The image of Taras Bulba in the novel "Taras Bulba".

The image of Taras Bulba implemented a large number of typical parties of Ukrainian Cossacks.In the novel it is revealed on all sides, and as a family man, and as a military leader and as a person in general.Taras Bulba - the national hero, he can not stand the quiet domestic existence and violent lives a life full of anxiety and danger.

Bulba as a family man

The protagonist is a harsh husband and father.By Taras wife is a certain condescension.He considers it a "baba", infinitely insignificant creature who has no credibility.His sons Gogol's character also teaches not to submit to the influence of his mother.The image of Taras Bulba in the novel "Taras Bulba" at first seems a bit cruel.He does not recognize the soft, feminine soul, but on the contrary - sees it as a great danger to this Cossack.He believes that you can not resist the charms of a woman's love, even if it is the love of a parent, as you can "become effeminate."

Bulba father

same harsh presented Taras and his father.With regard

to the two sons he did not allow a single drop of kindness or gentleness, he immediately tries to become a senior fellow.Even when the children return home at the first meeting Bulba enter into a fight with one of them.In this way he is trying to determine the strength and temperament of his son to learn how comrade he will be in the future.

Bulba as a military leader

image of Taras Bulba in the novel "Taras Bulba" reveals to the reader a tireless, energetic and enterprising person.The protagonist does not know what fatigue and fear.He knows his subordinates, is able to influence them and deed and word.When necessary, it can appropriate a joke or to light the hearts of the soldiers, speaking with spirited patriotic speech.

protagonist of foresight and cunning, he deftly manages the psychology of the Cossacks and easily can make appointments ataman.Taras is the most far-sighted when between Poles and Cossacks allegedly arises truce.


image of Taras Bulba in the story "Taras Bulba" is most revealed in the relationship with his teammates PATH.To them it is a brotherly, here Gogol showed the tenderness of the protagonist, which only he was capable of.The most widely demonstrates the camaraderie of Taras Bulba in the scene when he dies a painful death, but did not think of himself, and concerned for his fellow martial, which can still be saved.In the last minutes of his life, he still finds the strength to point the way to salvation brothers-Cossacks.

Taras Bulba - folk hero

The protagonist of the story - is the personification of all national traits which the author presents the different characters of the work.The main character focused persistence titanium heroic calm and harsh humor.The image of Taras Bulba in the novel "Taras Bulba" - it's as if poured from the steel figure, but at the same time rebellious and passionate.He - adamant and proud, at one point a harsh and brutal, and the other - generous.

feat Taras Bulba

«I gave birth to you, I'll kill you" - this was the last phrase Bulba at the massacre of his youngest son for treason.Taras has not said Andrei your child, so he betrayed not only their homeland, but all the family.The lifeless body of the son of the protagonist leaving with a heavy heart.

After not become younger son, Taras, more imbued with love for the elder - Ostap.In one battle, Bulba could not save his son.Here the reader may already notice the suffering of the protagonist, when the soul of Taras revealed a very different side.He tricked his way to Warsaw to find Ostap.And finds it in the square, where he was tortured and abused.Of all his last strength Ostap turns to his father and asked, "Where are you?Do you hear it? "At this point, Taras facing great danger, but he forgets about it, responding to the call of his native bloodless:" Hear! »

It was the last feat of Taras Bulba.Enemies caught him, but he has not lost the pride and honor, and met his death with dignity.When Taras burned at the stake, he could feel the approach of imminent death, but looked at his Cossacks, fled from the Poles, and shouted: "Boys, to the beach!»

About lead

«Taras Bulba" - a work in whichIt tells about the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Polish gentry.In his work, the author shows the ties of friendship that bind the two fraternal peoples (Ukrainian and Russian).Nikolai Gogol not casually mentions "Russian force" of the Cossacks.Cossacks for him - escaped from their masters, slaves, natives of Russian principalities that joined together to fight for their independence.

Feature story "Taras Bulba" is focused on the main character.The author is not trying to idealize him, in the image of Taras Bulba mixed little with the great, coarseness with tenderness.Gogol tried to pass a heroic character, and he got it.Even after the death of Taras his love for his native land and his comrades, his will remained adamant.

Thanks to such dedication and the strong personalities of our country has survived and maintained its independence.This work, and to date remains valid.The story "Taras Bulba" for many modern people is one of the favorites.Strong characters, heroic times - modern humans have much to learn!