events.All this is mixed with the Scandinavian mythology.Guest book recommended reading for children of secondary school age.

Non-fiction bestsellers

Books, rating, description of works of non-fiction genre will be presented in this section.I must say that over the past few years there has been increasing interest in nonfiction book.Perhaps this is due to a high-quality text or simple language they are written.So, if we consider the rating of best-selling books non-artistic genre, then it will be such works:

  • Kazantsev "Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things": a fascinating book about how our brain and nervous systemwhat genes are, what activities they carry out.The author gives new experiments, talks about the achievements of modern scientists.The book is written in accessible, non-technical style, which undoubtedly is its biggest advantage.
  • S. Strogatz "Pleasure's. A fascinating excursion into the world of mathematics ...": The book is based have made a note that the author published in an American newspaper, and readers are so pleased that they wanted more and more.Therefore, there was the book.Its definitely worth reading high school students, as well as those interested in mathematics, she would tell a lot of new and interesting, will fall in love with this difficult subject.
  • M. Kaku's "Physics of the Impossible": the author tells readers about what seemingly incredible things become possible in the future that will affect their implementation.Using straightforward language, the American scientist describes a complex phenomenon so that it is clear even to those who do not know much about physics.

Cycles bestsellers

Now let's look at a series of best-selling books.These works are permanently captivate its readers.And among the most popular serials have also bestsellers.Books, ranking which rests on top, despite the fact that they are united in cycles is:

  • George. Martin and his series "A Song of Ice and Fire": an intriguing and fascinating history of the struggle for the throne in an alternate reality wheremagic acts, and the neighborhood people live fantastic creatures.The book is a cruel and unpredictable and partly resembles "The Accursed Kings" M. Druon.In this story of human life is worth nothing, and the character can die at any moment.J.
  • . Rowling's "Harry Potter": starting as a moderately good and the magic book, the story gradually darkens as they grow older heroes and their readers, so we can say that its relevance remains unchanged.Some heroes are not the ones they seem at first, so the intrigue remains until the end of the seventh book.

The rankings

course rating of best-selling books on the websites of online shops are not always really reflect the situation, as they are often placed in the top creators do not sell well literature, as well as rather expensive product.Also, sometimes arrange psevdogolosovaniya in which wins proplachennaya book in advance.Sometimes it goes unnoticed, and the product was awarded a proud sign of "Reader's Choice".Sometimes users note protesting against injustice and cheating votes, leaving a negative book review.Approximately the situation occurred with the book (or rather, a series of best-selling books) is not very well-known writer Helen Stellar at a book sites.

Therefore, we can conclude that it is often bestsellers - books whose rating does not fully reflect the actual range of readers.Sometimes it's just a marketing gimmick particular publishing house.